5 Luxury AirTag Holders To Buy

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There’s no shortage of places where you can inject a little bit of luxury in your life – including the trusty AirTags. If you somehow didn’t know, AirTags are those little round devices made by Apple that you use to track something (or someone?). And of course, people have decided that they also need a luxurious case for their tiny tech device. At the moment, we found the following fashion houses do AirTag cases: Celine, Hermes, Gucci, Dolce and Gabanna and Loewe.

We present you here with 5 of the best AirTag Cases on the luxury or designer market.

airtag luxury cases


The Celine AirTag holder comes in black croc embossed calfskin leather with a silver metal ring on the outside and no visible Celine Logo. It has room for an AirTag and can also be used as a bag charm or key holder.

The price is $350

celine airtag holder


Hermes is of course synonym with sophisticated luxury and there’s no surprise that Apple has decided to partner with them for exclusive accessories. Currently, there are 2 Airtag holders available:  a key chain one that retails for $349 and an AirTag Hermes Bag Charm which is slightly cheaper at $299.

The Hermes cases are handcrafted in France and come in either Barenia leather or their smooth Swift leather with contrasting stitching.

hermes airtag case


If you want a little Gucci Logomania look no further, the Gucci AirTag holder is actually designed for pets – although there’s nothing stopping you to just put a metal ring on it and use it for yourself. The Gucci AirTag case is made of their signature canvas and you can shop for it exclusively at MyTheresa.

gucci airtag holder

Dolce and Gabanna 

The Dauphine calfskin airtag case is D&G’s answer to the luxury AirTag holders. You can attach the cute, bear-ish? holder to your keys or bags.

The price is: $275

dolce and gabana airtag holder


The cute and quirky AirTag holder from Loewe is definitely for someone who enjoys a fun pop a color and maybe just frogs in general? The frog case is made out of calfskin, it has the Loewe logo embossed on it and it is very colorful with green and yellow. It’s the priciest case on our list at $450 – but can definitely make a statement.

loewe airtag holder

There you have it. If you’re interested in adding a little bit of luxury to an otherwise boring little object, then check out of recommendations for the best luxury AirTag holders.

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