Best 11 Designer Heart Bags For Valentine’s 2023

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It’s finally February! After a gloomy January we’re all looking forward to some love and cuteness in our lives. Cue Valentine’s Day and its abundance of heart shaped everything. And if you’re heart obsessed, there’s no better way to incorporate them into your wardrobe than as your handbag.

Most of us are familiar with Chanel’s cute heart bags, but did you know that there’s a huge selection out there of designer / luxury heart bags?

best designer heart bags

We present you the absolute best 11 designer heart bags to warm up your heart this winter.

Chanel Heart Bag

chanel heart bag

Choose the Vintage or the 2022 edition, the Chanel Heart bag is definitely the ultimate luxury heart bag. In addition of being pretty, it’s also a solid investment as many Chanel bags are. This beauty is made out of lambskin leather, which is quite delicate. However, it’s still a very small bag, so it’s easy to protect.

Choose between many different colors including: black, white, pink or purple.

Size: 7 x 6.75 x 2 inch with a chain length of 20 inches

Price: starting at $5,000 USD

Dolce and Gabbana – Heart Box

designer heart bag

Not for the minimalists out there, the D&G Heart bag is embellished with lots of stones, crystals and pearls. This beauty is made in Italy from 100% brass with a leather lining.

Price: from $8,000

Kate Spade – 3D Heart Bag

kate spade heart bag

If you’re looking for a designer heart bag but don’t want to spend too much – Kate Spade is the next best thing. Kate Spade is known for quirky, fun designs so the brand does heart-shaped bags really well.

This red heart-shaped leather handbag also features a chain detail, a top handle and a shoulder strap. All for less than $500!

Dimensions: 6.93″W x7.87″H x 2.17″D

Price: from $440 USD

Judith Leiber- Ruby Heart Crystal Clutch

best luxury heart shaped bags

Are you planning to go to a fancy event this Valentine’s Day? For amazing quality clutches, you can’t go wrong with Judith Leiber! The American luxury brand is well known for its crystal embedded clutches in all shapes. Of course, JL has also came out with a heart shaped clutch for this Valentine’s season. It features crystals in different shades of pink to make your heart melt.

Dimensions: 6″W x 5″H x 1 1/2″D.

Price: $4,195 USD

Coach – 1941 Heart Shaped Bag

coach heart bag review

The most affordable heart bag on our list, this Coach Heart bag might not be high-end, but it sure is cute. Made from Coach’ signature monogram canvas with leather trimming and details, this tiny bag is also pretty practical and weareable.

Dimensions: 7.5″H x 6.5″W x 2.3″D

Price: $295

Dior – Caro Heart Pouch With Chain

best heart shaped bags

Featuring the iconic Cannage stitching, the Dior Caro heart pouch is a great introduction to Dior. Keep in mind that this is a pouch and not technically a handbag. The pouch is tiny and will NOT fit a phone, but works great for your keys, lip-gloss and cards. If you’re one of those people that carry their phone in their hands anyways, the Dior Heart Pouch can be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Dimensions: 4.5 x 4 x 0.5 in

Price: $1,150

Saint Laurent – Coeur Bag

ysl heart bag

Sporting a slightly less “in your face” heart shape, the YSL Coeur is a great way to get into the “heart” trend. Meaning “heart” in French, the Cœur  is one of Saint Laurent’s most affordable bags, so it’s a great entry-level designer handbag.

Dimensions:  8 x 6.7 x 2.4 inch

Price: $1,450

Coperni – Heart Tote Bag

best heart bags 2023

Do you want a luxury heart shaped bag, but you can’t deal with small bags? The Coperni Heart tote is the answer! This tote is absolutely adorable and quite different than any other tote you might have in your collection. It’s also subtle enough that you can easily carry it all year round, it does not scream “Valentine’s Night dinner bag”. Another plus is that the Coperni Heart is under $500!

Dimensions: 17.7″H x 20.5″W x 0.1″D

Price: from $446 USD

Prada – Odette Heart Bag

Prada-Odette-Heart-Bag- best heart bag

This beautiful Prada Odette bag might just be the ultimate designer heart bag! Made out of Prada’s signature saffiano leather, the bag is big enough to fit a phone and your other essentials. The bag also comes with a shoulder strap as well as a top handle, so you can wear it 3 ways (on your shoulder, crossbody or hand-held).

The only issue is that the Odette is quite hard to find. It was launched in 2019, so unfortunately you can’t just buy it from the boutique. We’ve included some options of resale / pre-loved websites that stock the Prada Heart bag.

Gucci – Crystal-embellished Heart Clutch

gucci heart bag

If you’re taking the whole heart trend more literally, you might really enjoy this anatomically correct heart clutch from Gucci. It’s fully encrusted with crystals and it’s definitely a statement piece and a great alternative to a Judith Leiber clutch.

Dimensions: 6.5 x 4 x 3 inches

Price: from $8,600 USD

Louis Vuitton – Pop My Heart Pouch

best luxury heart bags

Louis Vuitton has released many heart-bags over the years. The latest addition being the “Pop My Heart pouch”. The little bag is an exclusive addition for Valentine’s Day 2023 and it comes in two colors: Dragon Fruit (a neon pink) and Lilac.

At the moment, both versions are sold out on the US site, so we recommend you also check the resale market.

Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.1 x 2.2 inches

Price: from $2,050 USD

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Conclusion: Are Designer Heart Bags Worth It?

Here we have it, the absolute best designer heart-shaped bags. We hope this guide was helpful and you found a heart bag that you absolutely love.

You might be wondering if it's even worth buying a luxury heart bag. For most people we recommend that you start your collection with classic looking bags that are as versatile as possible.

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If you already have a collection of bags and you want to introduce a fun addition, then absolutely - it's worth buying a designer heart bag. In addition to Valentine's Day you can wear your heart-shaped bag at weddings or date nights, so they can be quite versatile.


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