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Best Hermes Pink Shades and 21 Amazing Pink Hermes Bags To Inspire You

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The Most Amazing Pink Birkin Bags To Drool Over

  1. These pink Birkin bags, including a pink croc Birkin

2. Rare pink Hermes Birkins – exotic leathers and two-toned pinks

3. A pink Birkin AND a pink Kelly? Some collectors are luckier than others 🙂

4. Pinks and mauves … the most beautiful Hermes shades!

5. Would you take your Hermes Birkin with you while travelling? If you look as fabulous as @eirinakiii, then you should definitely should!

6. Pink Birkins and Kellys and so many bag charms to adorn your bags

7. Pink Hermes Birkin outfits – keep it classy with a pair of neutral pants

Hermes and Pink – a love story

Within the community of aficionados of the Hermes brand, pink is not merely a shade.

Hermes, celebrated for its unparalleled artistry and enduring designs, holds pink as one of its most sought-after shades.

The brand’s vast array of pink shades has a mesmerizing allure. Depending on the type of leather, such as Swift, Taurillon Clemence, or Epsom, these pink tones can vary from light to dark, giving each hue its distinctiveness.

Like other esteemed Hermes shades, including blues and greens, pink has a historical record of fetching impressive prices at auctions. It’s understandable why certain shades of pink are highly revered due to their seasonal availability.

The best 7 Hermes Pinks

1. Rose Azalee

roze azalee birkin

This beautiful pink shade has warm undertones and it’s a crowd favorite. One of the rarest pinks for Hermes.

2. Rose Jaipur

hermes rose jaipur pink

This will probably take your mind directly to Jaipur, India and its colorful, pink-coral-y buildings. Some say this color is more orange than pink, but the truth is that it’s both. A beautiful, versatile color that will look different in different lightning.

3. Rose Sakura

rose sakura hermes pink

If you love baby pink, this one might be the one for you. Named after the cherry blossom the Rose Sakura is a very soft, baby pink color that is absolutely gorgeous!

4. Hermes Rose Shocking

rose shocking hermes review

It must be called shocking because it’s HOT and pink. Basically, a Barbie, hot pink color from Hermes for the Barbie lovers among us!

5. Mauve Sylvestre

mauve sylvestre hermes pink

Mauve Sylvester is a very cool toned pink or purple, depending on who you ask. If you’re a fan of cooler toned pinks, then this one might really get your attention.

6. Hermes Rose Tyrien

rose tyrien review pink

Another bubblegum, Barbie pink that is extremely sought after. It’s quite a bright pink, so a Birkin in Rose Tyrien will definitely make a statement!

7. Rose Bubblegum (5P)

rose bubblegum hermes

Referred to by Hermes connoisseurs as “5P pink”, Rose Bubblegum is among the most rare and in-demand pinks, especially when crafted in exotic skins. Its value remains undiminished, even when pre-owned.

Conclusion: Pink Hermes Bags – The most sought after H bags?

Purchasing a pink Hermès bag is not just about owning a luxury accessory; it’s a testament to one’s status and exclusivity in the world of fashion.

The rarity and high demand for these bags, particularly in exotic leathers, can lead to staggering price tags of over 30,000 USD.

However, the allure of the pink shade lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its surprising versatility. Within the Hermès community, the color is highly coveted, making it a must-have for many enthusiasts.

For those considering an investment in the world of luxury accessories, a pink Birkin stands out as a choice that is not only timeless and beautiful but also likely to appreciate in value over time.


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