Chanel Dad Sandals – Everything You Need to Know

The velcro sandal hero – The Chanel Dad Sandal

Move over dad sneakers, there’s a new style in town. The Chanel Dad Sandals are the new lust-after footwear that we’re all dying to get our hands on.

Chanel is a luxury French fashion house, that was founded in 1909 – Now the brand is one of the most desirable names worldwide.  Chanel has always had a chic Parisian aesthetic with subtle hints of masculine influence. When the brand first launched their Dad Sandals, it truly took the fashion world by storm.

Chanel Dad Sandals have found a coveted place in many IT girl closets, but as they’re a pricey investment that starts at $1,500, it’s understandable to want to research them first.

Here, we talk about everything you need to know about the Chanel Dad Sandals – From where to buy, to fit and how to style. We’ve got you covered.

About Chanel Dad Sandals.

Chanel Dad sandals were first unveiled in Summer 2019, but it’s only recently that the style has become popular with consumers craving comfort in their everyday Summer footwear.

They’re an androgynous take on the everyday sandal. The style typically features a chunky sole, along with thick velcro straps. They’re named the Dad Sandal as the style is synonymous with the kind of shoes that Dad’s often wear on Summer vacation.

Where to buy the Chanel Dad Sandals.

It’s been proven a little tricky to bag a pair of the coveted sandals. Chanel only retail beauty and small accessories on their e-commerce platform, however you can browse the different variations of sandals on the Chanel website and contact them if you’re interested in buying – you may have to take a trip to a local Chanel store or the closest stockist to actually buy them.

For those of us who only have buying online as an option aren’t completely out of luck. The luxury second-hand resale platform Vestiaire Collective is a great destination. All designer products are authenticated before they can be sold so be rest assured that you’re receiving a pair of real Chanel Dad Sandals. A lot of the sandals on the platform are still on sale from Chanel, and you can also bag previous limited edition.


How the sandals fit

The Chanel sandals are a generous fit. They’re a wide style and their velcro straps mean that they can be adjusted to fit you to perfection.

It’s always recommended that you try on the Sandals before you purchase them, but if you are buying a second-hand pair then measuring your foot length is a great way to find your ideal size, as brands usually have conversion charts with the exact centimeter (CM) length of the shoe. Simply place a piece of paper on the ground and trace the outline of your foot with a pen. Measure the length with a ruler and use the result to determine your size.

What are they made from?

As Chanel is one of the most esteemed fashion houses, they only craft their products from the finest materials.


white black chanel dad sandals
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Printed Calfskin Sandals

One of Chanel’s most used materials is Calfskin. It’s a great choice for the dad sandal as this type of leather is fairly water-resistant. Most leathers tend to wrinkle easily from water but as calfskin is a tighter grain, it has more durability – This means that the dad sandals cut from calfskin are the perfect choice to take on vacation.







Calfskin has been used to craft a majority of Chanel’s most recognisable sandals, they currently have the Printed Calfskin Sandals available on their site. The sandals are white leather that has been printed with black dye to give artful brush-like strokes.


Chanel Dad sandals multicolor fabric
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Fabric Sandals


Chanel almost always releases their styles in a fabric or tweed alternative. The style they currently have available is the tye-dye fabric sandals. These sandals are a playful twist on the androgynous style.

The sandals are made from denim, which is constructed from cotton. Denim is a super durable fabric and is the perfect choice for a laid-back look.  The denim has been embroidered to create a quilted effect and dyed with a mix of blue, pink and yellow dye – They’re truly the epitome of Summer fashion.


How to Style the Chanel Dad Sandals:

Socks and Sandals

Yes, you read that right.

We’ve seen the dad trend revitalised in the past few years with the return of the chunky dad sneakers, and now it has transitioned into the socks and sandals trend. The socks and sandals combination has seen a lot of negative press in the past. Synonymous with nerdy dads, this is a trend that is gaining major momentum.

This trend has been a massive hit through Summer 2021, and is still going stron

chanel dad sandals
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g as we transition through Fall – after all, the socks do give the added layer of warmth we all desperately need.

Chanel has actually gone one step further and recently released a new Fall/Winter 2021 dad sandal that already has a knitted sock attached to it. The Sequin and Knit Sandal retails for $1,850 and is the classic dad style, drenched in black sequins, and is engraved with the interlocking C logo on the back strap. The sandal has a knitted black sock attached to it – it’s almost like a Summer inspired sock boot to let us enjoy the trend in chillier weather.




Street Style Inspo




chanel dad sandal outfit
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chanel dad sandal outfit
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chanel dad sandal outfit
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After all those years of fashion embarrassment, we’re finally taking tips from our dads. This trend can actually be worn in style, and with the Chanel logo embossed into the straps, you’ll also exude luxury to your sports look.

The sandals are highly sought after, you have to contact Chanel directly for guidance on how to get your hands on the style. But, if you’re not one to wait around, and don’t mind second-hand shopping, Vestiaire Collective is home to authenticated Chanel Dad Sandals – some might even be from limited-edition drops.

The Dad sandals are easily styled, to commit to the trend fully wear the sandals with a sporty pair of socks.

If you want to shop the collection of Chanel Sandals, check out their website.



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