Gucci Socks – are they worth it?

Gucci Socks & Tights

Winter is in full force and many of us, designer aficionados are looking to add winter accessories to elevate our looks. A creative way to inject some luxury into your wardrobe is through your… socks. Gucci’s stockings and socks have been extremely popular for a few years already and for a good reason.

The interlocking G motif is a long-standing part of Gucci’s design narrative and can be seen on the knit socks as well as the striped and cotton running sock styles. The brand’s famous knit socks are a popular option for casual wear, and their classic style remains a timeless classic.

Gucci also offers more understated socks and tights, for example these cotton ankle socks with a subtle GG logo on the bow.

How much are Gucci Socks?

Gucci socks start at $195 for the shorter, cotton ones and go up to $330 for Gucci tights. They are, no doubt expensive for a pair of socks or tights. Most people buy a pair of Gucci socks to make a statement, so do show it off – by pairing them with slides or shorts and skirts (like we saw in the latest Gucci show).


The socks come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. According to, an US 6-7 shoe size corresponds to a size S, size 8-9 corresponds to size M and size 10-11 to a sock size L.

  • socks run true to size according to multiple reports

The tights come in 4 sizes, from S to XL and corresponds to your normal clothing size.

  • tights run small, depending on your body type you might want to go a size up


The reported quality for both the socks and tights is very good. Most Gucci socks are made out of a cotton blend which makes them very comfortable to wear. They can be machine washed on a gentle cycle as well. 

The Gucci tights are made from a blend of polyamide and elastane and they’re very sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally ripping them apart while putting them on. They’re hand washed only, so make sure you’re not accidentally throwing them into the washing machine.

Pros and Cons


  • relatively affordable way to buy into a brand
  • very IN and very stylish
  • the quality is great, they are built to last


  • the sizing for tights is not very inclusive
  • expensive for hosiery
  • most are logo-heavy which is not for everyone

How to wear them? Gucci socks & tights inspo

gucci tights outfit
Outfit by @being_bethie


gucci tights outfit
Outfit by @gemmatalbot
gucci socks
Outfit by @aga.modnamama

Are they worth it?

Let’s not kid ourselves, Gucci socks and tights are definitely a splurge item, since most people don’t fill their drawers with designer stockings. Hosiery items are definitely NOT investment pieces. The likelihood is that you won’t be able to sell them and recoup your investment and you’ll probably not have these pieces in your collections for years and years to come because of normal wear and tear.

However, it is also a relatively easy and affordable way to buy into the brand and the Gucci Logomania. Buying a pair of Gucci socks for less than $200 allows people to get a statement piece, a pop of glam into any outfit for much less than a bag or RTW piece. The quality of Gucci hosiery is also outstanding so there shouldn’t be an issue with you wearing these pieces for a few seasons.

How do you feel about Gucci socks or designer hosiery in general? 


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