Breaking: Phoebe Philo’s Bag Collection Drops! Must-Have Masterpieces or Hype for Hermès Prices?

Phoebe Philo is a renowned British fashion designer known for her minimalistic and modern aesthetic. She has been a significant force in the fashion industry, leading iconic brands like Céline and introducing collections that resonate with women worldwide.

Throughout her career, Philo has been praised for her ability to create pieces that are both elegant and effortlessly wearable.

As of October 2023, she has embarked on a new journey, launching her eponymous brand, which was eagerly anticipated by fashion enthusiasts and critics alike.

Where can I buy Phoebe Philo’s bags?

Luckily, that’s quite easy. You can just head over her website and order to your heart’s desire.

The web shop is available in the following countries: USA, UK and the European Countries. As of now, there’s no official Phoebe Philo boutique, although we’re sure it will soon come!

The bags ….and the prices

I have been personally waiting for Philo’s collection launch for YEARS. I was a big fan of the “original Céline” and I really longed for pieces created by Philo, especially bags.

However, I must say that the bag prices took me by surprise. They are definitely premium.

Obviously, I was expecting her collection to be expensive. It’s a luxury brand after all, just not THAT expensive. Let’s take a look at the bags in her collection as well as the prices at launch.

PHOEBE philo handbag prices
Philo’s Handbag Prices

The 3 bags that Phoebe Philo debuted with:

1.Phoebe Philo XL Cabas – $8,500 USD

phoebe philo XL bag price

This bag is humongous, made out of calf leather and suede lining. I understand that they were using quite a bit of leather on it, but I still think that the price of 8,5K is a bit steep, especially for a new brand!

If we have to compare it to Celine, the XL Cabas look similar to the Celine Cabas Phantom or maybe even 16, only at a much, much higher price point.

Celine vs Phoebe Philo Cabas

celine vs phoebe philo

2. Phoebe Philo Gig Bag – $3,500 USD

A more reasonable priced bag is the Gig bag at “only” $3,500 USD, which frankly feels like a steal compared to the previous bag. This bag is now sold-out, so it’s clearly a crowd favorite.

If we have to compare it to a Celine design – it kind of looks like an oversized Trio bag.

Celine Trio vs Phoebe Philo Gig Bag

phoebe philo gig bag vs celine trio
Phoebe Philo Gig bag vs Celine trio

3. The Small Kit Cabas – $4,300 USD

 Small Kit Cabas

If you liked the bigger Phoebe Philo tote but you were put off by the size or the price, worry not, there’s a smaller versions which is way more wearable. The Small Kit Cabas is made out of calfskin, is very minimalistic and it featured silver hardware.

The “other” stuff in her collection: RTW and Shoes

We’re just super focused on bags but Philo’s collection encompasses way more than that: we have sleek RTW and cool shoes & accessories. We especially love the coats and funky sunglasses, although lots are already sold out!

I guess this is a testament on how Phoebe Philo has remained relevant throughout the years without even being in the limelight.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the long-awaited collection from Phoebe Philo has finally graced the fashion world, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. True to Philo’s reputation, the designs are sleek and minimalist, capturing the essence of what she is renowned for.

However, we can’t help but express a tinge of disappointment at the limited range of handbag designs offered, with only three to choose from.

While we acknowledge and respect the luxury and quality the brand brings, the price point, especially $8,500 for a tote, is steep. Venturing into Hermès price territory seems audacious for a brand still establishing its footprint. Nonetheless, we remain excited to see how Phoebe Philo’s brand evolves and continues to shape the fashion landscape.


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