Is the Chanel Boy Bag still worth it in 2023? Chanel Boy Review

Read all about Chanel Boy bag: history, sizes, hardware, price and more

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Is The Chanel Boy Bag Still Worth It?

We have seen many variations of the Chanel Boy bag since its introduction in 2011. Starting as a seasonal bag, the Boy Bag was a huge hit which made its way to the classics list, but is it still worth buying now, in 2023? Its popularity has been slowly dropping in the last few years especially since the introduction of its sister, the Chanel 19 Bag which shares a similar hardware heavy aesthetic. In this article we’ll go through everything you need to know about the Boy Bag and our opinion regarding the relevancy of the bag.

The Boy Bag and its history

Known for its iconic interlocking C logo, Chanel is a luxury French fashion house. Founded in 1909 by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, with a humble beginning as a small Parisian millinery, Chanel is now one of the most desirable names worldwide.

Chanel is often referred to as the sovereign of bags – We’ve all had at least one of their iconic styles on the top of our haute couture wish list. One bag that made a groundbreaking statement was Chanel’s Boy bag.  First introduced over a decade ago, the bag is one of Chanel’s most iconic and well-loved designs.

When the bag first launched it was contemporary, yet chic, and invigorated interest.  But, a decade on from its launch, and with so many new styles to choose from, is the Chanel Boy bag still worth it? We’ve pulled together all the information about the bag, along with our thoughts of if it’s ultimately worth spending. So let’s get into it.

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The Boy bag was first unveiled at Chanel’s Autumn/Winter 2011 preview. The bag was designed by Karl Lagerfeld, who was the brand’s creative director at the time and was inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s greatest love, Boy Capel.

Chanel has had a history of incorporating masculine elements into their designs and was already established as a favored name for their esteemed handbags - The Boy bag introduced a modern, androgynous style, that was leading edge and introduced a new type of customer to the brand.

Since the bag launched, it has become an iconic staple in Chanel’s collections.

The Boy Bag Style

BOY CHANEL Handbag review

The Boy bag is unlike any other Chanel style. The bag emanates utilitarian features and marries androgyny well with an overall classic feminine finish.

Cut from high-quality materials that include calfskin, lambskin and patent leather, known in the fashion industry as being some of the finest money can buy. The bag is a traditional Chanel flap design with a twist - The Boy bag is a much more boxy, rectangular structure that features clean-cut straight lines. The large front flap of the bag is often the element that Chanel plays with when releasing new limited-edition collections .

One to note is the embellished silver Boy bag, the front flap is adorned with reflective rhinestones, paying homage to the alternative origin design.

seasonal chanel boy bag, silver

Functionality is what appeals to most when shopping for a new bag, especially the Chanel customer. After all, you don’t want to put a good percentage of your paycheck on a bag you can only wear one way. The length of the chain strap can be adjusted to suit the occasion; Adjust to a longer length to wear across the body throughout the day, and shorter to make the perfect shoulder bag for an evening event.

Chanel Boy Hardware

A Chanel bag wouldn’t be complete without the iconic double C logo. The Boy bag features a graphic double C clasp fastening mechanism that is made out of metal. And since the hardware is an important element of the boy bag, we have to mention the different metals the Boy Bag comes in:

  • silver
  • aged gold
  • ruthenium
  • gold/champagne gold
chanel boy bag clasp silver
chanel boy bag clasp aged gold
chanel boy bag clasp ruthenium
chanel boy bag cc clasp in gold

Sizes Available

You can choose the perfect fit as the Boy bag is available to shop in six different sizes as of 2023. The sizes smallest to large are:

The Belt Boy Bag. Perfect for a day touring Paris as an additional accessory, or for a night out. The bag features the iconic and very luxe gold chain detail as the belt. The dimensions for the Belt bag: are 2.5 × 4.1 × 1 in

The Chanel Boy Wallet on a Chain  - technically an SLG, the Boy WOC will fit your essentials like cards, phone and keys. The dimensions are 4.8 × 7.5 × 1.4 in

The Mini Boy Chanel Bag.  The perfect size for your phone, purse and must-have lipstick. The dimensions for the Mini Boy bag are: 6.2 × 7 × 3.3 in

The Small Boy Chanel Bag.  This size is perfect for special occasions, where you don’t need to carry too much other than the essentials. The dimensions for the Small Boy bag are: 4.7 × 8 × 3.3 in

The Medium Boy Chanel Bag.  This size is perfect for fitting everything you need for everyday use. The dimensions for the Medium bag are: 5.9 × 9.8 × 3.5 in

The Large Boy Chanel Bag.  The largest size is suited to those of us who just have to pack our lives with us each time we step out of the door. The dimensions for the Large Boy bag are: ​​6.8 × 10.9 × 2.9 in

The size of a bag is totally down to personal preference and luckily, Chanel offers a great range of sizes to choose from.

Chanel Boy Bag SizeDimensions in inches
Belt Boy Bag2.5 × 4.1 × 1 in
Boy WOC4.8 × 7.5 × 1.4 in
Mini Boy Bag6.2 × 7 × 3.3 in
Small Boy Bag4.7 × 8 × 3.3 in
Medium Boy Bag5.9 × 9.8 × 3.5 in
Large Boy Bag6.8 × 10.9 × 2.9 in
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Chanel Bag Boy Prices

Chanel is known for raising its prices each year, in 2021 alone we’ve seen three. But this does mean that once you’ve invested in the bag, it will still appreciate in value, and it’ll make for a good resale profit.

The prices of Chanel bags range from $1,600-$6210, depending on the size. Some can sell even more for their rarity and exclusiveness on luxury resale sites.

For a classic edition Boy bag, here are the prices you can expect to pay depending on the size from November 2021:

The Belt Boy Bag: $1,600

The Mini Boy Chanel Bag: $5,300

The Small Boy Chanel Bag: $5,400

The Medium Boy Chanel Bag: $5,900

The Large Boy Chanel Bag: $6,210

The Boy Bag VS Chanel 19

chanel boy bag versus chanel 19
Chanel Boy Bag Vs Chanel 19

When considering buying a luxury bag, it’s important to compare it to other styles.

The Chanel 19 bag was first revealed in March 2019, the bag was a part of Karl Lagerfeld’s last collection for Chanel, before his passing. The Chanel 19 design pays tribute to the 2.55 bag, originally crafted in 1955 by Gabrielle Chanel.

Similarly to the Boy bag, the Chanel 19 is an envelope flap style. However, the Chanel 19 features a more rounded silhouette, with softer lines and quilted leather - This gives the Chanel 19 a larger and more ‘puffy’ look.

The Chanel 19 bag features two trio-metal chains that include gold, silver and ruthenium-finish metal. The longer chain is a fixed length, and cannot be altered, when worn this falls just under the waist. The second chain is also fixed and allows you to carry the bag with your hand.

What’s important to consider is what your intended use of the bag is for. The Chanel 19 bag comes in three sizes: Small/ Medium, Large and Maxi.

As the Chanel 19 bag is the latest "IT bag", the pricing architecture is also more than the Boy bag. Budgeting for a Chanel 19 would set you back between $5,600 -  $6,800.

Its larger body and longer length straps make the Chanel 19 bag more of a functional, everyday statement rather than a style that can be worn to a special event.

Chanel Boy Bag vs Chanel Classic Flap Bag

chanel boy bag versus chanel classic flap
Chanel Boy Vs Chanel Classic Flap

The Chanel Classic Flap bags are a part of a timeless collection. The Classic Flap typically has two flaps; one on the outside and one on the inner of the bag - whereas, the Boy bag has just one flap.

The Classic Flap features two straps, one for wearing on the body, and one to hold with your hand. The straps are constructed from a mix of intertwining leather and metal chain, it’s to be noted that the straps cannot be adjusted, so be sure you’re happy with where the bag sits -

The pricing of the two bags differ significantly, taking both of the biggest sizes into account, the large Classic Flap will set you back $9,545. So, the Boy bag is cheaper by around $3,000 - However, the Classic Flap does use more leather with the double flap and therefore will cost more to manufacture.

When deciding between the two bags, it comes down to your own personal style. Do you dress classic and minimal or androgynous and edgy? The Boy bag will always give off a cool It-girl ambience, and the Classic Flap will always ooze sophistication and romance. So, take into consideration your wardrobe and personal taste.

Style inspiration for the Chanel Boy bag

insta chanel boy bag small caramel

A beatifull Caramel Small Boy bag, absolutely perfect for fall and winter, styled with a cozy sweather and chunky jewelry by @mrs.miyagi_au

chanel boy pink Is the Chanel Boy Bag still worth it in 2023? Chanel Boy Review

What's better than a pink Chanel Boy Bag? Probably 2! Here we have @the.pink.macaron styling a bright pink Boy bag with a summer outfit.

chanel boy bag, chanel espadrilles nad chanel brooch
We're just obsessed with @ingapul 's outfit and accessories: the amazing boy bag in chevron with gold hardware, white and black Chanel espadrilles and a Chanel brooch.
green chanel boy bag Is the Chanel Boy Bag still worth it in 2023? Chanel Boy Review
Inject some color into your outfit like @mrs_thatmountain did, paring a small green Boy Bag with ruthenium hardware with Hermès sandals and white jeans.

Summary: Is the Chanel Boy Bag worth buying?

So, is the Boy Bag still worth it?

If you’re looking for a functional, versatile and edgy style  - This is the bag for you. As the bag comes in a variety of five sizes, it’s easy to pick one that will be perfect for your lifestyle.

Although the Boy Bag is technically from a trend-led collection, its popularity and design have lasted beyond the typical trend life-cycle. As a result, Chanel made this line a part of their classic/permanent collection. The naturally cool style can pair with pretty much anything in your wardrobe and make a statement.

One thing to remember when purchasing a Chanel bag is that they appreciate in value. Chanel has increased its prices three times over the past year, with the most recent being 16%. This means that after you invest in a Chanel bag, as the years pass it will be worth much more.

In conclusion, YES! Yes - the Chanel Boy bag is still going strong in 2023, it might not be as popular as other styles, but if you love the bag then go for it!


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