Chanel 22S Spring Summer Act II Collection – A New Caramel Mini & The Cutest Pink Bags

Chanel’s 22S or the Chanel Spring Summer Collection Act II is one of the most anticipated collections in the last years. The reason is the absolutely amazing bags and accessories that are due to launch soon. Not only will the 22s feature some pretty new and interesting designs, but it will also feature some great colors that are sought after by many collectors including a caramel color and a few pink shades.

The Chanel 22S will launch in March, the exact date will vary from location to location and even boutique to boutique, but most likely it will be available from middle to end of March 2022.

What does 22S mean?

Chanel has 6 seasons, as we’ve recently covered it here. The collections are as followed:

P = Printemps Collection Spring Act I (typically released January/February)
S = Summer Collection Spring Act II (typically released March to June)
A = Autumn Collection Pre-Fall, Metiers D’Arts (typically released May to September)
B = Fall/Winter Act I (typically released June to October)
K = Fall/Winter Act II (typically released August to November)
C = Cruise Collection (typically released November to January)

So, the S collection is Chanel’s Summer collection, or Spring Summer Act II depending on how you look at it.

Which are the most coveted bags in the 22S collection?

We can’t remember the last time a Chanel collection was so highly anticipated and for a good reason. Two very coveted styles will be launched with this collection:

  1. the Chanel 22 bag
  2. the Heart bag
  3. the Mini in Caramel

The Chanel 22

Will be launched in March and it will be a new classic bag from Chanel – meaning that it will be a part of their permanent collection. The Chanel 22 bag still has many classic features of a Chanel bag: the quilted leather, chain straps interlaced with leather, a Chanel Paris medallion and of course the big “CHANEL” on the front of the bag. It’s not a logo-less bag by any means and everyone that can read will know that you’re carrying a Chanel bag. It will come in two sizes: a small and a large. We love the color options for the 22: we have the classic white and black as well as two fun, bright colors: a pink and a purple.

Many people like the bag because it looks very carefree and casual unlike many other Chanel bags that are dressier.  However, the bag has a pretty big “hate club” as well – many complaining about the lazy design that looks like a drawstring sports bag as well as the big CHANEL writing at the front of the bag. It really seems like one of those bags that you either love it or hate it and there’s no in between.

Even though there are many people that dislike the bag, we think that the 22 has the potential of becoming an IT bag especially if we’re going to see a lot of influencers wearing it (and influencing us).

The price for the Chanel 22 will be around:

  • $5000 for the small 22
  • $5500 for the big 22

CHANEl 22 bag

The Heart bag

chanel heart bag 2022

The new Chanel Heart bag  is probably the most anticipated bag from the 22S collection. It will come in two sizes: a mini and a medium and many different colors including a black, white, pink, purple and gold.

There is a waiting list for this cutie, so if your local boutique lets you pre-order try to do it. The heart bag will most likely fly off the shelves with the amount of attention it has received online. It’s probably not the most practical bag but it’s a great one if you’re a Chanel collector. The previous Chanel Heart bag from the 90s has an insane resale value so we assume that this one will also be a sought after item.

We have a dedicated post for the Chanel heart bag that you can read here.

The Mini in Caramel

Yessss, the caramel is back! You might remember how everyone went crazy for the 21P caramel, well, it seems like Chanel liked the hype and it is bringing a very similar (dar we say even nicer?!) shade back in their new collection. It seems like it won’t be available in the classic flaps or the Chanel 19 unfortunately, but it will be available in a few seasonal handbags.

Most anticipated colors in Chanel’s 22S Collection

Chanel’s pinks are always highly anticipated and if you’re a pink lover then you’re in luck. Chanel is releasing at least 3 pink shades this collection, so you have a few options.

The shades of pink are:

– NH620 Pink will be light pink

– NH622 Pink is a darker pink a purple undertone

– NH621 looks like a true Pink or with slightly orange undertones depending on the pictures

shades of pink for the chanel 22S collection

Caramel – there was and still is a caramel/brown craziness ever since the 21P collection. It seems like Caramel is making a comeback once again – in the form of minis and other seasonal bags.

chanel 22s collection caramel

There’s also a beautiful shade of purple and a really cute yellow – so, if you love colors you might just love this collection. If you’re a neutral type of girl, don’t worry. Chanel has the famous caramel brown as well as the classic white and black.

Here are some of our favorite seasonal bags from the Chanel 22S collection. We will update this article once we know more.

seasonal bags chanel 22s collection

Will there be a price increase with Chanel’s 22S Collection?

As we know, Chanel does not shy away from multiple and steep price increases. Just last year, in 2021 they have increased their prices 3x and we have a feeling that 2022 won’t be all that different. If you want to read more about the frequent Chanel price increases, we have an article dedicated to that.

We don’t actually know if there’s going to be a price increase with the March collection. As usual, Chanel does not announce their price increases so it’s a question of waiting and seeing. However, there are rumors about a price increase for the minis which at the moment are one of the few “affordable” Chanel handbags. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do to get around this issue, even if you pre-order a bag from the new collection, you’re still going to be charged the new price.

Let’s just keep positive and hope that Chanel will decide not to increase their price with the 22S collection. In fact, if we’re hoping for stuff, we’re also hoping that they will decrease their prices – although that does sound a bit unrealistic.

seasonal bags chanel 22s collection


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