Georgina Rodriguez’s Luxury Handbag Collection. The Insane Price Of Her Bags

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Are you also fascinated by Georgina Rodriguez’s handbag collection? Let’s have a look at her most amazing handbags including Hermes, Chanel and Dior bags!

Watching Georgina Rodriguez’ documentary –  I am Georgina, or Soy Georgina, I was fascinated by her handbags and luxury accessories in general.

So who is Georgina Rodriguez? She is 29 years old Spanish Argentinian model and fashionista. She is best known for being Cristiano Ronaldo’s long term girlfriend, although she is a celebrity in her own right with her 47 million Instagram followers. She’s also a mom to 5 children so safe to say that she’s pretty busy.

If you liked checking out Gio’s fabulous life and wardrobe you’ll be happy to know that a second season of her reality show will come on Netflix. Apparently she has earned a six-figure sum for the first season of Soy Georgina. A good amount if you like Hermès as much as she (and us) does.

Georgina’s style is transforming continuously, she likes to be super comfy but she also knows how to dress to the nines, especially for all the fancy events that she attends. Being that we are handbag lovers, we cannot help to notice her beautiful collection. She has a lot of Hermès bags (both Kellys and Birkins) but she also wears, Chanel, Dior, Gucci and Prada. She used to be a sales associate at Gucci in Madrid, so she was in the fashion world for a while.

georgina rodriguez bag collection

The amazing bag collection of Georgina Rodriguez

In summary, Georgina has a LOT of designer bags from Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Dior and more! Pretty much every luxury brand that you can think of.

Here at LuxeFront we estimate that her collection is worth more than $600,000 USD. Take a look at her fabulous bag collection below!

Georgina Rodriguez’ Hermès Collection With Prices

It looks like her favorite brand for her bags is Hermès and she is seen sporting A LOT of different Hermès bags. She seems to have an affinity for Kellys and Birkins and she also loves exotic leathers and hard to find pieces. Why wouldn’t she? Her future husbands’ net worth is around half a billion, so fortunately they can afford to splurge on the world’s most expensive bags.

Let’s have a look at some of her Hermès bags and see how much would they cost.

Hermès Birkin Himalaya – $242,550

georgina rodriguez birkins

Here Georgina is sporting a Hermès Himalaya Birkin which is considered one of the top and most expensive handbags in the world. It’s (almost) every Hermès collector’s dream to own a Birkin Himalaya. The bag doesn’t come cheap though, for example, this pre-loved one costs no less than $242,550 . A steep price to pay for exclusivity.

Hermes Himalaya Fashionphile
Hermes Himalaya Fashionphile

Hermès Mini Kelly Pink – $8500

georgina netflix hermes kelly

In the same photoshoot where she was posing with her Birkin Himalaya, Georgina decided to switch it up and feature this cute mini pink Kelly bag also from Hermès. The mini Kelly retails for approximately $8500 new. If you’re buying a mini Kelly on the secondary market, expect to pay at least triple the cost.

georgina pink mini kelly
Pink Mini Kelly via Fashionphile

Hermès Kelly Blue – $13000

georgina rodriguez blue kelly 24

Georgina also likes bigger Kellys, here we see her jet setting with a blue Hermès Kelly, probably in size 28 . The bag retails for at least $13,000 USD on the pre-loved market.

blue kelly 28 georgina rodriguez
Blue Kelly 28 via Fashionphile

Hermès Birkin Ostrich – $45,000

georgina birkin ostrich

Another day, another Birkin. It’s clear by now that Georgina Rodriguez loves Birkins and the rarer the better. This exotic leather Hermès Birkin is really hard to find and retails for a whooping $45,000. She’s also wearing Hermès Oran sandals to complete the look.

birkin ostrich georgina gio
Birkin Ostrich via Fashionphile

Hermès Birkin Grey – $17,000

georgina rodriguez birkins

Are you jealous of Georgina Rogriguez’s bags yet? Here she sports another Birkin, this time in a beautiful grey color with silver toned hardware. This is a bigger Birkin, probably in size 35. The Birkin retails from $11,000 – $25,000 on the second hand market if you fancy getting one.

hermes rebag
Gray Birkin via Rebag

Hermès Birkin Yellow Croc – $55,000

geoergina rodriguez yellow birkin

Here Georgina is wearing a yellow croc Birkin to yet another private jet trip. You might love or hate exotic leather, but the fact is, Hermès Birkins in this kind of leather are the most expensive and hardest to get. Georgina wearing such an exclusive and elusive bag is as much a fashion statement as it is a social one.

There’s also some controversy regarding the crocodile bags and the conditions the animals face before being slaughters. In fact, Jane Birkin requested Hermès to take her name from the bag when hearing of the animals’ treatment.

The price for a croc Hermès Birkin is pretty astronomical. It starts at about $35,000 and can go very close to $100,000.

yellow croc birkin hermes
Yellow Croc Birkin via Fashionphile

Hermès Birkin Pink Croc – $34,000

georgina rodriguez pink croc birkin

Yes, Georgina Rogriguez has multiple croc Hermes Birkins in different sizes and colors. We counted around 5: a yellow one, a pink one, a black one, a blue and an orange croc Birkin.

The value of only her Crocodile skin Hermes Birkins is over $200,000 USD conservatively.

georgina pink birkin croc
Pink Croc Birkin via Fashionphile

Georgina Rodriguez’ Chanel Bag Collection

Even though it seems like Gio favors Hermès for her handbags, she has a fair deal of Chanel bags as well. From what we’ve seen she loves the classic flaps & mini Chanel as well as the Chanel19.

Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo Beige Claire – $9,500

georgina gio chanel bags

A classic for Chanel, it seems like Georgina likes the Chanel Classic Flap. Here she is wearing a beige Jumbo in caviar leather and silver hardware. She is also wearing it with a dark outfit which many of us are very wary of, since color transfer is pretty hard to get out of a light colored bag.

Compared to her Birkins, her Chanel Jumbo seems like a steal for “only” $9500. Sometimes one can also find a good deal on the pre-loved market.

jumbo georgina rodriguez
Chanel Jumbo via Fashionphile

Chanel Medium Classic Flap White – $10,000

georgina chanel classic flap

This beautiful Clanel classic flap now retails for more than $10k due to Chanel’s most recent price increase. Here we see a stunning Georgina sporting a M/L Chanel bag, a Chanel scarf and blue Hermes Oran sandals.

fashionphile chanel classic flap Georgina Rodriguez's Luxury Handbag Collection. The Insane Price Of Her Bags
Chanel M/L via Fashionphile

Chanel Bowling Bag – $4500

georgina bowling bag Georgina Rodriguez's Luxury Handbag Collection. The Insane Price Of Her Bags

Here Georgina made an interesting decision to ski (or walk?) with a Chanel bowling bag. They retail for approximately $4500 although you can find vintage options for less.

chanel bowling bag Georgina Rodriguez's Luxury Handbag Collection. The Insane Price Of Her Bags
Chanel Bowling via Fashionphile

Chanel 19 Maxi – $6,900

Skaermbillede 2023 03 28 103135 Georgina Rodriguez's Luxury Handbag Collection. The Insane Price Of Her Bags

The last bag on our list is the famous Chanel19. It’s a new classic bag from Chanel that was released in 2019 and here Georgina is wearing the Maxi version, possibly in black lambskin leather. The price of the Chanel19 Maxi is $6,900.

chanel maxi fashionphile
Chanel 19 Maxi via Fashionphile

What is Georgina Rodriguez Bag Collection Worth?

It’s hard to estimate Georgina Rogriguez’s bag collection’s worth but we’ll try anyways.

We know that she has a Himalaya Birkin estimated to cost $140,000 USD. She has at least 5 Croc Hermes Birkin bags of an estimated value of at least $200,000 USD. She also has a few (we counted at least 3) leather Birkin bags – let’s say those have a $50,000 USD value.

We know that Georgina also loves Kelly bags, she has at least 3 mini Kelly bags and at least 2 bigger Kelly bags – the estimated value of her Kellys is around $100,000 USD.

Georgina also has numerous Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Loewe and YSL bags. It would be safe to say that the total value those bags is at least $100,000 USD especially with Chanel’s recent price increases.

So, overall we estimate the total value of Georgina’s bag collection to be at least $600,000 and growing!

Summary – Georgina Rodriguez’s Designer Bag Collection

So here we have it – the most popular bags in Georgina Rodriguez’s collection. As you can see she loves Hermes and Chanel and she’s not afraid to use her bags! Other brands that the model likes include Louis Vuitton, Prada and Dior – but it seems like she has fewer items from those brands compared to Hermes and Chanel.

Do you like her collection and if you could borrow one bag from her, which would it be?


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