Loud Luxury vs Quiet Luxury – The Trend For 2023 & 2024?

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Loud Luxury vs Quiet Luxury: The Lively Dialogue of Style

1. Quiet Luxury: Subtle, Timeless, Elegant

quiet luxury vs loud luxury
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Quiet luxury was all the hype in 2023, with people absolutely obsessing over the “old money aesthetic” and quiet luxury trend.

So what is actually “quiet luxury”? It’s an aesthetic where subtlety reigns supreme and fashion whispers rather than shouts.

Forget the big logos and say hello to understated yet undoubtedly classy pieces that don’t ride the wave of fleeting trends.

Quiet luxury embodies timelessness, investing in the high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship that silently, yet confidently, speak of opulence.

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2. Icons and Brands: The Quiet Luxury Affair

Picture Loro Piana, Bottega Veneta, and Delvaux, brands that don’t scream but gently converse with those who recognize the silent eloquence of quality.

Similarly, Sofia Richie stands as a symbol of this silent opulence, wrapping herself in elegance that does not need loud proclamations but is understood and appreciated by discerning eyes.

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3. Loud Luxury: Bold, Flashy, and Unapologetic

louis vuitton monogram loud luxury
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As we’re ending 2023, a new trend appears to emerge. Like with many things in fashion, this trend is the complete opposites of the previous trend. We have loud luxury instead of quiet luxury.

Now it’s time to turn the volume up and embrace loud luxury, where logos gleam and garments narrate tales of unabashed opulence.

Picture the gigantic LV and Gucci logos, garments that unabashedly announce their origin and worth. Here, trends like the Y2K in 2023, steer the ship, navigating through seas of conspicuous and uninhibited displays of wealth.

The point of the loud luxury trend? Have fun and don’t be afraid to put your wealth on display!

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Spotlight on: Brands and Faces of Loud Luxury

Gucci and Louis Vuitton stand tall in this arena, crafting pieces that are not just clothes but bold statements.

Though they also whisper through some understated pieces, they’re largely known for conversing audibly and proudly about their identity. Think about the Louis Vuitton monogram bags or clothing items, or the GG logo for Gucci.

Lots of celebrities and influencers are into loud luxury, Cardi B being one famous example.

In the Face-Off: Quiet vs Loud Luxury, Who Takes the Crown?

Is one truly superior to the other? Quiet luxury may have been dubbed an “old money trend,” subtly seeping classist undertones into the fabric of fashion. However, roots should not dictate style.

Loud luxury, while sometimes critiqued as overt, also serves as a proud banner of personal achievement and style, unafraid and unashamed. The teetering scale between quiet and loud luxury isn’t about choosing a winner but celebrating the existence and acceptance of both realms in the fashion universe.

Break Free: Wear Joy, Not Just Clothes

Regardless of the volume, wear what makes your heart sing. Mix and match a loud LV monogram bag with a simple, chic outfit or pair a vibrant Chanel CC bag with an understated look – just wear it with confidence and joy.

Remember, encasing yourself in numerous logos head-to-toe might be overwhelming, but sprinkling them thoughtfully can be the secret ingredient to a stunning look.

mix and match quiet luxury and loud luxury
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Final Thoughts: Loud Luxury or Quiet Luxury

Fashion should embolden, not restrict. Whether you’re whispering with quiet luxury or shouting with loud, opulent designs, the ultimate victor in the style arena is personal choice.

In a constantly changing world, let’s celebrate a symphony where different volumes of luxury harmoniously coexist, enabling us to express our unique style tales without hesitation. Fashion should always be a joyful, personal journey, unrestricted by the silent rules of style epochs gone by.


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