Is Mulberry Actually Cheaper in Europe / UK? Exploring Cost Disparities Across Borders

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Is Mulberry cheaper in the UK? You might have wondered about this if you have a trip planned across the pond. Fear not, we have the answer!

This English brand, emblematic of exquisite craftsmanship and distinguished style, boasts a global clientele, yet its pricing can fluctuate considerably from one region to another.

An explorative overview delves into the variances by pondering factors like currency disparities, tax systems, and geographic pricing tactics.

About Mulberry

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Mulberry, initiated in Somerset, England, in 1971 by Roger Saul, has ascended to represent the pinnacle of British luxury.

The brand, with its intrinsic charm derived from the English countryside, has proficiently blended practicality with sophistication, journeying through eras of fluctuating fashion landscapes.

Presently, with Johny Coca at the helm, Mulberry perpetuates its rich legacy while also venturing into modern stylistic territories, appealing to both its longstanding devotees and the audacious new generation of fashion aficionados.

Mulberry doesn’t simply present fashion; it offers a passage into a realm where every seam narrates a tale of British craftsmanship and innovation.

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Is Mulberry Cheaper in the UK? Price difference between UK and USA

Comparing a selection of bags between the UK and the US demonstrates the price disparities. Note that US prices may require additional sales tax, varying by state.

Mulberry ItemPrice in USPrice in UKDifferenceDifference %
Baywater Small$1,250£995 ($1,219)$313%
Lily $1,250£995 ($1,219)$313%
Alexa$1,550£1,250 ($1,530)$201%
Mulberry Price Differences UK vs US

Given the somewhat stable exchange rate, we may approximately equate 1 pound to 1.3 dollars for ease of comparison.

Compared to many other luxury brands, Mulberry does not appear to be significantly cheaper in UK compared to US. Of course, one has to take into consideration the tax that differs from state to state, but without it there is not a big difference.

The prices are only 1-5% cheaper in the UK compared to the US.

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Mulberry Price Comparison: Europe vs US

As we could see, there’s not a huge price difference between UK and US prices, in fact, Mulberry keeps them quite aligned. And, unfortunately for all US fashionistas, the UK has stopped refunding VAT after Brexit.

However, there is a hack if you want to buy Mulberry products much cheaper. You can just buy them in continental Europe! Europe has pretty much the same prices as the UK but with a hefty tax back scheme.

You can then save around 20% on your Mulberry bag if you buy it from Italy or Denmark and you’re flying back to the US.

Why is Mulberry More Affordable in Europe? Top 2 Reasons

  1. Claim Back Your VAT – US shoppers in the EU can partake in luxury shopping and benefit from claiming back a generous portion of the VAT, neatly reducing their overall spending on luscious Mulberry items. The VAT refund policy is relatively generous in the UK, giving tourists a fabulous fiscal advantage.
  2. Currency Dynamics – The valuation of the Euro plays a pivotal role in determining the final ticket price for international shoppers. A weakened euro against the dollar can translate into surprisingly cost-effective luxury shopping for visitors from across the pond.

Navigating VAT Refunds While Shopping Mulberry in Europe

For US tourists travelling in Europe, claiming a VAT refund on their Mulberry acquisitions is a straightforward process. VAT is typically integrated into the prices of goods and services, and non-EU tourists are eligible to claim this back.

Ensure to mention your intention to claim a VAT refund during your purchase at Mulberry, and the friendly staff will assist you with the necessary documentation and guidance.

Upon departing , present your passport, completed VAT refund form, and original receipt at the customs desk. Once the documentation is validated and stamped, you can process your refund at the respective counter.

Remember: there are specific conditions like minimum spend and a defined timeframe for submitting your claim, so familiarize yourself with these to ensure a smooth refund process.

Our Favorite Mulberry Pieces

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Pre-loved Mulberry bags

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Conclusion: Is Mulberry Cheaper in Europe or the UK

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In short, YES! Mulberry, with its distinct European heritage and financial incentives like VAT refunds, does present a more affordable option when purchased directly from the Europe.

However, strangely enough you won’t be saving that much if you buy your Mulberry from the UK, even if that’s the country of origin. The reason is that the price for Mulberry is very similar between UK, EU and USA. However, UK does not offer VAT refund like countries in the European Union do.

Note: Always remember to check current exchange rates, tax policies, and other relevant financial factors before engaging in international shopping to ensure accurate and optimized savings.

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