What Is Quiet Luxury & 15 Quiet Luxury Bags We Adore

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The term “quiet luxury” has exploded in popularity in 2023. The reasons why people are now into quiet luxury bags and fashion in general are still unclear. It might be because of the looming recession, the pandemic we’ve been through or just good old cyclical fashion.

If we look at Google Trends, we can see that the term quiet luxury has had a boom in popularity this spring. But what exactly is quiet luxury?

What Is Quiet Luxury?

5 characteristics of quiet luxury

  • no obvious logos
  • understated elegance
  • great quality & craftsmanship
  • made to last / investment pieces
  • pieces only known by luxury connoisseurs

In 2023, the fashion world is buzzing about a trend that is all about understated elegance and effortless sophistication: quiet luxury. This trend is all about dressing in a way that exudes refinement and class without needing to shout it from the rooftops.

Quiet luxury is all about investing in pieces that are of the highest quality, crafted with care and attention to detail, and made to last a lifetime. This means eschewing flashy logos and trends in favor of timeless classics that will never go out of style.

For those in the know, there is nothing more chic than a simple, well-cut blazer, a great leather bag or a perfectly tailored pair of trousers. The key is to choose pieces that are made from the finest materials, with impeccable construction and attention to detail. Think cashmere, silk, and the softest leather.

Of course, quiet luxury is not just about what you wear, but also how you wear it. The key is to keep things simple and understated, letting the quality of the pieces speak for themselves. This means avoiding over-the-top accessories and instead opting for simple, elegant pieces that complement your outfit without overwhelming it.

In short, quiet luxury is all about investing in quality over quantity, and choosing pieces that are timeless and elegant rather than flashy and trendy. It’s a trend that is sure to stand the test of time and remain a classic for years to come.

quiet luxury brands

Top 15 Quiet Luxury Bags To Invest In

Valextra Iside Tote

valextra quiet luxury

Price: $3,500

Valextra is a luxury Italian brand known for its exquisite leather craftsmanship and timeless design. The brand’s philosophy is centered around the concept of “the beauty of subtraction,” which emphasizes a minimalist approach to design and a focus on quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

One of Valextra’s most iconic pieces is the Iside bag, which embodies the brand’s ethos of understated luxury.

Handcrafted from the finest leather and featuring sleek, clean lines, the Iside bag is a true statement of refined elegance.

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Hermes Picotin

hermes picotin quiet luxury

Price: $3,500

If you want to buy an understated, quiet luxury bag from Hermes, the Picotin is a great choice.

This bag is a nod to Hermes’ rich heritage of leather craftsmanship. The Picotin is a minimalist and versatile design, featuring clean lines and a simple closure. The bag is made from high-quality leather that will only improve with age, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Its shape makes it perfect for carrying daily essentials, and its understated design makes it a timeless classic. The only downside? It does not come with a shoulder strap.

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Polene No. 9

Price: $420

polene nr 9 What Is Quiet Luxury & 15 Quiet Luxury Bags We Adore

We’ve recently wrote an article on Polene and whether or not it can be considered a designer brand. Whereas the brand is not a usual, heritage brand, we think it has great potential due to the quality of leather they use and their great understated designs.

The Polene No. 9 bag comes in two sizes, features a removable shoulder strap for versatile wear. Like a true luxury bag, the Polene No. 9 is handmade (in Spain) and it’s made from a luxurious leather.

From the front you cannot see any logos, although it does say “Polene” on the side of the bag.

Celine Box Bag

Price: $4200

celine box versus hermes constance

The Celine Box bag is a sleek and sophisticated handbag that epitomizes the brand’s minimalist aesthetic.

The bag is crafted from smooth leather and features a structured silhouette, a top handle, and a detachable shoulder strap. It comes in two sizes: teen and medium. If you’re into quiet luxury bags or IYKYK bags, then the box is the one for you.

It has no visible logos on the outside of the bag. The general public will not recognize a Celine Box bag but it will definitely be appreciated by luxury lovers.

Furthermore, Celine is known for its understated luxury and impeccable craftsmanship, and the Box bag is a true testament to the brand’s commitment to quality.

Bottega Veneta Trio Pouch

Price: $2,800

bottega quiet luxury

The Bottega Veneta Trio Pouch is a versatile and stylish handbag that can be worn in a variety of ways. The bag is crafted from supple leather and features three individual pouches that can be detached and worn separately or together.

Bottega Veneta is renowned for its artisanal approach to design, and the Trio Pouch is a true testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The brand in general is a great example of understated, quiet luxury. Bottega is known to focus on amazing craftsmanship, especially with their braided (intrecciato) leather.

Yes, the brand has gained some popularity in the last few years, but at its core it is a brand for “craftsmanship lovers” rather than “luxury lovers”.

The Chanel Reissue

Price: $9,500

chanel quiet luxury

Chanel might not be the typical brand that you think of, when you think understated luxury. However, they do have a few items that fit this category.

The Chanel Reissue is an iconic handbag that is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. The bag features a classic design that has remained virtually unchanged since its inception in the 1950s.

We love the Reissue because it is true testament to the brand’s timeless elegance and craftsmanship. Even though this is a Chanel bag, rest assured, not many people can recognize a Chanel bag if it does not have the iconic CCs. The understated clasp combined with the distressed leather makes the reissue quite an under the radar handbag.

YSL – Small Manhattan

Price: $2,800

ysl manhattan bag underrstated

The Saint Laurent Small Manhattan Shoulder Bag is a sleek and stylish handbag that embodies the brand’s edgy and youthful aesthetic.

The bag is crafted from high-quality leather and features a minimalistic design with a leather strap and two magnetic closures.

Saint Laurent is known for its loud YSL logos but this bag is very understated and most people won’t be able to read the “Saint Laurent Paris” on the clasp unless they get very close to your bag.

Ferragamo Wanda

Price: $1,990

ferragamo wanda What Is Quiet Luxury & 15 Quiet Luxury Bags We Adore

Ferragamo is a quite understated luxury brand, although it looks like it looks like it’s going through a rebranding.

The Wanda bag, like many other Ferragamo bags is very IYKYK as most people won’t recognize the brands’ signature Gancini details.

Loro Piana Sesia

Price: $4,100

loro piana sesia quiet luxury

If there’s a brand that has received so much hype lately for being understated, quiet luxury – that’s Loro Piana.

Loro Piana is an Italian luxury brand that specializes in producing high-end clothing, accessories, and textiles. The brand was founded in 1924 and it’s known for its understated, elegant style, which is characterized by clean lines, luxurious materials, and meticulous attention to detail.

The brand is particularly renowned for its use of high-quality cashmere, vicuña, and baby camel hair, which are sourced from the brand’s own farms in Mongolia and South America.

Our favorite Loro Piana bag, the Sesia is a luxurios bag that is perfect for the discerning fashion lover. It is made in Italy from calf leather and it’s so under the radar that only people who know Loro Piana would know the Sesia.

A.P.C Grace Baguette

Price $523

APC bag understated

Luxury does not need to be eye-wateringly expensive, and the A.P.C Grace bag is proof of that.

The bag is a stylish and practical option that is perfect for everyday wear. It features a simple and minimalist design, with a simple interior and a versatile shoulder strap that can be adjusted to your preferred length.

It’s a great, affordable alternative to the Celine box. In true quiet luxury fashion, the Grace baguette features no branding on the front of the bag, so not many people will know what bag you’re carrying.

Acne Studios Musubi

Price: $1,600

musubi acne

Acne Studios is a Swedish fashion brand known for its minimalist, understated aesthetic. The brand’s clothing and accessories are characterized by clean lines, muted colors, and a focus on high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Acne Studios’ approach to luxury is grounded in simplicity and functionality, eschewing flashy logos or overt branding in favor of subtle, refined design. The brand’s commitment to understated luxury has earned it a dedicated following among those who appreciate the beauty of understated elegance.

The Musubi bag is a chic and modern option that is perfect for the fashion-forward individual. It features a unique knot design, a spacious interior, and a detachable shoulder strap for versatile wear.

Moynat Rejane

Price: $5,000

moynat rejane quiet luxury

Moynat is a French luxury brand that specializes in producing high-end leather goods, including handbags, luggage, and accessories. The brand was founded in 1849 and quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Moynat’s approach to luxury is rooted in a deep respect for tradition and heritage, and the brand is known for its commitment to preserving traditional techniques and materials.

Each Moynat product is made by hand in the brand’s atelier in Paris, using only the finest leathers and other materials. Moynat’s dedication to excellence and understated elegance has earned it a devoted following among discerning luxury consumers around the world.

The Moynat Rejane bag is a timeless classic bag. It was first launched in 1903 and like the Hermes Birkin, the bag is crafted by a single artisan in about 20 hours! However, unlike the Birkin or Kelly, the Rejane is virtually unknown by the vast majority of people.

Louis Vuitton Alma BB – Epi Leather

Price: $1,960

LV alma underrated and understated

We know, we know – you’re surprised to see Louis Vuitton on a list of underrated, IYKYK bags. If anything, Louis Vuitton is a classic example of maximalist, more is more and “logomania”.

However, we wanted to showcase that you can find quiet luxury pieces in almost all brands’ collections.

We choose the Alma BB in Epi leather as an example of this. Of course, the Alma also comes in a loud monogram print – but if you love the bag just not the logos, the Epi leather version is perfect.

The shape of the bag itself is very classic and ladylike, and the only branding is an embossed “LV” on the front of the bag. The key bell also has Louis Vuitton embossed on it, but you can easily remove it. You can also wear the bag with the embossed LV on your body and thus having no branding visible for the world to see.

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Delvaux Pin Mini

Price: $3,200

dalvaux pin

Delvaux is a Belgian luxury brand that is renowned for its high-end leather goods, including handbags, luggage, and accessories. The brand was founded in 1829 and has a long and illustrious history of producing exceptional quality leather goods. It’s also believed to be the oldest leather goods company in the world!

Pretty much all Delvaux bags qualify as quiet luxury, as there is no or very minimal branding on their bags. They also have superb quality with amazing leathers and craftsmanship. The brand has often been compared to Hermes, but a much more underrated and understated version.

The Delvaux Pin Mini Bucket bag is a more casual and practical option that is perfect for everyday wear. Some might argue that the D shaped front pocket is not so inconspicuous, but we think that until Delvaux reaches the front pages of Instagram, 99.8% will not know or associate the “D” with a luxury brand.

The Row Sofia bag

Price: $3,500

the row sofia bag

The Row is an American luxury brand founded by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2006. The brand is known for its minimalist aesthetic, understated elegance, and meticulous attention to detail.

The brand’s approach to luxury is grounded in simplicity and sophistication, eschewing overt branding in favor of subtle, refined design. They were basically focusing on “quiet luxury” long before it was a trending term.

It was hard to choose one The Row bag for our list of the best quiet luxury bags, because almost all their bags fit this category.

We fell in love with Sofia’s ladylike shape and gold clasp. We also like the smooth calf leather and the fixed top handle. The Sofia is also an example on how quiet luxury is usually timeless. This bag would fit in pretty much every era as it’s elegant and classic.

Quiet luxury versus maximalism

There’s no surprise that we live in a time where fashion changes so fast. Not long ago we were all talking about maximalism and most designer bags released collections with oversized logos.

And logos are not going away, nor is minimalism taking over. There’s space for both in the market, and even in one’s closet. Personally, I’ve tended to buy more understated bags in the last year but that does not mean I’m going to toss my Chanel Classic Flap or my Louis Vuitton monogram items aside.

I’m using quiet luxury more and more at work or when travelling or in an area that might not be as safe. I’ve noticed a tendency lately for people to talk about old money and try to emulate that. And to be honest, I’ve never understood why. Fashion is about expressing one self and buying (and wearing) whatever makes you happy. And no amount of minimalist bags will make you old money if you’re not already.

Overall, I’m happy with this trend because I believe more people will buy bags that will stand the test of time. This is because of better quality and craftsmanship as well as a more classic design that is not specific to a season.

All in all, I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best quiet luxury bags – we’ve tried to give options for different styles at different price points that can be enjoyed by all.


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