YSL Loulou versus the Chanel 19

Loulou versus Chanel 19

The YSL Loulou or the Chanel 19 bag? Which one is the best for you? In this article we’re going to look into both handbags, their pros and cons as well as their size and price.

Scroll down to see the comparison between the YSL Loulou and Chanel19 bags.

ysl loulou vs chanel 19

Saint Laurent Loulou

Description Loulou

The Saint Laurent Loulou collection has been called an “instant classic” by the fashion community. It was named after Yves Saint Laurent’s muse, Loulou de La Falaise. According to Christopher Petkanas book, “Loulou and Yves”, he once said that “her presence is a dream” and that she has made his work easier because he “trusts her reactions”.

The Loulou, much like its inspiration, is also a dream. It features soft, buttery calfskin leather, chevron quilting, a beautiful strap and the iconic YSL logo. The line feels classy and sophisticated but at the same time edgy and fresh. Color wise it comes in the classic black and beige as well as in different seasonal colors and materials (for example suede, denim or fabric). The Loulou line comes in 4 different sizes: the ToySmall, Medium and Large.

Price: $ 2,850

Size: 12.5 X 8.6 X 4.7 in

Saint Laurent – Loulou Medium review
Saint Laurent – Loulou Medium

PROS Loulou

  • A beautiful, classic bag that is still interesting due to the chevron quilts and bold hardware
  • The Loulou line is very trendy at the moment while still being classic
  • A good price point for a bigger designer handbag that is appropriate for wearing to work as well as casually
  • Comfortable to wear since because it has a leather pad on the chain, however, it is not a light bag and it will get heavy if you fill it at capacity
  • Three different ways to wear it: on the shoulder with the long strap, on the shoulder double strapped and crossbody
  • Fits quite a lot, including an iPad, so it’s a good option for those of you that need to carry more on a day to day basis
  • The leather is beautifully soft, yet it wears pretty well

CONS Loulou

  • The YSL monogram is quite big and naturally prone to scratches
  • Due to the YSL monogram logo it might not be a good choice for some that prefer more understated bags, especially as work handbags
  • No back pocket which would have been quite convenient
  • No feet on the bottom which could be quite handy for a larger bag
  • The magnet closure is quite strong and some have reported concerns over damaging the flap when pulling it to open
  • Even though it can be worn crossbody it is not necessarily comfortable to do so because it is quite a bulky bag
  • Does not fit a laptop, so if you need to carry a laptop with you then you should consider the next size up
 Saint Laurent Loulou Chanel 19
Price$ 2,850$6,300
Size12.5 X 8.6 X 4.7 in7.8 × 11.7 × 3.9 in
ysl loulou vs chanel 19

YSL Loulou versus Chanel19. Why choose the YSL Loulou over the Chanel19?

  • it’s better priced. Of course, in general Saint Laurent is more affordable than Chanel. The Loulou is no exception. You can actually buy 2 Lolous and still have a bit of money left for the price of one Chanel19.
  • the inside compartments. If you’ve a fan of inside compartments you’re going to like the zipped divider in the Saint Laurent
  • easier to get. There’s no games to be played when buying a Saint Laurent Loulou bag. You can easily buy it new, online directly from YSL.
  • it is less puffy which means it’s more classic looking. Once the pillow bag trend passes (and it will pass at some point), the Loulou will not really look dated.
  • you prefer the magnetic closure compared to the CC turn luck, as it’s a bit easier to get in and out of the bag
  • if you don’t like the look of mixed hardware, then Loulou is the one for you.

Chanel19 versus YSL Loulou. Why choose the Chanel 19 bag over the YSL Loulou?

  • if you’re thinking about resale value. Chanel bags in general keep their value more than Saint Laurent ones.
  • if you think you’re going to buy the 19 anyways in the future. Chanel is only increasing its prices, and not by an insubstantial amount. If you think you’re probably going to go for the Chanel 19 anyways, it’s better to do it sooner rather than later.
  • the back pocket. The back pocket is a great feature of the 19 and very practical to keep your phone or anything else you need quick access to.
  • you like the edgier look of the 19 with the chunky mixed metals hardware and pillowy look
  • you like that there’s no compartments dividing the inside of the bag. Maybe you carry something a little bulkier that fits better in the 19 compared to the YSL Loulou.

So which is better – Saint Laurent Loulou or the Chanel19?

If you took everything above into consideration and you’re still confused on which one to buy, it can only mean one thing: you need both. Just kidding, sort of… but both handbags are great investments into your wardrobe. One is considerably more expensive over the other, but if you love the Chanel 19 more it’s better to buy it now before Chanel’s many price increases. You can’t go wrong with either bag anyways.

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