The Best Chanel Bags To Invest in 2023. Top 5 Chanel Bags

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Read on to find out what are the best 5 Chanel bags to invest in 2023

What are the best Chanel Bags to invest in?

When it comes to luxury goods, there’s maybe one or two other brands that invoke the same passion and loyalty as Chanel does. The rich, quilted leather and CC clasp has become synonymous with luxury and quality. Indeed, Chanel has a cult following like no other, that collect and invest in their Chanel bags. A fan base that has remained faithful to the brand through its many, many price increases. A classic flap used to cost around $250 in 1955. Today, in 2023 the same Chanel Classic flap is around $8,200. A shocking increase, even considering inflation.

There’s not all bad news when talking about Chanel’s eye watering price increases. Those exact price hikes have kept the brand exclusive as well as consolidated its position as an “investment brand”. This means that many women justify purchasing a Chanel bag by seeing it not only as a fashion accessory but as a financial investment. Nowadays, it seems like there are two brands that many people believe they are true investments: Chanel and Hermès.

At LuxeFront we are here for the love of fashion and especially luxury fashion – so we cannot give you financial advice. However, we’re going to write about which handbags seem to be holding their value the best.

Keep in mind that Chanel has a “permanent” or “classic collection” – which includes the Chanel Classic Flap, the Reissue, the Boy Bag, Chanel 19 bag and the new 22 bag.  Some argue that these are the best Chanel bags to invest in, since they return season after season. However, that’s not the whole story, as some of the seasonal bags (for example the mini flaps) keep their value better on the secondary market compared to many Reissues or Boy bags.

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Follow along to see which 5 Chanel bags are the best “investment” bags:

1. The Chanel Classic Flap in size Medium

chanel classic flap good investment

Starting out strong with the most iconic Chanel bag. There’s virtually no one in the fashion world that doesn’t recognize the value and craftmanship of the Chanel Classic Flap.

The M/L Chanel Classic Flap, also called the Medium Classic Flap at Chanel is the second size up after the Small Classic Flap and it is probably one of the most popular, quintessential Chanel handbags. Because of that, we recommend this size as for your Chanel investment bags. For example, it looks like big bags are coming back into fashion, but for many years you could get a big discount on the pre-loved market for the Jumbo and Maxi sizes. We believe that regardless of any trends, the M/L size will be the one keeping its value the most, as it’s the most iconic Chanel bag.

When thinking about an investment piece, it’s also important to note which leather type is better. Again, there’s no right and wrong but there can be a right or wrong leather for your needs. There’s no secret that caviar leather is more hard wearing than lambskin and shows way fewer scratches. However, lambskin is just so luxurious looking and so amazingly soft to touch. Both will keep their value but many people prefer the hardy caviar leather over lambskin, so you might be slightly better off investing in the caviar version.

Color wise, of course black and beige are the easy choices. However, there are seasonal colors that are obviously rarer and that demand a premium. If you’re in tune with the fashion community, you can see which colors are sought after and buy accordingly.

2. The Coco Handle

chanel coco handle good investment

The Coco Handle is not a part of Chanel’s classic line, but many people still consider it a classic, quintessential Chanel bag. We personally do not believe it will be discontinued any time soon. And if it were to be discontinued, it can be one of those situations where the value actually increases due to the fact that it’ll be no longer produced.

The  Coco Handle comes in 3 size: mini, small and medium. It was first launched in 2015 and it was brought back every season since. It’s one of the most feminine Chanel bag due to its shape and top handle, so it will always have its fan base. According to Rebag, it has a 97% average retention value, which is amazing considering that not all bags on the pre loved market are in great condition.

Given its iconic Chanel features: the CC logo, the quilted leather and its unique for Chanel shape, we believe the Chanel Coco Handle is one great Chanel bag to invest in.

3. Chanel Mini Flap

best chanel bags to invest in chanel mini good investment

Many consider the Chanel Mini Flap a classic, iconic Chanel bag. The minis are indeed iconic, but are not a part of Chanel’s classic collections. However, don’t let that stop you, the mini flaps are an excellent investment. They are really sought after, especially in some seasonal colors as well as neutrals. If you were lucky enough to buy a mini in caviar leather, you are almost guaranteed a price higher than what you paid.

There are two sizes for the Chanel Mini flap: the mini rectangular and the mini square; there is also a Chanel mini flap with a top handle (in the rectangular shape). Here’s the characteristics of the mini bags:

The Chanel Square Mini Flap Bag  is one of Chanel’s most popular bags. Although not officially a part of the classic line, the Mini Flap has a lot of the characteristics of a classic: beautiful quilted leather, the interlocking CC and a similar shape to the small, medium, jumbo and maxi sizes. As of now it only comes in lambskin leather and not caviar although you can find older editions on the pre-loved market in grained leather as well. Size 5.3 × 6.6 × 3.1 in

The Chanel Mini Flap Bag with a top handle is a re-interpretation on the classic mini flap. This new style has the obvious advantage of being able to be worn holding the top handle, although it is too small to be used in the crook of your arm. Comes in different colors and leathers depending on the season, as it is a seasonal bag. Size: 7.5″W x 5.1″H x 1.2″D

The Chanel Mini Flap Bag Rectangular is one of Chanel’s most popular bags. Although not officially a part of the classic line, the Mini Flap has a lot of the characteristics of a classic: beautiful quilted leather, the interlocking CC and a similar shape to the small, medium, jumbo and maxi sizes. As of now it only comes in lambskin leather and not caviar although you can find older editions on the pre-loved market in grained leather as well. Size: 4.7 × 7.8 × 2.3 in

We consider all Mini Chanel Flaps in leather a good investment that will at least hold their value if not increase it.

4. Chanel 2.55

best chanel bags to invest in

Chanel 2.55 or Chanel re-issue is arguably the bag that started it all.  It was created in February 1955 by Gabrielle herself, hence the name 2.55. It is a part of the classic Chanel bags, and is one that is very appreciated by true Chanel lovers. It’s lack of a CC logo makes it way more understated than it’s Classic Flap cousin. Its understated-ness also makes it less sought after on the resale market, so unfortunately the reissue doesn’t hold its value as well as the Classic Flap. We still believe the bag makes a good Chanel investment if 1) you love the bag and style and you’d wear it all the time and 2) you plan on keeping it in your collection for a long, long time. If you’re willing to hold onto your 2.55 for a couple of years, the price is bound to go up and you’ll most likely be able to sell it for at least the same amount you’ve paid.

Another option is to buy this bag on the pre-loved market and just keep it and use it for a long time.

5. Chanel 22

CHANEl 22 bag

So far, we’ve been covering Chanel handbags that are classic looking, with the distinct Chanel look: structured, flap bags with quilted leather. The Chanel 22 is a bit different: it is slouchy, bohemian without a CC closure. The 22 is however, part of Chanel’s classic collection. We think and bet that big, slouchy bags are making a comeback and that Chanel’s 22’s prices will explode in the next couple of years. I personally can’t see the bag as a classic that you’re going to reach for in 10 years time – however, I do believe that the 22 is one of the best Chanel bags to invest in for the short term.

Which Chanel bag do you think it’s the best to invest in?

We think that these 5 are the best Chanel bags to invest in. What do you think? Do you buy with your heart only? Or do you always calculate the possible return for your handbags?

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