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Chanel Mini Flap Bag Square

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The Chanel Square Mini Flap Bag  is one of Chanel’s most popular bags. Although not officially a part of the classic line, the Mini Flap has a lot of the characteristics of a classic: beautiful quilted leather, the interlocking CC and a similar shape to the small, medium, jumbo and maxi sizes. As of now it only comes in lambskin leather and not caviar although you can find older editions on the pre-loved market in grained leather as well.

Silver Hardware versus Gold Hardware for Chanel Classic Flaps – which one to choose?

  • Firstly, we must acknowledge that there is no right and wrong answer, it totally depends on your preference, what kind of jewelry you prefer and even your skin tone, I am one that likes to mix and match my jewelry but for my first classic flap I went with silver hardware because my engagement ring and wedding set are in white gold. The general consensus is that silver hardware makes the bag appear ever so slightly more casual whereas the gold hardware is more glamorous
  • Another thing to keep in mind is your clothes’ hardware. Do you have an extensive collection of leather jackets with gold hardware or boots with silver hardware, then maybe choose a classic flap with the same tone hardware so you don’t have to worry too much about matching your bag to your shoes and outerwear 
  • Occasion. Do you envision wearing your classic flap on fancy nights out or to brunch on Sundays? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wearing silver during the night or gold during the day, but we must admit that a Chanel Flap with SHW is slightly more casual than one with GHW.

In the end, really, you can’t go wrong with either. If you have the chance, go to a Chanel boutique to try both on and see which one makes your heart sing more. If you’re looking on the pre-loved market and you can’t make up your mind, see what comes up at a good price and just snatch that, it is really that simple.

Lambskin versus Caviar Leather – which one is better?

Another question that sometimes puzzles us, is which leather type is better. As mentioned, if you want to get the Mini Flap at the boutique, the only option available at the moment is lambskin leather, but if you’re looking on the pre-loved market, you have a few more options. There’s no secret that caviar leather is more hard wearing than lambskin and shows way fewer scratches. However, lambskin is just so luxurious looking and so amazingly soft to touch – so it is up to you: do you like the look of one leather over the other? Do you prefer your bags to look pristine over the years or you don’t mind seeing a few scratches here and there as they add character?


5.3 × 6.6 × 3.1 in

What fits

  • A smartphone
  • A cardholder
  • Keys (without a bulky keychain)
  • Mask
  • 1 lipstick


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