Chanel Pre Fall Winter 23B Collection – The Dreamiest Bags

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Chanel’s highly anticipated Pre-Fall 23B collection is here and we’re more than ready!

July brought heatwaves but also a new Chanel collection. You might be wondering how come Chanel is releasing yet another collection since we’ve just had the Metiers D’Arts collection.

The truth is that Chanel releases no fewer than six collections yearly, which means that we’re never to far away from a new release.

This years Fall / Winter Act I collection is characterized by lush materials such as velvets and Chanel’s signature tweed, denim with sequences and shearling. For colors we have the typical fall-winter colors: navy blue, dark pinks, purples and reds and of course the classic black.

The Best Bags Of Chanel's 23B Collection

What does 23B mean?

Chanel has 6 seasons, as we’ve recently covered it here. The collections are as followed:

P = Printemps Collection Spring Act I (typically released January/February)
S = Summer Collection Spring Act II (typically released March to June)
A = Autumn Collection Pre-Fall, Metiers D’Arts (typically released May to September)
B = Fall/Winter Act I (typically released June to October)
K = Fall/Winter Act II (typically released August to November)
C = Cruise Collection (typically released November to January)

So, the B collection is Chanel’s Pre-Fall Winter Collection or Fall/Winter Act I depending on how you look at it.

Our favorite 23B Pre-Fall Winter Chanel Looks

We are absolutely obsessed with all these looks and especially with the coats and jackets Chanel released. If you were to buy one RTW item from the Chanel 23B collection, we recommend investing in a classic jacket or coat which will be relevant for decades.

The Best Chanel 23B Bags

There are a LOT of bags in this collection that we love. If you’re a lover of texture on your bags, you’re in luck. We have bags adorned with sequence, shearling bags, velvet bags and of course the classic Chanel tweed bags.

Here are our favorite Chanel 23B Pre-Fall Winter Bags

1. Chanel So Black Classic Flap

chanel so black

Price Small : $10,300

The So Black is back and no doubt it’s going to be one of the most popular bags at the boutique. The M/L and Small classic flap and the rectangular mini are available in black hardware.

The So Black bags are only available in lambskin leather and the leather has a beautiful sheen to it. The hardware is also slightly shiny and not matte as in other collections.

2. Chanel 22 in Shearling

chanel 22 shearling

Price: $6,500

Fewer bags are more controversial than Chanel’s 22 bag. Some dislike the classic 22 bag for being too “trash bag like”. However, the shearling option is has a very different feel. It’s the epitome of cozy late fall days and we live for it. It also comes in different sizes depending on your needs.

3. Small Velvet Hobo

small velvet hobo 23B

Price: $4,600

This beauty was released by Chanel in the previous seasons in leather. It’s now being revamped in a velvet material and in this gorgeous pink color. Velvet is really not for everyone and it’s quite a difficult material to take care off (see our Chanel materials guide). This is a great bag for a Chanel collector, that already has multiple daily bags and will only wear this beauty occasionally.

Also, the price of it is very good for Chanel, at under $5k for a decently roomy bag!

4. This Chanel Backpack

23b backpack

Price: $7,100

This is probably our favorite backpack released by Chanel in recent years. It has some vintage vibes and we love the deep red color (although it also comes in black if that’s your color).

The backpack opens with the classic CC turn lock, it has a back pocket (finally!!!) and it’s adorned with multiple Chanel medallions.

The straps are of course beautiful, but we do worry about digging into our shoulders if we fill it too much. For that reason we recommend not overfilling the backpack or just wear it in the colder season.

5. Chanel Sequence Bag

chanel sequence bag

Price: $8,700

Another one that we think it will be perfect for Chanel collectors. This mini satin bag is embellished with silver sequences and WOW, it does make a statement. If you have a lot of events to attend, you can’t go wrong with this beauty.

Now obviously this is quite a delicate and not an every day bag. If you’re new to Chanel we always suggest to start with more classic, wearable pieces. However, if you’re a collector and want to stand out, this beauty is perfect.

The price is steep as we come to expect from the fashion house. However, this is such a special little bag and we’re very tempted!

6. Leather Deauville

leather deauville 23b

Price (small): $5,700

If you’re a fan of the Deauville but you wished it came in leather, you’re in luck. The Chanel 23B collection brings a few different Deauville bags but the leather one is quite different. It kinds of reminds us of the 19 bag, pillowy and relaxed.

It looks like soft lambskin but it’s actually calfskin leather which is more durable and more appropriate for a bigger bag.

Due to the material, this Deauville is not great as a beach bag but it can easily be a work bag or an errand bag. The price is also great for the amount of leather bag that you get.

Conclusion: Should you invest in any 23B bags?

Investing in a 23B bag from Chanel’s Pre-Fall collection can be a tempting proposition for fashion enthusiasts and collectors alike.

With a range of stunning options to choose from, such as the classic So Black Flap and the striking Sequence Bag, there are undoubtedly pieces that will capture the heart of any Chanel lover.

However, the decision to invest should be carefully considered based on personal style preferences, budget, and lifestyle needs. While these bags exude timeless elegance and luxury, it’s essential to ensure they align with your fashion goals and can be incorporated into your wardrobe for years to come.

If you’re seeking a statement piece or a long-term investment, the 23B collection offers a selection of exquisite bags worth considering.


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