Can Men Wear Chanel? And The Best Chanel Bags For Men

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The short answer is yes, of course. Explore this article for some ideas on which Chanel bags are the best for men.

“Can men wear Chanel?” It’s a question that may have crossed your mind, and rightfully so. The world of fashion is a realm where boundaries are continually challenged, and traditional gender norms are being redefined. So, can men embrace the elegance and sophistication of Chanel? Let’s delve into this sartorial dilemma.

About Chanel & Gendered Fashion

Chanel, a renowned luxury brand synonymous with timeless style and grace, has long been associated with women’s fashion. Coco Chanel herself revolutionized the industry, liberating women from the constraints of corsets and introducing the concept of casual chic.

However, in recent years, there has been a shift in the perception of gendered fashion, with more fluidity and inclusivity becoming the norm.

While Chanel may not explicitly market its products towards men, there are certainly items within their collections that can be embraced by anyone with an eye for refined aesthetics.

Fragrances, for instance, know no boundaries when it comes to gender. Chanel’s iconic scents, such as Chanel No. 5 or Bleu de Chanel, exude sophistication and allure, transcending societal expectations.

can men wear chanel
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Chanel RTW, Bags & Accessories for men

But what about clothing and accessories? Can men confidently sport a Chanel jacket or carry a coveted Chanel handbag? The answer lies in the individual’s sense of style and self-expression. Chanel’s creations are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, embodying a sense of timeless elegance that can be appreciated by all.

While some pieces may be more traditionally associated with women’s fashion, there is no reason why a man cannot incorporate elements of Chanel into his wardrobe.

Fashion has always been a form of self-expression, a means to communicate one’s personality and taste. The lines between traditional gendered fashion are blurring, as society becomes more accepting of diverse identities and expressions.

The key lies in wearing what makes you feel confident and authentic, regardless of societal expectations.

Chanel for Men – Outfits & Inspiration

If you had any doubts that men can easily rock Chanel, just have a look at pictures below!

Male Celebrities & Chanel

It is worth noting that many male celebrities have fearlessly flaunted Chanel in their outfits. Pharrell William is a great example of an individual who have pushed fashion boundaries, proving that Chanel can be effortlessly incorporated into men’s style as well.

The Top Chanel Bags For Men

To provide a glimpse into the world of Chanel for men, here are our top five picks of Chanel items that can be effortlessly incorporated into a male wardrobe:

The Classic Flap Bag

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A timeless and iconic accessory, perfect for everyday use, combining practicality and style. Depending on your stature, we recommend the bigger sizes : Jumbo and Maxi and possible silver hardware and caviar leather.

A great advantage of the Classic Flap is how well it keeps its value. So, even if you get bored of it, you’ll be able to sell it quite easily.

The Boy Bag

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As the name suggests, Chanel’s Boy Bag has a quite masculine silhouette. The bag is very structured, boxy and hardware heavy. It is available in various materials, such as leather, denim, and velvet.

It’s available in a few different sizes but we recommend the medium or large. It’s popularity has been dropping in recent years which only means you can find a deal on the pre-loved market.

The Gabrielle bag or backpack

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As demonstrated by the Chanel x Pharrell collaboration, Chanel tried to make the Gabrielle bag an unisex one. And it’s a good call as both the Gabrielle bag and backpack are suitable for any gender.

Ideal for everyday use, it effortlessly complements both casual and slightly more formal attire.

Unfortunately the Gabrielle has been discontinued, but you can easily find an excellent condition one on sites like Fashionphile or Vestiare Collectives.

Chanel 19

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Many see the Chanel 19 as a modern alternative to the Classic Flap. The 19 Bag has many quintessential Chanel features like the quilted leather, the CC clasp and the iconic Chanel chain. However, it feels very fresh, bold and more casual.

Chanel 19 is also slouchy, typically features two-toned hardware and oversized quilts. It’s a great bag for both men and women and one that will be relevant for a long time.

Read more on the Chanel 19

Chanel Wallet on a Chain

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We’ve featured some bigger bags, but what about when you only want to carry the bare minimum?

The Chanel WOC is a stylish and functional accessory, offering space for essentials like cash, credit cards, and identification. A perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe.


So, can men wear Chanel? Absolutely. Fashion knows no boundaries, and individual style should not be confined by gender norms.

While Chanel may not explicitly target male consumers, their creations possess a timeless appeal that transcends gender. Men can confidently embrace Chanel’s elegance, whether it be through fragrances, accessories, or even select clothing pieces.


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