The Best Chanel Diaper Bags in 2023

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Check out the absolute best Chanel Diaper bags for you and your little one

top chanel diaper bags

How fabulous! You’re about to become a mom, or maybe you are already and you don’t want any old, uninspiring bag to serve as your diaper bag. We completely get you, and in fact, we have a recent article about the best designer bags to use as diaper bags here.

However, in this article we are going to focus exclusively on Chanel – and it’s best bags that can be used as a diaper bag. We must warn you before we proceed that Chanel does not have any true diaper bags that are only made for this purpose. But please don’t let that deter you from buying a beautiful Chanel bag to use as a baby bag. When looking at Chanel’s bag collection, we had some criteria of what would make an amazing diaper bag: 1. they had to be roomy enough, 2. they had to be able to go with everything 3. more of a bonus, since we are talking about a luxury designer brand, but they had to be somewhat affordable.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 Chanel Bags that you can use as a diaper bag:

1. Chanel Deauville Tote – the best Chanel Diaper Bag?

About : The Deauville Tote is an absolute staple in a Chanel collector’s wardrobe. It has first hit the stores in 2012 and has since been brought back again and again due to its immense popularity. In a Chanel world of formal and elegant handbags, the Deauville tote (which was named after a beach resort in Normandy) is a breath of fresh air. The tote is carefree, slouchy, casual and in the same time glamorous. It features one internal pocket with a zip, 2 handles and 2 straps and a magnetic snap closure.

Size: 11.7 × 19.5 × 8.6 in

Price: As of now, the Large Deauville Tote Retails for $4600 which is of course a lot, but cheaper that other Chanel bags, especially for the size

Read more about the Deauville Tote and compare it with other potential Chanel Diaper Bags on Luxefront.com 

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chanel deauville preloved

Pros and Cons for the Deauville Bag as a diaper bag

What we like about it

  • It’s an open tote, therefore very roomy and you can easily throw in everything you need for the baby
  • Can be dry cleaned if you’re going with the fabric version, or can be wiped down if you’re choosing a leather one
  • Comes in different colors, leather or non leather – and so you have plenty of options for a stylish baby bag
  • Short strap and long strap – practical. You have a few options on how to wear it (also after the baby days)
  • Relatively affordable for Chanel. Enough said.

What we dislike about it

  • No zip. The Deauville Tote doesn’t have a zip, only a snap closure which can be a bit annoying
  • Hard to find. You might be lucky and get it from the boutique but be warned that you might have to hunt this on the pre-loved market
  • Light color prone to staining. If you’re choosing a white or cream Deauville be extra careful what you put inside and make sure to use multiple pouches or an organizer. That’s probably not what you want to hear for a Chanel Diaper bag, so it’s best to steer clear of light colors and go for a navy or dark grey. Totally your choice though.

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2. Chanel 19 Maxi – The fancy Chanel Diaper Bag

About: The last Chanel bag created by Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel 19 is a modern classic. First seen on the runway of the Fall / Winter 2019/20 ready-to-wear collection created by Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard, the Chanel 19 bag was greatly inspired by the classic 2.55 bag. The number 19 stands for 2019, the year of its creation.

The Maxi Chanel 19 is the biggest size of the 19 collection. It has a relaxed yet luxurious look to it due to its incredibly soft leather and the fact that it is an unstructured bag. If we were to compare it with the Chanel Classic Flap, we would say that it’s counterpart is the Classic Maxi Flap.

Size : 9.8 × 14 × 4.3 in

Price: As of now, the Maxi Chanel19 retails for $6900 which is a lot, we will admit. However, the 19 is a Classic in the Chanel world and you will be able to use it after the diaper bag days.

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chanel 19 best chanel diaper bags

Pros and Cons for the Chanel19 Maxi as a diaper bag

What we like about it

  • Beautiful and very “IN” at the moment. If you’re the type of person that chooses a Chanel Diaper Bag, you might as well do it with the hottest bag in the boutique
  • Good, secure closure. All your baby items will be safe in the 19 as the flap will keep them all in place
  • Relatively light weight. The 19 is not very heavy, so you can stuff it with diapers, toys and food without being overwhelming to carry

What we dislike about it

  • Price. Yes, it’s not cheap, but as we said previously think about it as a Diaper Bag that will transform into a Chanel Travel bag or Work Bag or General Mom bag .
  • Delicate leather. Lambskin leather can be quite delicate, we recommend you choose goatskin instead or even fabric that you can dry clean.
  • It will not hold absolute tons. Personally, I am a minimalist including with my diaper bag: I usually carry a few diapers, mini wipes, a change of clothes, bit of food and a toy. If you like to carry much more, the 19 might not work perfectly for you as a Chanel Diaper Bag.

Read more about the Chanel 19  and compare it with other potential Chanel Diaper Bags on Luxefront.com 

3. Chanel XXL flap – The roomy Chanel Baby Bag

About: The Chanel XXL Flap was introduced in 2016 and it’s usually released yearly, around the holidays. As the title suggests, it is an XXL version of the Classic Flap, although much more slouchy.

It is usually used as a travel bag, as it is quite large, but if you’re someone who likes to carry a lot, then it might be a good option for you. The bag features a single flap, a zip compartment as well as several smaller compartments inside the bag and a back pocket.

Size : 11 x 18 x 6.5

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chanel xxl fllap as a diaper bag

Pros and Cons for the Chanel XXL Flap as a diaper bag

What we like about it

  • Fits an absolute ton. This is perfect for those moms who like to be extra prepared, or maybe they have more than one baby/toddler
  • Super secure. It has the Chanel CC clasp, thus you don’t have to worry about your items falling out
  • Lightweight especially for the size

What we dislike about it

  • It is a big bag, bigger than most would feel the need to carry as a diaper bag
  • The chain does have a leather strap, however, for such a big bag you might prefer a sturdier strap

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4. Chanel GST Tote – The discontinued Chanel Baby Bag

About. The GST or the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote is a discontinued Chanel tote that was extremely popular a few years ago but you can now find at a bargain price. The GST is divided by a zipped compartment and can be a great choice for moms that like to be super organized and that don’t need to carry a lot. It will fit your baby essentials: diapers, wipes, formula/snacks and some toys. Due to it’s middle zipped compartment, the bag doesn’t fit as much as you’d think so. This would make a great bag for after the baby too, especially if you’re going back to work.

Size 13″ x 10″ x 5.25″

Price : around $3000 on the pre-loved market

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chanel gst tote as a diaper bag

Pros and Cons for the Chanel GST Tote as a diaper bag

What we like about it

  • it looks nice and structured, for those who are tired of the slouchy look
  • has a few different compartments for smaller items
  • the straps are quite comfortable
  • the caviar leather is easily wipeable

What we dislike about it

  • might be too boxy to comfortably carry it around with a baby in your arms
  • can be hard to find, as you need to look on the pre-loved market
  • if you like to carry a lot, it might not be the bag for you

5. Chanel Urban Spirit Backpack – The Hands Free Chanel Diaper Bag

About:  If you want to be hands free but still have a stylish Chanel bag as your diaper bag, then why not choose a Chanel Backpack? Honestly, any Chanel backpack can work, just visit your local boutique if you can or browse online for a pre-loved or vintage one.

For this list we’re looking at the Chanel Urban Spirit Backpack, but the Gabrielle, Graffiti backpack or any other medium or large backpack can work great as a diaper bag.

Size: 10”L x 12”H x 5.5”W

Price : Around $4000

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chanel backpack as a diaper bag

Pros and Cons for the Chanel Backpack as a diaper bag

What we like about it

  • Comfortable to wear. You’re going to appreciate being hands free while taking care of your baby or toddler.
  • Fits a decent amount
  • If you buy a vintage one it can be quite affordable

What we dislike about it

  • It can be hard to easily find all your items. You’re either someone who likes using backpacks or hates them
  • The Urban Spirit backpack could use a front pocket for easy access to your phone (or pacifier)

All in all, we must admit that it is a luxury to choose a Chanel diaper bag but sometimes it is the pick-me-up a new mom needs and all of these bags can easily be used after the baby is all grown up, either as a travel bag, or beach bag or even as a work and every day bag. So, it can be a good investment to get a Chanel Bag as your very special diaper bag.

Let us know, would you get a Chanel diaper bag? If so, which one?

top chanel diaper bags


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