Top 10 Designer Diaper Bags : including Hermes, Chanel and Versace

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Who says we need to abandon our designer bags when we become moms? Here are the best designer diaper bags on the market!

Complete Guide: Top Ten Designer Diaper Bags for Fashion Lovers

Having a baby should not stop you from being your usual fashionable self. Any reason is enough to treat yourself to a luxury designer bag, and a baby is one of the best reasons to invest in a gorgeous diaper bag.

Designer diaper bags are a worthy investment, and it’s not just about being stylish and trendy. Most of them have been made specifically to fit the practicality of your baby needs and would stand the test of time.

They are made with quality materials, soft and supple, just a great asset for moms and dads. This blog gives you a detailed guide on the best luxury bags to invest in for your baby essentials.

1. GG Supreme Plus Diaper Bag

gucci diaper bag Top 10 Designer Diaper Bags : including Hermes, Chanel and Versace

First on our list is the GG supreme baby diaper bag. The beautiful Gucci bag got all it takes to top the list with its cool, intricate styling and thoughtful details. The bag is designed to be practical and functional for a mum. It is a classic and worthy investment for you and your little one.


Here, you have a beige/ebony GG supreme Canvas with cute flap closure at the top. The vintage on the outside is embossed with the Italian GG signature logo and with brown leather trim. We love that it is durable and easily wipe-able.

It has a flap compartment on the inside and two side pockets. Gucci knows what it’s doing when it comes to diaper bags, and they provide a foldable nylon changing pad. The changing pad is pretty lightweight and compact. The GG changing mat is great when you find yourself in need of changing a diaper on the go.

The classic diaper bag has a deep, spacious interior for diapers, wipes, and other accessories. You also have clips for your stroller handles when not wearing the bag. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or converted to a crossbody for ease. No doubt, the GG supreme is a desirable diaper bag.

Fun fact, it is perfect for moms who are heavy packers. The spacious interior gives room for everything you can probably think of.

gucci diaper bag


  • Beige/ ebony with a brownish trim
  • Foldable changing pad: Length- 63cm, Height-34 cm
  • Side pockets
  • Convertible shoulder strap with stroller clips
  • Convertible shoulder strap with 53cm drop
  • Flap Overlap
  • Width- 44cm
  • Height-28cm
  • Depth-14cm
  • Price: $1690

Heads up: The interior is a single deep space, hard to keep everything organized or find stuff when you need them.

2.Nylon Prada Baby Bag

Not surprising that Prada makes second on the list. Prada Nylon bag is fashionable and modern and doesn’t scream diaper bag. Rest assured; you can use it for any occasion. The Italian luxury design is such that the bags will have a long-term life after a diaper bag is no longer needed.

Prada nylon diaper bag


The classic baby bag is made of authentic Prada nylon, compartments for easy organization of baby stuff and a detachable changing pad. We have seen this bag in celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian.

It is multifunctional but straightforward, yet more than capable of making a statement; it can be used as a handbag, travel bag, diaper bag, etc. The nylon fabric is easy to wipe.

The Prada baby bag has everything a parent will appreciate, and it is practical, lightweight and stylish. Inside your Prada bag, you have two slip pockets (non-zipper) and a large zip pocket. On the exterior, you have a top zip closure, side pockets, a large compartment on the front and back. The side pockets come with a bottle holder for holding your baby’s bottle.

No doubt, this is your get-to-go diaper bag if you need everything handy for your baby. You can wear it comfortably as a crossbody, hand-held or drape over a stroller. Let’s not forget it has metal feet to stand on its own, so you can root through to find anything you need.

Prada baby bag review
Credit @sabinalynn


  • Prada logo Nylon (Navy and Black)
  • Convertible shoulder strap -100cm
  • Multiple pockets
  • Zip closure
  • Metal feet on the bottom
  • Changing mat
  • Trolley strap
  • Bottle holder
  • Height: 31cm
  • Length: 18cm
  • Width: 36cm
  • Price: $2,250

Heads-up: Some might find it not big enough

3. Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

Louis Vuitton Neverfull is one of our personal favorites, it comes in different sizes, but the Neverfull MM or GM can be used as perfect baby bags. Of course, the name already defines the bag, literally ‘Never full’ because it is extremely deep.



The iconic Louis Vuitton bag is ageless. For moms on the go, a Neverfull can be a handy way to carry all your baby’s needs from Point A to B. Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM is a versatile bag that can be functional and fashionable.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM has six styles with different materials: Damier Azure canvas, Damiere Ebene Canvas, Epi Leather, Monogram Empreinte Leather, Monogram Jacquard and Monogram Canvas. The durable material is weather-proof and does not leave any scratch marks. It can retain its shape no matter what you put inside.

Inside is one ample space to contain all the baby necessities and a little side compartment with a zipper. There is no zip closure for the bag; you have a gold clasp instead.


  • Monogram coated Canvas
  • Original leather trim
  • Hook closure/ clasp
  • Flat compartment with inside zip.
  • Detachable pouch
  • Double Leather handle
  • Length: 31cm
  • Height: 28cm
  • Width: 14cm
  • Price: $ 1,310

Heads-up: Shoulder straps are thin, quite uncomfortable when heavy. Note that it can only be a shoulder bag. It does not have many interior compartments for organization.

4.Christian Dior Catherine Tote 

Do you want a versatile luxury diaper bag that will make a statement? Then, this refreshing Dior book tote style got you covered. It embodies elegance, fashion, and originality with a unique style.

Dior-Catherine-Bag review
Photo from Dior


The classic was released as part of the Summer /Spring 2020 collection. The beautiful design is credited to Maria Grazia Churi and inspired by Christian Dior’s sister. It mimics the garden tote tool.

The Dior Catherine bag is crafted with an exquisite blue oblique pattern and branded with the Christian Dior signature logo. Here, you have a convenient and functional bag. The bag is roomy and can fit a changing pad, wipes, change of clothes, bottles etc. It features eight exterior pockets to keep everything handy for easy access and may be carried by hand or worn over the shoulder.


  • Canvas, woven with Dior blue oblique pattern
  • Eight exterior pockets
  • No closure
  • Double handle
  • Length: 40cm
  • Height: 31cm
  • Width:19cm
  • Price: $3600

Heads-up: There are no interior pockets and can only be carried over your shoulder, no option to use as a crossbody.

5. Chanel Deauville

A Chanel Deauville feels dreamily posh and who here would say no to a CHANEL diaper bag? It’s a natural pick because it is sophisticated and practical; it had to be on this list.

chanel deauville tote bag
Photo from Chanel


The Chanel Deauville tote bag is crafted from canvas or leather and branded with the famous Chanel logo. It’s pretty fancy; many may object to using it as a diaper bag. But then, why not?

The tote bag is lightweight, comfortable on the shoulders, elegant, and classy. Many tote bags can sometimes look too casual, but not the Chanel Deauville, it gives a chic, sleek look and makes you feel like you are on trend with a baby.

It fits practically everything for the baby, particularly ideal for moms who have to pack for more than one kid. And most importantly, for fashion lovers who love oversized bags, it makes a pretty bold statement. Chanel tote has both handle and shoulder strap for convenience; it can hang firmly on a baby stroller without hassle.


  • Canvas with leather trim
  • Side flap pocket
  • Open compartment
  • Leather and chain strap handle
  • Flat top handle
  • Length: 41cm
  • Height: 31cm
  • Width: 19cm
  • Price: $3,885

Heads-up: The fabric is difficult to clean, and may need specialist care. You may need a bag organizer for arrangement because it gets cumbersome with all the items in it.

6. Fendi Black Leather and Nylon Changing Bag

Sick of all the oversized luxury bags? We got you covered! The sporty little Fendi bag may be one for you. The stylish designer bag is super-cute, and its efficiency makes it a desirable choice for your baby diaper bag.

Fendi Diaper Bag
Photo from Fendi


The Fendi bag is a black nylon bag, but the outer pocket is leather and branded with the signature Fendi logo. The Fendi nylon bag is unisex, making it an excellent choice for dads and moms alike.

The Fendi diaper bag is lightweight, paired with an FF monogram strap and a changing pad. The strap is long enough to carry your baby bag across your body, super comfortable and just perfect, and the black nylon exterior is simple with no visible wear, two side pockets and a large zipped front compartment. No one will know it is a diaper bag, perfect for any occasion.


  • Composition: polyurethane, cotton, polyester, resin, polyamide
  • Leather hooks for stroller
  • Leather pocket
  • Two side pockets
  • Length: 34cm
  • Height: 23cm
  • Depth:14cm
  • Price: $1290

Heads-up: if you’re one to carry a lot in your diaper bag you might want to give this bag a miss

7. Burberry Leather Trim Econyl Diaper bag

Now, what if you had a backpack instead as your diaper bag.The Burberry baby backpack deserves to make the list; it helps distribute the total weight evenly across your back and shoulders. As a bonus, your hands are free to hold on to hold your baby or the trolley.

burberry backpack diaper bag review
Photo from Burberry


Let’s assume you have twins; it can be challenging to deal with totes or a crossbody. That is why the backpack style is recommended. The Burberry designer baby bag is a practical bag with an all-black exterior, while the interior is designed with the Burberry print pattern. It is an all-purpose bag, very fit for a diaper bag.

It features multiple compartments for easy organization of all the baby essentials like wipes, diapers, clothes, baby bottles. A foldable changing mat is also included which is perfect to use when you’re out and about. You have an adjustable handle, two outer and four inner pockets, drawstring side pockets for storage. It’s roomy, weatherproof, and comfortable on the shoulder. The backpack is not heavy; though of course it depends on what you put inside.


  • Black leather trim
  • Fold-out changing mat
  • Adjustable handles
  • Removable straps
  • Two interior pockets
  • Two exterior pockets
  • Check lining
  • Price: $790

Heads-up: It can get slightly fussy getting your things in and out.

8. Hermès Cotton Canvas Adada Diaper bag

Maybe you’re that extra and neeeed a Hermès bag as your diaper bag but you wouldn’t want to carry a Birkin or Kelly with bébé – introducing the Hermes Cotton canvas Diaper bag. It is a classic, made out of soft cotton and featuring some cute Hermès equestrian prints.


The Hermes Diaper bag is woven with cotton on the outside, while the inside is 100% water resistant polyester. The look is fantastic, timeless, and, of course, user friendly with a pretty cheerful print. The Hermes diaper bag comes with a pouch, removable lining and changing mat. The luxury diaper bag is roomy and perfect for tossing all your baby items and the next best thing if you want a Hermes Diaper bag but maybe don’t want to use your Birkin.

hermes adada diaper bag
Photo from Hermès


  • Printed Cotton canvas
  • Removable liner (water resistant)
  • Two colors: Bleu Marine and Rose Bougainville Lier
  • Changing Pad
  • Detachable pouch
  • Shoulder straps
  • Four deep pockets
  • Dimensions: 6.5″ long x 11.8″ high x 7.1″ deep
  • Price: $2175

Heads-up: Light fabric can get stained.

9.Mulberry Bayswater Tote

If you’re into that quintessential British style, then Mulberry might be the bag for you. It is not technically a diaper bag, just an open tote that fits a ton.

mulberry tote
Photo from Mulberry


The Bayswater tote is a classic Mulberry tote that features the iconic clasp. It comes in many seasonal colors, so choose the one that works best for you. It has ticker straps which makes it comfortable to wear on the shoulders.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have many compartments for organizing your baby’s stuff but you can just add a bag organizer.

The best thing about this bag is that it’s not actually a diaper bag, so you can easily use it long before your diaper & bottles days are over.


  • Foil embossed Mulberry logo on removable pocket
  • Postman’s Lock hardware
  • Two top leather handles
  • Main internal compartment
  • Internal removable pocket
  • Suede lining
  • Soft gold component finish
  • Price: $900

Heads-up: The suede interior is prone to staining so make sure to use a bag organizer.

10.Versace Medusa Changing Bag

This last designer diaper bag is a little more different and glam. The diaper bag features the Versace Medusa – that symbolises strength, beauty and power which is basically every new mother ever. So, you might find the Medusa diaper bag a fitting choice for your new life.

versace medusa diaper bag review
Photo from Versace


The Versace changing bag is custom-made from Barocco pattern jacquard. It comes complete with a changing pad and removable pouch for your use. On the inside are many compartments for the storage of bottles, diapers, toys, and change of clothes. At the same time, the outside has a secure zip closure to hold everything together. For versatility, the Versace changing bag can be worn either as a crossbody or over the shoulder.


  • Barocco pattern
  • Matching changing pad and cosmetic box
  • Inner storage pockets
  • Zip closure
  • Top handles
  • Outer fabric: 100% Nylon
  • Inner lining: Nylon and Polyester
  • Length: 46cm
  • Depth: 19cm
  • Handle drop: 19cm
  • Strap: 60cm
  • Price: $1305

Heads-up: Not as versatile, hard to use it as a regular bag

So here you have it, our top 10 designer diaper bags for new moms that love both luxury and practicality. What do you prefer? Buying a designer bag that can double as a diaper bag or buying a dedicated diaper bag that you may use after the baby is all grown up?

Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!



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