The Ultimate Guide to Cartier Love Bracelets

ultimate guide to cartier love bracelets

Cartier is one of the leading powerhouse jewellery brands on the market for over four decades since 1847. This luxury brand is known for producing iconic and timeless pieces for elites, A-list celebrities and even royal families. However, it was not until Aldo Cipullo joined this company and introduced their one of their most influential designs called the LOVE collection, which was exclusively marketed to couples as a symbolic romantic piece. It is also the most searched jewelry and arguably most the counterfeited piece on the market. It got so bad that Cipullo had file lawsuits against some departments stores for selling fakes, hence the reason for the serial numbers.

The Love bracelets are very much timeless as the hype and desire for this line are still on top especially after being flaunted on social media and red carpet by the likes of Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Aniston, Angelia Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City. The Love bracelet represents the physical security of one’s relationship by locking your significant other in for the long run.

The history behind the Cartier Love Bracelet

The story of the Cartier love bracelet began in 1969, when Cipullo joined the Cartier Company. He was inspired by handcuffs and medieval chastity belts designing the bracelets into two halves that can only be put on or taken off with gold vermeil screwdriver that comes along with the bracelet. You also require assistance putting on and taking off the bracelet, this is to signify the long term security of the relationship.

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At the initial release of the love bracelet, Cartier gifted these bracelets to 25 celebrity couples to emphasize and promote the romantic symbolism of the love collection. Famous couples such as the duke and duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Ali McGraw, Steve McQueen, Sophie Loren and Carlos Ponti were amongst the few who received and locked themselves into love with this iconic bracelet. This further increased publicity and demand for this bracelet, amongst celebrities and everyday shoppers, which continues until today.

Source Unknown: A 1970 ad for the Love Bracelet wore by a man and a woman

How expensive are Cartier Love bracelets?

Image source: Tumblr

It is no surprise that these timeless pieces come at a cost, which are influenced by factors such as history, materials, popularity and demand. The very first bracelets designed by Cipullo were sterling silver plated with gold, which cost about $250 but was later switched to solid 18K gold designed for durability and resistance.  A classic love bracelet weighs between 30- 38 grams, they come in three traditional colors Yellow-gold, Pink (Rose) gold and White gold, there is also gold with ceramic and diamond-encrusted options. Some of the additional elements such as metal, width and gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires etc. influence the cost of each bracelet.

The metals used differs according to color, the white gold costs more than yellow or the pink (rose) gold.  Secondly, the width or thickness of the preferred bracelet, the Exemplary 6.1mm costs more than the little 3.65mm.

The metal and how many gemstones it has, adds to the cost. Below is a compiled list of bracelets pricing in GBP, AUD, and USD according to metal, width and gemstones settings.

Bracelet Design option Available Metal Color Diamond Carats. Size (Width) Pricing in AUS, GBP, USD
Love bracelet Gold SM Yellow, White and Pink Gold. None 3.6mm 6.1mm GBP 3850-4150 AUS 6780- 7300 USD 5200- 5600
18K Gold Yellow, White and Pink Gold. None 3.6mm 6.1mm GBP 6000 AUS 4250 USD 8200
18K Gold with 1 diamond Yellow, White Gold Only. 0.10 carats   6.1mm GBP 5050-5400 AUD 8863- 9477 USD 6800- 7278
18K Gold with 4 diamonds Yellow, White and Pink Gold. 0.42 carats   6.1mm GBP 9600-10300 AUS 16800-18000 USD 12900-13800
18K Gold with 6 diamonds Yellow, White and Pink Gold. 0.15 carats 3.65mm 6.1mm GBP 5700- 6100 AUS 9900-10690 USD 7740- 8290
18K Gold with 10 diamonds Yellow, White and Pink Gold. 0.21 0.96 carats   6.1mm GBP 7700-13900 AUS 13500-24300 USD 10500- 18900
18K Gold with 12 diamonds Pink Gold only. 0.78 carats 6.1mm GBP 18800 AUS 32960 USD 25500
Diamond paved Yellow, White and Pink Gold. 1.99 3.15 carats 3.6mm 6.7mm GBP 23700- 38400 AUS 42000-67300 USD 32300-53000
18K Gold with 1 pink sapphire Pink Gold only. None   6.1mm GBP 4700 AUS 8250 USD 6400
18K Gold with 2 gold sapphires, 2 green garnets, 2 garnets, 2 orange garnets, amethysts Pink Gold only. None 6.1mm GBP 7350 AUS 12880 USD 9900
18K Gold mixed with ceramic White Gold only. 1.99 Carats 3.6mm 6.7mm GBP 41500 AUS 71700 USD 56500
Diamond paved mixed with white gold Rose Gold only. 1.47 Carats 3.6mm together with 6.1mm GBP 31300 AUS 31300 USD 42540
18K Gold set with  2 aquamarines, 2 pink sapphires, 2 blue sapphires, 2 purple spinels, 2 amethysts White Gold only. None 6.1mm GBP 7850 AUS 13760 USD 10600
N.B the figures listed are the current prices on the Cartier website as of January 2021.

Whew! I guess this is the reason why the Cartier trademark that says, “How far would you go for Love?’.

You could also opt for the pre-owned option for as low as $3k, by doing this you need to be careful and buy from only verified sites and always look out for the serial number, receipts and certificates as it one of the most fake bracelets. We recommend only b

Size guide to the Cartier love bracelets.

If you are looking to buy the Cartier love bracelet, sizing is of utmost importance and this article has got you covered. Understanding the sizing of Love bracelet is imperative, as these bracelets ranges from 15-21 cm any sizing below or above these sizes call for special orders and might attract an additional fee.

How do I find the perfect love bracelet size?

There are two ways to find your perfect size, the first I buy measuring yourself with another bracelet, add 1 cm for a tight fit and 2-3cm for a loose fit. Additionally you can also use the Cartier wrist sizer, which comes highly, recommended to get the best results. You will need to go to the ‘printing option’ before printing and ensure that the ‘page scaling’ option is set to ‘none’ in the print dialogue box. The Cartier Wrist Sizer must be printed on a full letter size (8 ½ x 11 inches) size page. To check that the Wrist Sizer has been printed properly, take a ruler and measure the sample it should measure exactly 2 cm.

That is all folks and happy shopping!

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