Are Designer Bags Cheaper In Dubai?

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If you’re planning a trip to UAE you might be wondering if designer bags are cheaper in Dubai. Worry not, we have the answer (which differs depending from which country you’re coming from!).

In general are designer bags cheaper in Dubai?

The short answer is NO, Dubai is known as a fabulous shopping destination, but not necessarily for having wallet-friendly prices, especially if you compare it with Europe.

dubai Are Designer Bags Cheaper In Dubai?

Are Designer Bags Cheaper in Dubai Compared to the USA and Europe?

With its glistening skyscrapers, world-class shopping malls, and status as a global luxury hub, Dubai has cemented its reputation as the go-to destination for shopaholics.

The Dubai Mall, one of the largest in the world, exemplifies this luxurious shopping experience. But when it comes to purchasing designer bags and luxury items, is it cheaper to shop in Dubai than in the USA and Europe?

Comparison with the UK and Europe

The price of designer items in Dubai isn’t cheaper than in the UK or Europe.

In fact, some luxury items, especially from brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, can be around 15-20% more expensive in Dubai than in Europe. While tourists can reclaim the 5% VAT in Dubai, this still doesn’t offset the higher initial cost.

For instance, even after accounting for the VAT refund in Dubai, some luxury items remained 15-25% cheaper in the UK and in continental Europe.

Hence, it’s crucial for buyers to compare prices in both regions before making a purchase.

louis vuitton shopping in dubai
Credit @aachalpandeyofficial

Example: Table comparing the prices for designer bags in Europe vs in Dubai

Designer Bag ModelPrice Dubai AEDPrice Dubai EURPrice Europe EURDifference
Saint Laurent Shopping Bag AED           4,900.00 €                   1,260.00 €                   1,100.00 €          160.00
Saint Laurent Lou AED           6,400.00 €                   1,645.00 €                   1,450.00 €          195.00
Gucci Jackie 1961 AED        12,850.00 €                   3,305.00 €                   2,500.00 €          805.00
Gucci Horsebit 1955 AED        14,100.00 €                   3,627.00 €                   2,900.00 €          727.00
The difference between designer bags prices: Dubai vs Europe

As you can see, you can save money buy buying your luxury bag in Europe compared to Dubai. For a Gucci bag, you may pay more than €800 MORE in Dubai compared to Europe!

We have a full guide on luxury shopping in Europe and how to get the best prices while shopping there!

Dubai Luxury Prices – Comparison with the USA

Luxury products’ prices in Dubai are generally on par with the USA.

Both the regions seem to have a similar pricing range for designer bags and items, with minor variances based on specific brands or items.

However, the introduction of VAT in Dubai and the potential for higher markup due to import duties can make certain products pricier in Dubai than in the US.

Example: Table comparing the prices for designer bags in USA vs in Dubai

Designer Bag ModelPrice Dubai AEDPrice Dubai  USDPrice USA USDDifference in $
Saint Laurent Shopping Bag AED           4,900.00 $                   1,334.00 $                   1,450.00 $          116.00
Saint Laurent Lou AED           6,400.00 $                   1,742.00 $                   1,690.00 $          (52.00)
Gucci Jackie 1961 AED        12,850.00 $                   3,498.00 $                   2,950.00 $        (548.00)
Gucci Horsebit 1955 AED        14,100.00 $                   3,838.00 $                   3,350.00 $        (488.00)
The difference between designer bags prices: Dubai vs Europe

The prices are quite similar in the US compared to Dubai if you take into account the sales tax that differs from state to state and Dubai’s 5% VAT which you can get refunded.

For some bags, you might actually get a small discount by buying in Dubai – so don’t forget to check the US prices before heading to Dubai Mall!

are prices lower for designer goods in dubai
Photo from Dubai Mall. If you love designer bags, Dubai Mall is like heaven!

Comparison with other regions (China, India)

It’s worth noting that while Dubai might not offer significant savings compared to the UK, USA, or Europe, it does offer more competitive prices when juxtaposed with regions like China, South East Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and other MENA countries.

Shoppers from these regions can expect to save approximately 15% on luxury goods in Dubai.

Why are prices in Dubai higher for luxury bags and goods?

There are a few underlying factors to consider:

  1. Tourist Hotspot: Given Dubai’s status as a major tourist destination, brands may increase prices, knowing tourists are likely to splurge while on vacation.
  2. Population & Demand: The demand for luxury products in Dubai, given its population, is relatively small compared to larger markets like the USA or Europe. Even though, as a whole, the Dubai population is very wealthy and very much into luxury bags!
  3. Import and Logistics: Dubai primarily sells imported luxury items. The associated import duties and logistical costs can inflate the prices.
gucci shopping in dubai
Credit @c4.mimi

Conclusion: Are the designer bags prices lower or higher in Dubai?

Dubai undeniably offers a luxurious and diverse shopping experience. However, for those specifically aiming to snag a bargain on designer bags, it might not always be the best destination compared to Europe or even the USA.

Always compare prices in your home country or other potential shopping destinations before making the trip to ensure you’re getting the best deal.


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