Chanel 22P – Spring Summer 2022. First Look and a Price Increase?

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The newest Chanel release (Chanel 22P) is right around the corner, launching at the end of January, the exact date is dependent on the individual boutique, but sometime between the 19 and 27th of January 2022. Being a spring collection, it brings beautiful colors, and we are especially looking forward to the pinks and blues in this collection. But before diving further into Chanel’s 22P collection, let’s first look at how many collections does Chanel release every year and what all these codes mean.

22P – what does it mean for Chanel?

Chanel has 6 seasons, thus a lot of collections to the delight and sometimes desperation of its collectors. The collections are as followed:

P = Printemps Collection Spring Act I (typically released January/February)
S = Summer Collection Spring Act II (typically released March to June)
A = Autumn Collection Pre-Fall, Metiers D’Arts (typically released May to September)
B = Fall/Winter Act I (typically released June to October)
K = Fall/Winter Act II (typically released August to November)
C = Cruise Collection (typically released November to January)

The “P” in 22P collection comes from the French Printemps which just means Spring. So Chanel’s P collections are spring collections, Act I normally hits the boutiques in January or February. The Spring-Summer collections are divided in two acts, I and II with the second act typically launched in March.

What are the best pieces of Chanel’s 2022 Spring Collection?

chanel 22p collection spring summer 2022
chanel 22p collection spring summer 2022
chanel 22p collection spring summer 2022
chanel 22p collection spring summer 2022
chanel 22p collection spring summer 2022

As we mentioned previously, Chanel’s Spring and Summer collections typically bring out a lot of pastel colors. This year is seems like there are a lot of pretty pinks and blues in the collection as well as corals. Another standout in the collection are the metallic pieces: so far we’ve seen a wallet on a chain, a mini camera case as well as a mini rectangular in pretty golds and silver tones.

There are two shades of pink that stand out from the new collection, one is a very light pink, reminiscing of the Chanel 21P collection and one hot/barbie pink. If you’ve missed out on the highly coveted 22C pink, maybe it’s time to look at the new collection as well. Chanel has quite the selection for pink bags: from classic flaps, 2.55, WOCs, vanity cases as well as minis with top handle and a new mini with pink hardware. It’s a Pink Chanel

chanel 22p collection spring summer 2022


Baby blue bags are also a favorite of many and it seems like this season there’s plenty of choice for blue lovers. We have vanity cases in different sizes, a 2.55 bag, large Coco Handle, a wallet on a chain and bigger shoulder bag all in a gorgeous light blue. There seems to be little choice for a darker blue, so far we’ve only seen the boy in a deeper shade of blue. However, for denim lovers there’s also at least 3 bags that come in denim: a mini flap, a shoulder bag and a drawstring mini bag all in a beautiful denim material.

Price increase with the new collection?

If you followed Chanel for more than a month, you know that they have hefty and frequent price increases. In fact, the latest price increase happened in November 2021 which brought the Maxi Classic Flap to almost 10.000 USD. In the latest price increase, it was mainly the classic flaps that got affected and not the minis and WOCs. If you want to read more about Chanel’s price increases (the Classic Flap used to be $250 !!!!), check out our article here.

Unfortunately, rumour has it that Chanel will have yet another price increase with the new collection. The bags affected by the January price increase are the Coco Handle, WOC, minis, Chanel19 and Boy bags according to our sources.

Allegedly, the new prices will be as follow:

  • Extra Mini Coco Handle $4800 from $4300
  • Mini Coco Handle $5100 from $4700
  • Medium Coco Handle $5500 from $5300
  • The Mini Flaps will increase by $200
  • WOCs $3150 from $2950

For those of us that hardly recovered after the brutal price increases of last year, it came as a shock that Chanel is planning a price increase yet again! Unfortunately for us, this is how Chanel operates, and since these bags did not get a price increase last time, they were bound for a price adjustment.

If you have your heart set on one of the new colors in the 22P collection, you’ll have to make the decision of either going for it and swallow yet another price increase or look on the pre-loved market for similar shades. Otherwise, you can choose a Classic Flap which hopefully won’t increase in price this month.

What do you think? Did anything from the Spring collection caught your eye and attention? Will you still buy Chanel despite the frequent price increases?

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