Chanel Heart Bag 2022 – Price, Launch Date & More

The highly anticipated 22S Chanel Collection will bring out some interesting bags, from the “new classic” – the 22 Bag to the seasonal and very cute heart bag. Chanel is not the only fashion house that has come out with a heart shaped bag recently. The Prada Odette heart bag was a stunning bag as well as the Louis Vuitton Game On Cœur bag that was launched in 2021, among many other designer heart handbags.

The Chanel Heart Bag – the 2022 edition

chanel heart bag 2022

Launch date. When can you buy the Chanel Heart bag?

The heart bag will launch with the 22S collection or the 2022 Spring Summer Act II – which will launch in March. Apparently there’s already a waiting list for these bags, so if you’re interested we recommend that you contact your Sales Associate or call Chanel directly and try to put yourself on a waiting list. Otherwise, you can also try your luck in the boutique in March. Personally, I like to see the bags – especially see how the colors look in real life before deciding on a purchase. Of course, if you are on a waiting list you’ll still have the chance to decline the bag – however I find that it’s much harder to say no to a bag that is already booked for you. Might just be me!

Which sizes & colors will the Heart Bag come in?

The bag will come in 2 sizes: a mini and a large. We don’t have the actual dimensions yet since the bag hasn’t officially launched but it looks like the mini Chanel Heart bag is quite small and doesn’t seem to be fitting a phone in. It seems more like an accessory that you can wear with a bigger bag, or you may use it as a handbag if you carry minimal stuff with you and have your phone in your hand.

As for colors, the Heart Bag will actually come in lots of different colors including two shades of pink (a light pink and a dark pink), white, black, purple and gold. We’d love if it would come in a red color as well, but as far as we know a red Heart bag is not included in this collection.

As of now it looks like the Heart bag will only come in lambskin leather which is seen as more delicate than caviar leather for example. We like this bag because its cute shape of course, but also because it has  a lot of Chanel’s classic features: the quilted leather, the chain interlinked with leather and even the classic CC turn lock and back pocket.

How much will the Chanel Heart Bag Cost?

chanel heart bag 2022

The estimated price for the heart bag is:

  • $3000 for the mini
  • $5000 for the large

Is it a good investment?

If we look at the pre-loved market, the previous Chanel Heart bag which was launched in the early 1990s is definitely selling for a premium – so we believe that the new Chanel Heart Bag could also be a good investment if you decide to resell it. However, it is by no means a guarantee that the new bags will be as in demand as the vintage 90s ones. We recommend that you buy this bag because you love it and see it as a collector’s piece rather than for a guaranteed profit if reselling.

chanel vintage heart bag

Concerns about the new Chanel Heart Bag

The price of any new Chanel bag is so high nowadays, that one has to really take into consideration everything when buying a new bag. With the Heart bag, there are a few concerns that we want to adress:

  1. The size & what fits inside. The mini Heart, which is the most affordable one doesn’t seem to fit much inside at all. The large Heart seems relatively roomy, but we are concerned that one might not fit as much as in other similar sized bags due to the awkward heart shape.
  2. Care. There are two things that concerns us regarding taking care of this bag. Firstly, it comes in lambskin leather which obviously is pretty delicate and secondly, due to the shape of it we are worried that the pointy part of the heart will get damaged and scuffed easily.
  3. Availability. The other points seem a bit…pointless when thinking about how hard will allegedly be to get our hands on this bag. Due to the hype we think that the bag will probably be sold out long before an average shopper can go into the boutique and try it out.

Alternatives for the Chanel Heart Bag

If you love the heart style bag but you’re not sure if you want to invest in a Chanel bag, nor do you want to wait until March look at these alternatives. There’s a cute heart bag for all budgets: from Kate Spade to Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

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chanel heart bag 2022

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