Dior Price Increase January 2023

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dior price increase january 2023 Dior Price Increase January 2023

It’s happening – Dior is allegedly having a price increase this or next week.

New Dior Price Increase 2023

Ahh, a new year – a new price increase apparently! Dior is apparently increasing their prices again, probably from the 17th of January 2023.

The rumor has it that Dior’s price increase will be across categories, so not only bags but also small leather goods, shoes, jewelry and ready to wear. If you want a Dior item, we recommend you head over to DIOR.com now and place an order.

Dior’s last price increase was in June 2022 when they increased the prices of their bags by between 3 – 8%, with the Lady Dior seeing the biggest increase.

By How Much Will The Prices Increase?

One rumor is saying that bags & shoes will increase by a whooping 15% while jewelry can increase by as much as 20%. These numbers seem outrageous, so we really hope that will not be the case. If it is, and bags will increase by 15%, here are the possible new prices for the most popular Dior bags:

Bag Model Old Price in USD Possible New Price Jan 2023
 Large Dior Book Tote $                        4,500 $                             5,175
 Saddle Bag $                        4,200 $                             4,830
 Mini Lady Dior $                        5,300 $                             6,095
 Small Lady Dior My ABC $                        5,600 $                             6,440
 Small Caro $                        4,200 $                             4,830
 30 Montaigne Box $                        3,900 $                             4,485
Table: Dior Price Increase 2023

We will update the table will all prices when they have been confirmed

Dior’s Most Popular Bags

If you had a Dior bag or any Dior item on your wish list – now is the time to buy! In a few days you can pay $600 USD for the same bag. Run to your local Dior boutique, or, if you don’t have one near you, you can also order directly from Dior.com

Here are the most popular Dior bags:

Small Lady Dior

Dior Book Tote

Dior Saddle Bag




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