Chanel 23C Collection and The Amazing Chanel Rainbow Classic Flap

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Chanel Rainbow Classic Flap and Chanel Cruise 2023 Collection

Chanel 23C (Cruise Collection)

Chanel has 6 seasons, as we have also mentioned here ,thus a lot of collections to the delight and sometimes desperation of its collectors. The collections are as followed:

P = Printemps Collection Spring Act I (typically released January/February)
S = Summer Collection Spring Act II (typically released March to June)
A = Autumn Collection Pre-Fall, Metiers D’Arts (typically released May to September)
B = Fall/Winter Act I (typically released June to October)
K = Fall/Winter Act II (typically released August to November)
C = Cruise Collection (typically released November to January)

The 23 C collection is thus a cruise collection. The time it each piece hits the boutique is different from country to country as well as store to store. However, we expect most items to be in the boutiques by January 2023.

Chanel Classic Flap in Rainbow

chanel rainbow classic flap
Chanel Rainbow Classic Flap Via Chanel.com

The belle du bal from the 23C collection has to be the stunning Chanel Classic Flap in Rainbow coloring. As the name suggests, the classic flap comes in a rainbow colorway, so one on bag we have yellow, orange, red, pink, purple and green. If you love colors, then this is a must have Chanel bag.

Launch Date – Chanel Rainbow Bag

According to our sources, the bag has already arrived in selected boutiques. My sales associate mentioned that there’s already a waiting list for this bag and there are very slim chances of getting this bag if you’re not on the list. However, we recommend that you contact your SA or visit a boutique as soon as possible, you never know, you might be lucky enough score it.

Price : How much does the Chanel Rainbow Classic Flap costs?

 As with anything Chanel, the price for the Rainbow Flap will be quite steep. There’s also a “price upon request” for this bag on the Chanel’s website which is never a good sign.

The bag retails for €10,700 in Europe and $10,400 in the US. In comparison, a black classic flap retails for $8,800. There’s definitely a premium to be paid for this unicorn bag.

Features of the Rainbow Classic Flap

The bag is made out of smooth calfskin which is supposedly more durable than Chanel’s lambskin. Apparently all the colors are sprayed on instead of dyed, which might mean that you need to be more careful and baby the bag more.

rainbow classic flap Megan Stallion

How hard is it to get?

We classify it as VERY! Every season, Chanel releases these unicorn bags that just about everyone wants to get. We strongly believe that the 23C unicorn is in fact the rainbow classic flap.

As mentioned previously, if you’re not already on the waiting list for this bag, contact your SA immediately and asks to be put on one. It doesn’t hurt to visit a boutique in person and try to see if they have it. I was lucky with this strategy in previous years – sometimes you just have to be in the right place, at the right time.

Another reason why I believe it’s a hard bag to get is that it has high resale value. It’s such an unique bag for Chanel but in a classic bag that has been around forever. There’s not much variation or fun you can have with the Classic Flap, but this certainly feels fun and fresh.

The price is of course quite high, higher than a regular Classic Flap. However, with Chanel’s continuous price increases, we won’t be surprised if a black C.F. will be over 10K in a few years.

Similar rainbow styles from Chanel

Chanel has released a couple of fun, rainbow-y bags over the years. Here’s a selection of pre-loved Chanel rainbow bags:

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  • Merchant:Fashionphile
  • Manufacturer:Chanel
  • 1e33ab187f6a778644049708597205af Chanel 23C Collection and The Amazing Chanel Rainbow Classic Flap
  • Merchant:Fashionphile
  • Manufacturer:Chanel


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