Chanel 22 Bag – The New Must Have From Chanel?

Move over Chanel 19 – there’s a new “IT” bag in town! Or is it? The Chanel 22 is the newest bag from Chanel, introduced in 2022 as the name suggests. Chanel has a knack of naming its most popular bags after the year they were created: the 2.55 (created in 1955), the 19 (legacy of Karl Lagerfeld introduced in 2019) and now the 22! The Chanel 22 was first introduced during the Spring-Summer 2022 ready to wear show and was designed by Virginie Viard.

2022 seems to be the year where bigger bags will make a comeback and Chanel is proof of it with its big, lightweight and casual Chanel 22. Perfect for its time, the Chanel 22 bag combines simplicity and comfort. Functional and lightweight, made from leather that is both extremely supple and resistant, it is available in three sizes (small, medium and large) and in a backpack version.

What we love most about it is that it comes in many beautiful and vibrant colors including a navy blue, purple, as well as two shades of pink, white, and black. It seems like a breath of fresh air when thinking about all the micro structured bags that have dominated fashion in the last years. Its interior is of course very roomy, it closes with a  with a magnetic button and sliding ties. It has an inside zipped pocket as well as a removable pouch so you can be somewhat organized.

The Chanel 22 bag still has many classic features of a Chanel bag: the quilted leather, chain straps interlaced with leather, a Chanel Paris medallion and of course the big “CHANEL” on the front of the bag. It’s not a logo-less bag by any means and everyone that can read will know that you’re carrying a Chanel bag.

CHANEl 22 bag

How much will the Chanel 22 bag cost?

Our sources informed us that the price for the bigger Chanel 22 bag will be around $6000 and around $5000 for the smaller ones which is no doubt quite steep, even for Chanel.

Pros and cons of the Chanel 22

Why we like it

  • it’s an unstructured, hobo style bag which feels very modern and different coming from Chanel
  • we believe its going to be quite a popular bag this year based on the influencer’s response
  • frankly the world needs a bigger selection of bigger bags. We’re not sure that this is it – but it’s a step in the right direction. Hopefully Chanel and other luxury fashion houses will release more and more bags where you can fit more than air and airpods.

What we dislike about it

  • the design seems quite simple, dare we say lazy? There’s not that much going on with the Chanel 22, it feels like a random drawstring bag but it leather & with the classic Chanel elements. It’s not particularly understated and elegant either with the slouchiness and the big CHANEL lettering.
  • the price!! Usually when Chanel introduces a new bag, they price it relatively well compared to their other items. There’s no official information regarding the price of the new Chanel 22 bag, but it is rumored to be around $6000 which puts it on par with the Chanel19 for example.
  • It seems like the bag would become very uncomfortable very fast because of its chain straps – which means you can’t fill it in with stuff which pretty much defies the purpose of a bigger bag.
  • Not much organization on the inside and no external back pocket – seems like the bag could become a “bottomless pit” very fast. We’re sure that many bag organizers will become available shortly after the launch, but that means that the bag will loose its relaxed shape.

How versatile is the Chanel 22 bag & will it become a classic Chanel?

When looking at the versatility of a bag we mainly look at the different ways one can wear the bag and for which occasions it is suitable. The Chanel 22 bag has only one set of handles/ straps which means it can be carried comfortably only one way: on the shoulder. The size and shape of the bag only makes it a great fit for a day bag and not for special occasions or evening. You could wear the Chanel22 bag as an everyday bag, travel bag, work bag, day out shopping bag, etc – but it’s pretty much destined to be a day bag.

Therefore we don’t see the Chanel 22 bag as being particularly versatile. That doesn’t mean it cannot be a great fit for certain people. For example if you have a casual lifestyle and you like to carry bigger items with you, the Chanel 22 bag can be a great fit – it all depends on your individual needs.

Do you think that the Chanel 22 bag will become a timeless Chanel bag or will it be discontinued after a few seasons. Will you rush to buy it as soon as it will become available in stores from March 2022?

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