Best Underrated Designer Brands of 2023

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Get some inspiration from our list of the best underrated designer brands of the year.

Best underrated designer brands of 2023

If you’re in the world of luxury you might feel like a lot of designer bags are overexposed and way too popular. We love well known brands such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel, but sometimes we want to buy more special pieces that not everyone has.

We compiled a list of 8 designer brands that are still underrated in 2023. Some brands are more known than others, but you can find some great, underrated pieces from all these designers.

Nensi Dojaka

Price Range: $209- $2,685

Nensi Dojaka, relatively new comer of the designer world, made Rihanna, Zendaya and Bella Hadid her fans already. Since first solo show in 2021, she is creating a wave of confident with her light and feminine designs.

Dresses with delicate straps and cut-outs naturally fall on the body. See-through tops, bare shoulders and squared necklines offering a modern feminism. Do you want a classic look for a dinner? Wear Nensi Dojaka’s  V-neck sequin-embellished maxi or mini dress. You want to party? Then sweetheart-neckline corset is perfect for you!  You want something that makes people ask what are you wearing? Then heart embroidered bras are must added to the chart.

Knwls London

Price Range: $220 – $1,690

London based brand KNWLS becoming popular among celebrities, especially Dua Lipa, with their signature pieces like sheer mesh top and pants, waist snatching bustiers.

They understand the Y2K sensation well and brought low-rise pants back. Knwls is energitic and wild with distressed leathers, animal prints and many other daring design details.  The certain instinctive sense of Knwls is that they are making clothes for the women who goes out and gets what she wants.

That’s exactly why Knwls is the first option of the so called boss girls who wants to party after work with their sheer dresses and deconstructed corsets.

Annie’s Ibiza

Price Range: $490 – $2,423

Annie Doble moves herself from boutique owner to designer and takes over the luxury world with her first collection. The collection screams islander vibes, sun-soaked at day, dinner at nights and parties till morning.

Crystal embellishments, beaded tassels, off shoulder dresses and laces are fresh as present day. Antique techniques, gold treads, velvets and shirt with lace up wrist bring the elegance of past to this day, for us. With all those experiences and great vision of fashion, Annie knows what makes people feel like they are on an island, far away from their concerns.

After years of selling the best pieces of the biggest luxury brands, now Annie will be dressing up IT girls.

Peter Do

Price Range: $163 – $6,570

The New York-based designer label Peter Do was founded just four years ago. Since then, the brand has built itself as next-generation minimalist icon.

Do brings a new and fresh taste to minimal aesthetic with his simple but definitely not dull designs. Probably the most popular ones were that blazers and button-downs revealed a heart-shaped cut-out with ruffle at the back. Power suits are already becoming a big thing in 2023.  

If you planning to get one with a perfect tailoring,  you should check Peter Do’s trench coats and blazer in Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear 2023 collection.  Deconstructing the suit forms and revealing their inner workings is another thing that makes Do’s customer excited. Peter Do made an overwhelming impression with his latest lines and its assuring he will be on the scene for a while from now.


Price Range: $55 – $850

Coach is all about quality craftsmanship and timeless design; leather goods, handbags, footwear and accessories are staples in any fashion-savvy wardrobe.

Coach stands out as brand because of it is more accessible and affordable than luxury brands. However, the quality is till great.

The lowest-priced Coach bags are around $89, while the highest one is above $20,000 (Crocodile Tote). Its rebranding in recent years is giving Y2K vibes. The Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag is a perfect example to baguette silhouette of Y2K. The bag gone viral on social media and sold out in two of four colors after the Jennifer Lopez starred in the campaign for the Pillow Tabby. Coach did not stop there; their latest Fall/winter collection is a heaven of bags in any shape and color. Coach also stepped up for leather jackets and maxi skirts, definitely worth checking out.


Price Range: $220 – $3,150

Burberry’s first rebranding was in 2018 with a more minimal brand introduction. In 2023, Burberry is rebranding again and going back to its roots.

As it was proven with their latest fall/winter collection, a brand new Burberry is waiting for us. Bold patterns, vibrant colors, different designs and new bags are refreshing after beige and minimal Burberry of five years.

The classic Burberry monogram kept its place. Coats, maxi skits, knits, blankets, pants were all in monogram for different colors like red, purple, yellow and blues. The popular Burberry trench coats deconstructed into more loose shapes perfectly fits this summer’s trends.


Price Range: $450 – $30,000

Same as Burberry, the Italian luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo is also rebranding and now it’s known as simply Ferragamo. The brand aims to create a conversation between the classics of their roots and contemporary fashion.

The new Ferragomo designs are more intense, energetic yet solid than ever. The brand already dressed names like Rihanna, Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner. Ferragamo will draw even more attention with new rising trend of quite luxury.

No logo on garments, extreme quality of fabrics and exclusive designs are what Ferragamo always known for and now new designer of the brand is coming to get that reputation back. It’s good to keep eyes on shoes, bags and leather goods for future investments.


Price Range: $115 – $985

Founded in 2018, Casablanca started with menswear, then added womenswear in 2020. The bestseller of the collection was, fashion stylist’s favorite, a €1,100 silk robe.

After their collaboration with Bulgari and New Balance, Casablanca is on a rapid rise. Especially because of the “old Money” vibes that brand is giving, it is very likely to see brand on South France shores or Amalfi Coast or Monaco streets.

The Tennis Club Icon Skirt paired with the Cropped Polo Shirt will be your go-to clothes for every day. Their mesh tops and flared jeans are made for running errands, but in boogie way. For dinner you have to check Cut Out Boucle Sheer Dress.

Conclusion: The best underrated designer brands of 2023

We hope you got some inspiration to try out some of the more underrated designer brands. As you can see, there are plenty of options for both clothing and accessories from smaller or less popular designers.

Do you typically buy from “underrated designers” or you stick with the classic ones?


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