Gucci x Balenciaga Collab – The Hacker Project – Best Guccified Balenciagas

The Gucci x Balenciaga collaboration, cleverly named The Hacker Project was one of the most anticipated collaborations of the year. Part of the promotion for the new collection included “vandalising” Balenciaga stores with the Gucci name and vice vgucci x balenciaga storeersa – see the picture from @chloe_f_s on Instagram. Alessandro Michele has done an amazing job in reviving Gucci’s name and bringing the luxury fashion house back to its former glory. Under him, Gucci is yet again trying something bold – a collaboration collection with Balenciaga. The collab doesn’t exactly come out of thin air, as both brands are owned by Kering – a french luxury corporation that owns among others Saint Laurent, Bottega and McQueen. The collection IS over the top. You want logos, you’ve got logos! You want glitzy costume jewelry? You’ve got it!

Gucci x Balenciaga collab feels over the top, bold and creative and we’d love to get a piece of history.  Wihout further ado, here are our favorite pieces from the Hacker Collection – from the Gucci side (Guccified Balenciaga pieces)


The Hacker Project medium Neo Classic bag

The Balenciaga Neo bag is a fun mix between the brands City Line and the Hourglass Line and in the Hacker collection it features the GG logo, the signature Gucci Canvas and brown leather trimmings.


gucci x balenciaga neo

The Triple S has single handedly brought back the chunky sneakers. Ok, that might be an exaggeration, but it’s fair to say that the Balenciaga Triple S is one of the most popular designer sneaker – now combined with the pretty Gucci flowers or the GG logos.
gucci balenciaga triple s

A classic Gucci bag featuring the horsebit clasp featuring Balenciaga all over it.

The Hacker Project small Gucci Horsebit 1955 bag

A Balenciaga classic, the Knife bootie reimagined with large GG logos.
Women's The Hacker Project Knife bootie
Crystal Balenciaga charms combined with different coloured metal GG logos – this bracelet packs some bling.
The Hacker Project charm bracelet with crystals
One of the most sought after pieces in the Gucci x Ballenciaga Hacker Collab is definitely the Hourglass. There’s both the small and medium sizes available, either in leather in Gucci’s colors or in Gucci’s Monogram Canvas.

The Hacker Project Neo Classic wallet

For a more affordable piece of this collection, look at scarves or SLGs. The Balenciaga Neo Wallet in Gucci’s monogrammed canvas will be a treasured little item for years to come.

The Hacker Project Neo Classic wallet


What’s your favorite piece? We’d love to know!


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