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YSL Price Increase 2022

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YSL Price Increase. Yes, again!

Yes, you read that right – Saint Laurent just had a price increase. Just like most high end fashion houses, YSL has regular price increases with the last one being in May 2022.

Why did Saint Laurent have another price increase?

Six months after and we’re now in November when YSL had yet another price increase. So, what are the reasons for increasing their prices?

  1. Exclusivity. Sadly, designer brands increase their prices often in order to maintain their status and exclusivity. If every other designer would increase their price and YSL would maintain theirs, they might actually loose their appeal and exclusive aura.
  2. Inflation. As we all know, inflation is a hot topic in 2022. Inflation in the Eurozone where Saint Laurent is headquartered and produced is at 7.4% in 2022.  This basically means that the increased prices of electricity, gas and raw materials will push up the price of the final consumer product.
  3. Price of EURO falling against the dollar. The record low Euro value against the dollar might have affected YSL and other European brands. This basically means that their European sales are worth less than in the past. However, this argument does not explain why their prices have increased in USA as well.

Although the last two points are definitely valid and probably did play a role in the YSL price increase, we believe that “maintaining status” is the primary motive.

ysl november price increase graph

Let’s look at some of the price increases that happened in November 2022

These are some of the price increases so far. The Medium Loulou has increased from $2,850 to $3200, the Small WOC increased with $100 to 1,450 – that is just from the last price increase in May. Check out the table below to see the price increases since last year. 

Bag NamePrice 2021Price 2022Increase in %Increase in $
Loulou Toy$1,590$1,99025%400
Loulou Small$2,290$2,95029%660
Loulou Medium$2,490$3,20029%710
Loulou Large$2,850$3,45021%600
Puffer Pouch$940$9956%55
Puffer Toy$1,650$2,15030%500
Puffer Small$2,490$3,20029%710
Puffer Medium$2,850$3,50023%650
Sunset Medium$2,390$2,70013%310
Sunset Large$2,590$2,99015%400
College Medium$2,490$2,5904%100
College Large$2,690$2,8907%200
Rive Gauche Small$1,390$1,79029%400
Rive Gauche Large$1,490$1,89027%400
ICARE maxi (*launched in 22)$3,990$4,90023%910
ysl november price increase graph

As you can see, the prices have increased quite dramatically from last year, as much as 30% increase. In terms of dollar amount, the Icare Maxi tote which was only launched this year has already increased by 900 USD. The popularity of some YSL bags made the fashion house sky rocket their prices.

Are there any pros for the YSL price increases?

There is a rumor that Saint Laurent wants to become the next Chanel. And even though it sounds a bit weird, there are some similarities between the brands: they are both high-end Parisian fashion houses, their best selling items are quilted bags and they have a rich legacy. Some of their bags are similar, check out our article comparing the Chanel 19 and the YSL Loulou here. However, there’s a big difference in price between the two brands, and you can expect to pay more than twice for a Chanel bag compared to a YSL one. So, it’s actually plausible that Kering (the luxury corporation that owns YSL) wants to increase their prices aggressively to emulate Chanel’s price increases. 

It is also good news if you already own a Saint Laurent handbag because you can probably sell your bag for a little bit more than you could a few days ago. Speaking of the pre-loved market, if you still want to buy YSL at the old prices, you should definitely look for second hand options. Check out these options from Fashionphile (affiliate links) for much more affordable pieces.

Our favorite YSL bags

YSL Loulou

Saint Laurent –Small Loulou review
Saint Laurent –Small Loulou

The Saint Laurent Loulou collection has been called an “instant classic” by the fashion community. It features soft, buttery calfskin leather, chevron quilting, a beautiful strap and the iconic YSL logo. The line feels classy and sophisticated but at the same time edgy and fresh. Color wise it comes in the classic black and beige as well as in different seasonal colors and materials (for example suede, denim or fabric). The Loulou line comes in 4 different sizes: the ToySmall, Medium and Large.

YSL Puffer

Saint Laurent – Puffer Medium review
Saint Laurent – Puffer Medium review

The YSL Puffer was launched in 2019 as a play on the successful Loulou Line. Indeed the Puffer feels very similar to the Loulou, just a little bit more.. puffy. It has been described as a “squishy pillow” in the “softest lambskin leather”. The line feels a bit more casual and less structured than the Loulou line while still being very classy and sophisticated. It comes in 3 sizes: a toy, small and a medium (sometimes called large in the bag community).


YSL Monogram WOC small review
YSL Monogram WOC small

The Saint Laurent Monogram WOC or Wallet on Chain is one of the most iconic and recognizable YSL mini bags. It comes in two sizes, a large and a small and one can easily differentiate between them by looking at the chain – the small one has a leather pad on the chain whereas the large has no leather. The WOC is a great piece to invest in as it’s a evening classic.

Conclusion to the Saint Laurent price increase

saint laurent price increase

Overall it can feel infuriating when brands increase their prices especially since there’s usually no increase in quality or customer service. However, we have to remember that YSL is still an “affordable” brand in the world of luxury designers. There are still a few entry level bags cheaper than 1500 USD so it still feels manageable to buy. If you’re considering buying a Saint Laurent bag we recommend you buy it as soon as possible, the prices will only increase. Alternatively, have a look at some pre-loved options – there are still a few bargains to be had.

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