Louis Vuitton East West Metis – potential LV unicorn?

Louis Vuitton East West Metis – Review


The LV East West Pochette Metis is here and it’s as beautiful as we thought. Definitely a good buy if you’re into this style of bag.

Are you a fall type of person and a Louis Vuitton lover? If yes, you can look forward not only to Halloween and Thanksgiving but also to Louis Vuitton’s new bag : the East West Metis. The new addition will be launched on the 28th of October 2022.

It is a version of LV’s best seller and almost impossible to get, the Pochette Metis. At the beginning of the year, the French fashion house released another version of the PM, the “micro Metis”. As the name suggests, the micro Metis is a mini version of the original, according to LV’s website it is:  ” miniature replica of the iconic Pochette Métis bag”. The Micro Metis retails for $1,900 in the monogram canvas version.

micro pochette metis
pochette metis

What are the differences between the Pochette Metis and the East West Metis


The new LV East West Metis bag will be smaller than the Pochette Metis but (luckily) bigger than the micro Metis. Its dimensions are:

21.5cm x 6cm x 13.5cm

8.5 inch x 2.3 inch x 5.3 inch

For comparison, here are the sizes for the Pochette Metis (9.8 x 7.5 x 2.8 inches) and the Micro Metis (5.5 x 4.3 x 1.4 inches)


Louis Vuitton West Metis :  $2910

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis: $2,570

Louis Vuitton Micro Metis: $1,900

As we can see the rumored price is definitely higher than many of us anticipated. Since the bag is not yet launched, there’s some hope that the price would be lower. Although a concern is that Louis Vuitton will increase the prices again, so the “classic” Metis might also have a new price in October.

First Look at the LV East West Metis

Unfortunately, before the official launch, we don’t have amazing photos of the new bag. However, we can easily see the shape of the bag, the fact that it has a top handle and both a leather strap and a chain. We can see on the sides of the bag, that it has two metal rings where each of the strap can go.

We assume that Louis Vuitton has designed it this way to be quite versatile from day to night. The size and canvas material makes it a great choice for the day time, provided that you only need to carry essentials. The chain makes it a good bag to wear in the evening as well.

back east west pochette metis
east west metis no chain
Louis vuitton east west metis

It’s no secret that “east-west” or “baguette” handbags are back and as trendy as in the Y2K. See the revival of the Fendi Baguette and the new Tiffany x Fendi limited edition handbag. It was to be expected that Louis Vuitton would also jump on the trend. In fact, there are two more “east west” type handbags available at LV right now:  the Petite Malle East West and the Dauphine East West.

Louis Vuitton pettite malle east west
Louis Vuitton dauphine east west

Is the Louis Vuitton East West Pochette Metis worth buying?

We won’t be adding the East West Metis on our “best Louis Vuitton bags to invest this year” , as much as we love the style, it’s just too trendy and would probably look dated again in the next 5 years. The price is another con for this bag, as it’s quite high, even higher than the OG Pochette Metis.

However, if you’re into trends and you think you’re going to make great use of this bag, then go for it. No point in buying classic bags if your hard really wants the new shiny candy.

Are you planning on buying the EW bag? Why or why not? We’d love to hear.



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