Burberry vs Mulberry – Which One Scores Highest?

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The ultimate battle between two British classics: Burberry vs Mulberry.

We have a lot of “berries” in British fashion, with Burberry and Mulberry being the most popular options. They may not be as popular as Gucci or Prada, but if you are a connoisseur, you know how to spot a gem. Both “berries” are highly appreciated, so if you want your closet to look fabulous, you should invest in such a bag.

But between Burberry and Mulberry, which one is considered the best? Are both brands the same, or is one better than the other? In this article, you will learn about both luxury brands so that you can make an informed choice.

Comparing Histories: Burberry vs Mulberry

burberry vs mulberry

When you’re purchasing a bag from a luxury brand, you must learn as much about it as possible. By understanding what it stands for, you will be able to make an easier choice. Here is how both brands came to be:

History of Burberry

The Burberry brand was established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, who was merely 21 at the time. He believed that clothing should help protect British people from the weather, which we know is constantly humid and rainy. The first store opened in Basingstoke, on Winchester Street, where he would sell most of his rain-proof creations for years to follow.

Burberry is famous for patenting gabardine, a hardwearing and waterproof fabric that revolutionized rain clothes. His focus was on making high-quality goods that would not get damaged by unfriendly weather, which earned him his name in the luxury product department.

History of Mulberry

Mulberry was founded much later than Burberry – more specifically, in 1971, by Roger Saul. With its roots in Somerset, England, the brand came to life at Saul’s kitchen table, using the 500 pounds he got back from his mother.

His sister designed the logo for him, the famous mulberry tree logo, based on the one they would pass every day to and from school.

Like Burberry, Mulberry also focused on high quality in difficult environments. Saul drew his inspiration from the dynamism of London, where people were focused on rural pursuits. People were shooting, hunting, and fishing and their items needed to reflect that dynamism and quality.

Burberry vs. Mulberry: Looking Through the Differences

When choosing the best designer bag, you need to look through the differences. Here is what you need to know about Burberry and Mulberry.

1.      Exclusivity

Both brands have similar exclusivity levels, the only determining factor being their factors. Both brands allow you to purchase the desired models from their websites with no limits. They also notify their buyers of newer models, which makes them easier to come by.

However, some may say that Burberry bags are slightly more exclusive, due to their higher prices and ability to retain value. The gabardine-patented pieces are particularly exclusive, as not every bag uses this material.

Winner: Burberry

2.     Price

In terms of prices, Burberry bags are more expensive in comparison to Mulberry items. The prices for a Burberry go from $1,115 to $3,850, whereas a Mulberry ranges from $380 to $2,275. For instance, the price for a Mulberry Micro Alexa is $565, whereas the Burberry Small Lola Bag is $3,850. Thus, Mulberry is the better choice if you are looking for designer bags under $1000.

Prices are not determined specifically by the size, but more by the details. Burberry bags tend to have intricate craftsmanship, which is why they are more expensive. Burberry also recently increased their full sale prices by 36% percent over the last year, whereas Mulberry kept their price increases around 10-20% every year. 

Winner: Mulberry

3.     Resale Value

As Burberry bags are often more expensive compared to Mulberry bags, they also have a better resale value. This only applies to top items that are still in mint condition. A bag that shows scratches or signs of wear will likely have a lower price tag compared to the moment of its purchase.

burberry resale

The resale value of Mulberry bags is also dropping due to the troubles experienced by the company. Retail sales for Mulberry have decreased by 12% in the UK, the country where it all began, which affected their worldwide prices as well. With the inflation price hikes, many people opt for Burberry bags instead.

mulberry resale

Winner: Burberry

4.    Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, Mulberry and Burberry are rather similar. Using dynamic designs, they employ all of the most popular styles: totes, handbags, shoulder bags, and many more.

That being said, while Mulberry focuses more on standard one-color bags, Burberry likes to experiment with color. You will see many checkered bags in the Burberry line, making them more versatile.

Mulberry is more appropriate if you are seeking an elegant style, whereas Burberry is better for those wanting a smart casual look.

4.1 Mulberry vs Burberry – Outfits and Inspiration

5.     Materials and Quality

The materials and quality of Burberry bags earned the brand its reputation. For their bags, they mostly use Italian lambskin, cotton canvas and polyester, calf leather, linen and cotton canvases, and more.

The bags featuring a check pattern are made from Burberry’s patented fabric, gabardine, making them resistant to water. Also, their bags are lined, adding to their durability.

Most Mulberry bags are made from thick, grained calf leather and lambskin which makes them durable. However, not every bag is lined, as this may depend on the style. For instance, the Bayswater bag does not have any lining, allowing you to see the raw suede material inside the bag. On the other hand, the Alexa bag has a plain yet qualitative canvas lining.

Both are winners in this case, but due to the gabardine material frequently used by Burberry, its bags are often more resistant to rain than Mulberry.

Winner : It’s a tie

Burberry vs Mulberry: Is There a Winner?

Both Mulberry and Burberry are great luxury brands, with timeless models that will make you feel stylish. However, Burberry has a higher edge here, due to its heritage and patent over thge gabardine material.

Their craftsmanship makes the bags more expensive, with a better potential for retaining value. That being said, if you are looking for a brand at a more affordable price point, then Mulberry may be the more appropriate choice for you.


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