Best Designer Bags Under $1000 in 2023

The complete guide of the best designer bags under 1000 dollars

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It seems impossible to find nice, designer bags that are under $1000 USD. It seems like all brands, including some that were deemed more affordable have had multiple price increases in 2022. Here are some articles we have regarding the price increases of YSL, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta. Nevertheless, if you’re on a budget but still want to buy a special designer bag under $1000 this guide is for you.

Here are the top 15 designer bags under $1000 to buy in 2023

Mulberry Small Anthony

Best designer bags under $1000

Price: $650

Mulberry is a British luxury brand that was founded in 1971 and it is famous for beautifully crafted leather bags and accessories. Mulberry has, in our opinion one of the best price-quality ratio in the luxury world. Their bags are crafted by artisans in either Somerset, UK or abroad in Europe or Asia.

The Small Anthony bag comes in an array of different colors and its features include: the iconic Mulberry postman’s lock, a slip pocket and an adjustable canvas strap. It’s dimensions are:  8″ x 7″ x 2½”

The Anthony is actually marketed as an unisex bag and it’s roomy enough to carry all your day to day essentials without being too big. It reminds us of the Hermes Evelyne bag (but at a much, much lower price point).

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Super Mini

Best designer bags under $1000

Price: $990

Have you always wanted a Gucci bag but were put off by the prices? One of the most affordable bags in their portfolio is the Dionysus Super Mini. Like the name suggest, it’s a very tiny bag but it does fit a phone and some cards and keys. It features the coveted Dionysus tiger head clasp and the iconic GG canvas. Its dimensions are: 6,2″ x 4″ x 1,5″. You can also go for the leather version, however that is 100 USD more expensive, which means that it goes over our 1000 dollars budget. It’s no doubt a tiny bag but it’s great for those who like the Dionysus look at a much lower price point. It’s probably hard to use the Super Mini as an everyday bag but it could make a good evening bag.

Loewe Large Basket Bag

Best designer bags under $1000

Price: $650

If you like big bags (and cannot lie!) then you might enjoy the Loewe Basket Bag. Loewe is a luxury brand that has been around for 176 years so suffice to say, they have perfected their craft.  Even though they’re a luxury designer brand they’re lesser known than other brands -although that is rapidly changing. The Basket Bag has a handcrafted body and calfskin handles and logo. Its size is: 13,6″ x 22.4″ x 11.8″ so it’s quite roomy. The only downside for this bag is the fact that is mostly suitable for summer however, in the summer it will elevate all your outfits. With Loewe’s popularity increasing it might be the last year when you can score a designer bag from them at under 1000 dollars.

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Accessories 

Top designer bags under $1000

Price: $745

The LV Mini Pochette Accessories is a somewhat controversial purchase in the luxury community. The reason is, this little bag used to be much more affordable but due to its popularity Louis Vuitton increased its price to now 745 US dollars. The bag is technically an SLG but it is used by many as a handbag/clutch. It does not fit an iPhone max but can fit the smaller iPhone without a case. Even better if you have a Samsung Galaxy Fold or another smaller phone. It can also fit some cards and keys.

Its dimensions are: 5.5 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches. You can use “bag” by holding it by its chain, you can re-attach the chain on one side to make it a wristlet or you can buy a longer chain and make it a cross-body bag. I personally still love the Mini Pochette and although it has increased tremendously in price its still the cheapest Louis Vuitton bag. It also tends to keep its value thus making it a good investment, especially under 1000 dollars.

JW Anderson Twister Mini 

top designer bags under $1000

Price: $890

JW Anderson is a newer fashion brand, it was founded in 2008 in London. It’s not as popular and highly regarded as other brands in our Best Designer Bags Under $1000 list, however, they do have some lovely pieces.

One of their most popular bags is the Twister bag, an easily recognizable bag due to its knotted handle. The bag is made out of soft lambskin and it has a magnetic closure. It also comes with a chain strap so it’s quite versatile: you can wear it on the shoulder, crossbody or handheld. We like that there are no logos to be seen on this bag. It’s a very recognizable style for those who are familiar with the brand but understated for those who aren’t. The mini bag’s dimensions are: 5″ x 8,5″ x 3″ – a small bag that will fit your essentials.

Saint Laurent Wallet On A Chain

affordable designer bags

Price: $795

YSL is one of the top designer brands in the world. The Parisian fashion house has price increases quite often so it’s hard to find anything under $1000. The Saint Laurent Wallet on a chain is a great bag for going out or to events. It features the classic YSL logo as a snap closure, a gold chain and croc-embossed leather. Its dimensions are: 4″ x 7″ x 1″. The WOC can fit a small phone, some cards and keys. It’s a great piece to get into the brand for a relatively affordable price. The WOC is in a classic style and if you’re the type of person that goes to a lot of events, you might get a lot of use out of it. Definitely a good addition to your wardrobe and a great designer bag under 1000 USD.

Jacquemus Le Chiquito

affordable designer bags

Price: $605

The bag that took the fashion world by storm. Sure, it does not fit almost anything but if you want to add a pop to your outfit, this is the bag! It’s a good bag for a fashionista that also just carries her phone in her hand. You might just need your bag as a fashion accessory and to hold some credit cards and a lipstick. You’d be also supporting a young fashion house. Jacquemus was founded in 2009 in Paris by Simon Porte Jacquemus and has become one of the most popular trendy in the world.

Chloé Woody Large Tote

affordable designer bags under 1000 usd

Price: $605

It’s not often we find a designer bag under 1000 dollars that can fit more than some cards and a lipstick. Fortunately, the Woody tote fits everything you need for a day at the pool. If you’re looking at a designer bag to upgrade your vacation looks and make those Instagram photos extra special, this might be the one for you. Its dimensions are 10″x14″10″ so it fits a lot without being overwhelmingly big.

Chloe is not a particularity popular brand at the moment, although it does have its fan base. The French luxury brand was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion and had a few “IT” bags over the years.

Saint Laurent Clutch

cheap designer bags under 1000 dollars

Price: $625

Another YSL pick is this gorgeous, simple clutch. It’s rare to find any YSL items that are affordable, so we had to include this clutch in our “Best Designer Bags Under 1000 usd in 2023”.  The bag is made out of calfskin leather and it measures : 10.6 X 6.2 X 0.7 inches. We like the fact that you can get such a quintessential and classic YSL piece for a relatively low amount of money. This is the type of clutch that will not really go out of style (unless maybe YSL disappears entirely?), so you can wear it for years to come.

Amina Muaddi Gilda Super mini

cheap designer bags under 1000 dollars

Price: $739

Are you obsessed with Amina Muaddi shoes and you’re thinking about coming over to the bag side? Look no further than the Gilda Super Mini bag. In the designer’s signature style, she uses satin, crystals and bold colors. It’s the perfect event bag to pair with some Amina Muaddi shoes.

Amina Muaddi is probably the youngest brand on our list. The Romanian-Jordanian designer launched her brand in 2018 and became a world-wide sensation. We love her unique, bold and colorful designs.

Acne Studios Musubi Micro Tote

cheap designer bags under 1000 dollars

Price: $800

A work of art, the Musubi tote features a knot at the front of the bag. The Swedish brand, Acne Studios took inspiration from Japan to create this unique bag. We believe the Micro Tote is a great bag for those who want an interestingly designed bag without logos and without being overdone. The name “micro” is a bit misleading, especially comparing it to the other bags on our “top designer bags under $1000” list. This micro bag can actually fit your daily essentials including phone, cardholder, key pouch and a small makeup bag.

Givenchy Mini Antigona

best affordable luxury bags

Price: $765

Do you remember the Antigona craze, it was circa 2010 and everyone was rocking a Givenchy Antigona. The popularity has subsided, but that does not mean that the Antigona is not a great bag anymore. The mini one has a completely new look from the tote we all remember, so it still looks fresh. You can wear this bag crossbody or by the top handle. It doesn’t hold much, but it does fit your phone, cardholder, keys and a lipstick or two. If you love Givenchy and you want a piece of this French brand, the Mini Antigona is a great option for under 1000 dollars.

Burberry Knitted Check Olympia Pouch

affordable designer handbags under 1000 usd

Price: $1000

This Burberry bag is the most expensive one on our list, costing an even 1000 dollars. It features the brands’ iconic tartan-check pattern, so it is quite recognizable. It has a detachable shoulder strap, so you can wear this bag on your shoulder or as a clutch. The pouch is not made out of leather, but cotton and so it’s more prone to getting dirty.

Balmain Mini-Sized Bicolor Folded Shopping Bag

affordable designer handbags under 1000 usd

Price: $995

This tiny Balmain beauty is only 2.8 x 4.7 x 6.7 in. It’s the most affordable option at Balmain. If you want to get a piece of the French brand, without breaking the bank, you need to check out the Mini Folded Shopping bag. We like the fact that you can wear this crossbody or just by the top handles as a cute little evening bag.

Mulberry Bayswater Tote

affordable designer handbags under 1000 usd

Price: $900

Did we leave the best for last? If you need a practical tote, maybe for work that is not flashy but still designer and good quality – please consider the Bayswater Tote. It features the postman lock, suede interior and a removable inside pocket. It’s also a great bag to run errands with if you need more space to carry for example a water bottle or an iPad.

Conclusion: What are the Best Designer Bags under 1000 dollars?

Here we have it, the best designer bags under 1000 USD in 2022. We tried to look at only premium, luxury brands that can be worn for many years to come. And even though $1000 is not a huge amount in the luxury fashion world, it is of course a big amount to splurge on a handbag. This is why it’s important to make sure that your bag will fit your lifestyle and aesthetic. We really hope you found our list of affordable designer bags informative and entertaining.

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