Top 15 Most Affordable Chanel Bags To Buy In 2023

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Cheap might be a strong word to use next to Chanel, but we managed to find 15 affordable Chanel bags that will not completely blow your budget.

Admiring the opulence of Chanel’s creations has always been accompanied by the awareness that the term ‘affordable’ rarely finds a comfortable place in the same sentence as the brand.

However as more and more people want to buy a Chanel bag without breaking the bank, the price becomes a key consideration. In this exploration, we navigate the delicate balance between luxury and budget, as we unveil the ‘Top 15 Most Affordable Chanel Bags to Buy in 2023.’

This carefully curated collection, encompassing both new releases and vintage gems, offers a glimpse into a world where Chanel’s elegance and charm can be embraced without an extravagant price tag.

Join us in discovering these exquisite pieces that defy the norms, inviting us to own a part of the Chanel mystique.

top 15 affordable chanel bags
Top 15 Affordable Chanel Bags

Affordable Chanel Bags That You Can Buy In Boutiques Now

1. Chanel WOC

Price: from $3,500 (new)

The Chanel Wallet on a Chain, or the WOC for short is a captivating blend of elegance and convenience.

Though technically a small leather good and not a bag, the WOC defies its classification, drawing inspiration from the beloved Classic Flap design.

chanel woc affordable chanel bag

Its resemblance to the timeless flap bag has earned it a special place in the hearts of many. Boasting a compact size and a versatile chain strap, the WOC effortlessly transitions from a practical wallet to a stylish clutch, making it the perfect companion for a night out on the town.

There are lots of variations of the Chanel WOC: from the classic WOC to the ones inspired from the Chanel 19 bag or Boy Bag

Another important pro for this little bag? The price! The little Chanel Wallet On Chains are pretty affordable and are usually under $4500 USD.

2. Mini 22

Price: $5,000 (new)

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The Chanel 22 (see full review here) has been controversial to say the least. From people saying it looks like a trash bag with a string to the numerous reports of bad quality.

However, the public’s opinion seems to be very different when it comes to the Mini 22. It launched a year after its big sister and was endorsed by Jennie from the K-pop group Blackpink.

This scaled-down version, measuring 7.8 × 7.4 × 2.3 in ( 20 × 19 × 6 cm) , retains its style while fitting essentials like phones and wallets. It comes with a chain strap, an additional thin leather sling, and for some models, a detachable pearl strap.

Best part? It’s “only” $5000 USD. This is one of the more affordable classic Chanel bags that you can buy new.

3. Small Hobo bag

Price: $4,600 (new)

affordanle chanel bags

This cute little velvet bag is one of the most sought after bags of the season. As the name suggests, this is the smaller version of the bag. It also comes in a bigger version that is still under $5000 dollars (4.9 k to be exact).

Due to the delicate nature of velvet, we recommend the smaller size as it’s easier to protect in case of rain for example.

The Small Hobo bag features a front pocket with a CC logo, the iconic leather & chain strap and a gold medallion. You need to be aware that it does not close with a zip or a flap, but with a snap button.

4. Vanity Case

Price: $3,600 (new)

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One of the most affordable Chanel bags is again classified as a small leather good. However, most people use vanity cases as small handbags regardless of what might have been their intended purpose.

There’s plenty of vanity case styles that you can choose from if you go on the preloved market. However, if you want to buy directly from the boutique you are limited by seasonal pieces.

This season we love this little caviar leather vanity case. It is a good size for a vanity : 3.7 × 6.6 × 3.1 in or 9.5 × 17 × 8 cm and it comes in two classic colors: navy and black.

The price is also excellent: $3,600 which is quite “cheap” for a Chanel bag.

Read a full Chanel vanity case review here .

5.Clutch With a Chain

Price: $4,775 (new)

cheapest chanel bags Top 15 Most Affordable Chanel Bags To Buy In 2023

Another seasonal piece that we love is this clutch with a chain. This is a great bag for those who would love to buy a white Chanel bag but don’t want to spend 10k + for a classic flap.

This little white clutch is great for all kinds of summer events or just partying in Mykonos.

Its chain is slightly reminiscing of the Chanel 19 but with a lower price point.

The bag’s dimensions are: 5.1 × 8 × 0.8 in or 13 × 20.5 × 2 cm. It unfortunately only comes in lambskin so it might not be suitable for you if you want a more durable, sturdy bag.

6. Large Deauville

Price: $4,600 (new)

chanel deauville

If you’re browsing through this list and you’re thinking that there’s an awful lot of small bags, don’t worry – we have some big bags as well!

First is the lovely Deauville (read full review here).

The Chanel Deauville Tote Bag or The Large Shopping Tote is an absolute staple in a Chanel collector’s wardrobe. It has first hit the stores in 2012 and has since been brought back again and again due to its immense popularity.

In a Chanel world of formal and elegant handbags, the Deauville tote (which was named after a beach resort in Normandy) is a breath of fresh air.

The tote is carefree, slouchy, casual and in the same time glamorous. It features one internal pocket with a zip, 2 handles and 2 straps and a magnetic snap closure.

7. Large Hobo Bag

Price: $5,500 (new)

chanel bags under 5k

Another option of a bigger bag is this seasonal hobo bag. It’s big enough to fit your every day items and it’s quite a different looking bag for Chanel.

The price point is also relatively affordable for a big, leather handbag. The only downside we can think of is the fact that it is lambskin which is one of the more delicate leathers that Chanel uses. However, the crumpled effect will help minimize a lot of the scratches and marks you’ll inevitably get.

8.Seasonal Flap Bag

Price: $5,700 (new)

chanel affordable flap bag

If you’re looking for a Chanel Classic Flap but can’t stomach the very high price point, take a look at their seasonal flap bags. The look is very similar to a classic flap, but at a much better price.

Instead of paying more than $10,000 for a M/L classic flap, you can buy a very similar Chanel flap for under $6,000.

The advantage besides the price is that seasonal flap bags are more rare, so it’s less likely for you to have the same bag as 5 other people at an event.

An disadvantage can be that the resale value is typically lower than of a Classic Flap, although that is not always the case as some seasonal bags are highly sought after.

9. Mini Flap Bag with top handle

Price: $5,200 (new)

affordable chanel bag

The Chanel Mini Flap Bag with a top handle is a re-interpretation on the classic mini flap. This new style has the obvious advantage of being able to be worn holding the top handle, although it is too small to be used in the crook of your arm.

Comes in different colors and leathers depending on the season, as it is a seasonal bag.

This is an example of a highly sought after seasonal piece that usually retains its value quite well. Visually is also very similar to the Classic Flap, so there’s not wonder it’s a crowd favorite.

10. Mini Square Bag

Price: $4,700 (new)

cheap chanel bag

This is the most classic Chanel bag that is not technically a classic (as in, it’s not a part of the classic line). However, I don’t personally remember a season when the mini was not available.

It’s quite a “cheap Chanel bag” at under $5K. It’s also very practical and versatile taking into consideration the size limitations. It’s great as daily bag as long as you don’t need more than your phone, keys, card and lipstick and it’s an amazing little evening bag.

Affordable Discontinued Chanel Bags

When talking about cheap Chanel bags or at least semi affordable Chanel bags, one must also look at the pre-loved market. There’s a lot of bargains to be had for discontinued or vintage bags. Bonus point, many people claim that Chanel’s quality used to be better in the past so you might get a better made Chanel bag for a more affordable price. Talk about win-win!

11. Chanel PST or GST

Price: from $1,200

cheaper chanel bags the gst

Like many of the bags Chanel produces, the Grand Shopping Tote (GST) and the Petite Shopping Tote (PST) became instant classics. 

Not only do these totes feature all of the classic Chanel details, but they also remained popular throughout three decades of very different style aesthetics.

Both sizes of the tote have a boxy look and Mona Lisa Smile pocket on the back of the bag. They also feature classic Chanel details like quilting, the CC motif, and the woven chain and leather strap. 

Read the full review of the PST / GST

If you’re hunting for an affordable Chanel classic, the PST or GST are solid bets!

12. Chanel Gabrielle Hobo

Price: from $2,100

affordable chanel bags the gabrielle

Karl Lagerfeld created the Gabrielle bag to honor the spirit of the House’s founder. More specifically, he created a bag with a rigid base and a supple body, lending it stability and functionality. 

Gabrielle was designed with Chanel’s younger customers in mind. Unfortunately, the bag wasn’t an instant hit. However, it picked up steam after celebrities like Katie Holmes, Nicki Minaj, and Meghan Markle were spotted with it. 

The Gabrielle hobo is the primary silhouette but the line also includes a shopping tote, a backpack, and a drawstring bag. 

Read the full review here

Since it has been discontinued this year, you can buy a Gabrielle for a really good price on preloved websites.

13. Chanel Medallion Tote

Price: from $1,200

chanel medallion a discontinued affordable chanel handbag

If ever a bag defined the mid-2000s, it was the Chanel Medallion Tote. Spotted on celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lauren Conrad (of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame), this tote features classic Chanel quilting and a large CC motif. 

The good news is that 2000s fashion is pretty much bag, which actually makes the Medallion a nice, trendy tote to have.

Read the full review of the Chanel Medallion Tote here.

Fortunately we can still find Chanel Medallion totes for great prices especially for less rare colors.

Another great pro of the Medallion is that it’s made out of caviar leather which is one of Chanel’s most durable leathers.

14. Chanel Cambon Tote

Price: from $1,300

chanel cambon, a chanel bag under 2000 usd

The Chanel Cambon Tote is a true standout with its playful juxtaposition of the signature quilted leather and bold, offset logo.

We have to admit, the loud logo is not for everyone, but if you’re worry about the “loudness” of the bag, you can choose one that has a black logo against a black background.

This tote not only offers a refreshing twist on Chanel’s classic aesthetic but also provides ample space, making it both stylish and practical for everyday use. For those seeking a unique Chanel piece that turns heads, the Cambon Tote doesn’t disappoint.

Bonus points – one of the most affordable Chanel totes. You can find a great condition one for less than $1500 USD!

15. Chanel East West Chocolate Bar

Price: from $2,000

chanel east west bag

The Chanel East West Chocolate Bar bag is a fun twist on Chanel’s classic look. With its unique “chocolate bar” quilted design, it’s hard not to notice it.

It’s got a cool horizontal shape that sets it apart from the usual Chanel lineup. If you’re looking for a Chanel bag that’s different yet still screams style, this one’s a winner.

You can find a great Chanel East West for less than $3k. That’s a bargain especially if you compare it to the Classic Flaps.

Conclusion: Top 15 Most Affordable Chanel Bags

There’s no denying Chanel’s legacy in the realm of luxury fashion. It’s a name that often evokes images of grandeur, elegance, and often, high costs. But as we’ve explored today, owning a piece of that legacy doesn’t always have to come with an exorbitant price tag. From brand new gems in boutiques to vintage treasures, there’s a Chanel bag for every budget and taste.

In 2023, while the world of Chanel still boasts its high-end classics, there are countless alternatives for those with a tighter budget but who still yearn for that touch of sophistication and style. Whether it’s a playful take on the classic design, like the Chocolate Bar bag, or the reimagined Flap Bag with a top handle, there’s a Chanel for everyone.

So, whether you’re a seasoned collector or taking your first step into the Chanel universe, it’s clear that luxury doesn’t always have to be out of reach. With a little research, patience, and an eye for design, anyone can own a piece of Chanel’s timeless allure. Embrace the luxury, but remember, it’s always possible to do so on a budget!


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