The Absolute 10 Best Goyard Bags To Invest In

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Which are the best Goyard bags to invest in? We have the answer.

With so many beautiful designs and styles, knowing which Goyard bag to add to your collection can be quite a challenge. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 Goyard bags

Goyard Brand History 

goyard bag prices list

François Goyard was a young trunk-making apprentice when he took over his master’s atelier in 1852. He passed on the family business to his son Edmond in 1885. 

Throughout the 20th century, Goyard enjoyed success as the official trunk and luggage purveyor for kings and presidents around the world. The brand was also famous with celebrities of the day like Coco Chanel, Cristobal Balenciaga, and Estée Lauder. 

Nowadays, modern celebrities and fashion lovers continue to enjoy the Parisian house’s exquisite creations. 

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How We Selected Our Top 10 Goyard Bags 

Coming up with a top 10 best Goyard bags list is tricky because everyone’s style, wardrobe needs, and preferences are different. 

With that in mind, we chose our top 10 Goyard bags based on several factors including customer reviews, fashion expert opinions, and resale value

In addition, we did our best to include a variety of bag styles (totes, cross bodies, travel bags, and clutches). 

Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 10 Goyard bags worth buying (in no particular order). 

Best Goyard Bags

1. Saint Louis Tote 

best goyard tote

If you only know one Goyard bag, it’s probably the Saint Louis. This style is instantly recognizable by its durable, water-resistant Goyardine canvas exterior and signature chevron pattern. 

We appreciate Saint Louis’ open-top design, roominess, and versatility. The open top allows for easy access to your belongings, while the spacious interior allows you to fit all of your daily essentials (and more) inside. 

In terms of versatility, the Saint Louis works just as well as a beach bag (its original purpose) as it does as a work tote. 

When it comes to the resale value, Saint Louis Bags hold up to 111% of their retail value, with the PM size fetching the highest prices. 

2. Anjou Tote 

best goyard bags

The little brother of the Saint Louis, Anjou is another popular Goyard tote. Like the Saint Louis, it features durable Goyardine canvas, a detachable mini pouch, and an open-top design. 

What differentiates these two models is that the Anjou is lined with supple Chevroches leather. This feature allows you to choose the more casual canvas side or the dressier leather side. Basically, it’s like having two bags in one.   

Anjous typically hold up to 84% of their retail value on the secondhand market. The Mini size is in high demand and will sell quickly. 

3. Artois Tote 

goyard artois best goyard bags

Goyard’s third tote bag option is the Artois. It has a similar shape to other Goyard totes and is made out of the brand’s signature Goyardine canvas. 

Unlike the other totes, the Artois features a zippered top closure and leather reinforcements on the corners. This makes its sturdier and more durable than the Saint Louis while maintaining the dressier look of the Anjou. 

Unfortunately, the Artois doesn’t have as high of a resale value as the Anjou or the Saint Louis, but you probably won’t want to part with it anyway. 

4. Cap Vert Bag

best goyard crossbody bag

If you’re in the market for a crossbody bag that’s small enough for a night out, but large enough to fit your essentials, then look no further than the Cap Vert

Made out of Goyard’s signature canvas, this bag is ridiculously easy to style and a true everyday workhorse. 

Cap Verts fetch a pretty penny on the resale market (up to 97% of their original price)! All colors are in demand however, black seems to sell exceptionally well. 

5. Saigon Bag

top goyard bags 2023

For a truly unique bag to add to your collection, check out the Saigon. This style features a trapezoidal shape, a tuck-in flap, and a hand-carved beechwood handle. 

While these details are interesting in and of themselves, we love that they play on Goyard’s signature trunk details, including wood accents, leather-reinforced corners, and rivets. 

It comes in two variations: the Structuré (structured) and the Souple (supple). The Structured version is definitely the more popular version, but we also appreciate the laid-back aesthetic of the supple model.

6. Vendôme Bag

goyard bag review

Named after Place Vendôme, an iconic Parisian square, this dome-shaped bag is sure to bring a touch of elegance to your day-to-day routine. 

Like the Saigon, the Vendôme’s riveted wood accents pay homage to the brand’s trunk-making history. 

On the functional side of things, we like the detachable shoulder strap, the leather-reinforced corners, and the metal feet that protect the bottom. 

7. Belvédère Bag

besy goyard bag crossbody

The Belvédère is a crossbody messenger-style bag inspired by the Goyard family’s log-driving ancestors. More specifically, the design was inspired by the small bag log drivers used to store food while on the job. 

While we doubt you’ll be using it to store snacks, you’ll definitely appreciate the Belvédère’s roominess and multiple pockets. It also features an adjustable strap, allowing for shoulder or crossbody wear. 

When it comes to resale value, the Belvédère is a hot commodity. Not only do they sell for up to 82% of their retail price, but the selling prices have increased 185% in the past few years. 

8. Boeing Travel Bag

best goyard travel bag

Designed as a lightweight and flexible travel bag, the Boeing is an ideal choice for weekend trips or short vacations. 

It comes in two sizes, the smaller 45 and the larger 55. Like many of Goyard’s products, Boeing features the brand’s sturdy, stain-resistant Goyardine canvas. That means this bag can keep up with you, no matter where you go.

9. Croisière Bag

best goyard travel bags

Another small luggage accessory we’re fond of is the Croisière. Goyard describes this rounded duffle-style bag as a cocoon for your personal belongings and we have to agree. 

Thanks to the Croisière’s semi-structured body and lockable zippers, there’s no need to worry about your belongings staying safe. 

We’re also big fans of this model’s versatility. You can either carry it by hand or across your body by adding an additional strap. 

10. Monte-Carlo Clutch

best goyard clutch

One of Goyard’s smaller items, the Monte-Carlo Clutch makes for a perfect night-out companion. 

This boxy style borrows some of Goyard’s signature trunk elements like wooden rods, bracket corners, and trunk rivets to create a bag that’s understated, yet chic.

Another major plus of the Monte-Carlo is its versatility. It comes with an adjustable and removable leather strap, allowing you to carry it on as a shoulder bag, a crossbody, or a clutch. 

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Conclusion: The Best Goyard Bags To Buy

top 10 goyard bags to buy

Whether you’re in the market for a tote bag or a clutch, we hope this guide of the best Goyard bags has helped you narrow down which bag you want to add to your collection.

Although, with so many amazing styles to choose from, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to buy more than one!

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