Goyard Belvedere Review. Everything You Need To Know In 2023

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Full Goyard Belvedere review: prices, sizes, pros & cons and more

While Goyard is best known for its tote bags, ignoring its smaller handbags would be a massive oversight. Like their larger cousins, handbags like the Belvedere are artistically crafted, beautiful, and incredibly functional. 

Check out the rest of this article to learn more about the history, features, and materials used on the Belvedere. We’ll also dive into current prices, pros and cons, and conclude by deciding whether this is an investment-worthy bag or not. 

Goyard History 

Originally founded as the House of Martin, a trunk-making shop, in 1792, Goyard is the world’s oldest leather maker still in business. 

In addition to making some of the finest luxury bags available on the market today, Goyard has a reputation for being austere and subtle in everything they do. 

Goyard Belvedere History and Description 

Like many of the brand’s products, the Belvedere pays homage to the Goyard family’s log-driving ancestors. This model is a reinterpretation of the small bag log drivers would use to store food while working. 

Belvedere comes from the belvedere (viewpoint) overlooking Clamecy and the Morvan Forest, the birthplace of the Goyards. 

This crossbody messenger-style bag is lightweight and functional, making it a great everyday handbag. 

The Belvedere features an adjustable strap, allowing you to carry it either crossbody or on your shoulder. It opens and closes with a leather tab and metal loop tuck closure. There’s a flat exterior pocket on the back of the bag large enough to hold a phone or a small notebook. 

Inside, there are slip pockets large enough to hold lipsticks, keys, or other small objects. There’s also a large inner compartment for storing small, flat items. Aside from these pockets, the interior is one large compartment. 

Goyard Belvedere Sizes 

The Belvedere comes in two sizes: the PM (petite modèle), and the MM (moyen modèle). See the table below for the exact dimensions. 

Goyard Style Dimensions (inches)Dimensions (centimeters)
Belvedere PM8.5” x 6” x 2.75”22 cm x 16 cm x 7 cm 
Belvedere MM11” x 8.5” x 3”29 cm x 23 cm x 9 cm
Goyard Belvedere Sizes
goyard belvedere sizes
Goyard Belvedere Sizes

What Fits Inside a Goyard Belvedere? 

What fits in the Belvedere PM?

The smaller Belvedere PM can fit a card holder, a phone, sunglasses in a soft case, a pack of gum, and some small makeup items (e.g. lipstick, mascara). 

What fits in the Belvedere MM?

In addition to the items listed above, the MM can accommodate a hard sunglasses case, a pocket-sized paperback or eReader, and some other odds and ends. 

Goyard Belvedere Materials 

goyard belvedere colors
Goyard Belvedere Colors

Like many of Goyard’s bags, the Belvedere is made primarily of the brand’s Goyardine Canvas. While similar in appearance to leather, this material is made from hemp, linen, and cotton before being coated with a water-resistant resin. 

Not only does the Goyardine Canvas make the Belvedere resistant to stains and water damage, but it also makes for an incredibly lightweight bag. 

The strap and leather tongue closure are made from Decize Taurillon Leather, a full-grained variety used exclusively by luxury brands due to its rarity. 

Belvedere’s buckles are made from Palladium, a lustrous silver metal that resists corrosion. 

The inside of the bag is lined with Goyard’s signature yellow cotton lining. 

Bag colors include neutrals (black, black/tan, grey, white), as well as classic Goyard colors (yellow, red, orange, burgundy, sky blue, navy blue, and green).

Special edition colors of the PM model include khaki, jet black, and powder pink. 

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Goyard Belvedere Prices 

Because Goyard avoids any kind of eCommerce, it’s incredibly difficult to get prices for any of its items. As a result, updates are usually shared within the handbag community, rather than coming from an official source. 

While not ideal, it does give us an idea of how much we can expect to pay. Keep in mind that prices may increase and that the amount you’ll pay in taxes will vary depending on where you purchase the Belvedere. 

Our advice is to use these figures as an estimate, rather than a set-in-stone price. 

Goyard Style Price in USDPrice in Euros
Belvedere PM$2,700€2,040
Belvedere MM$3,050€2,300

While researching, you may come across discussions about price differences for neutral versus colored options. In the past, Goyard used to charge more for its colored bags, but as of August 2022, all of the bags cost the same. 

The one exception is the special edition colors of the PM (khaki, powder pink, jet black). One shopper reported that the khaki Belvedere PM costs $3,240.

Where to buy a Goyard Belvedere Bag?

As mentioned already, it’s quite hard to buy a Goyard Belvedere crossbody if you don’t live close to a boutique. The next best option is to go pre-loved using trustworthy websites like Fashionphile or Rebag. Besides being easier to buy, you can also sometimes grab a bargain for a second hand Belvedere.

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Pros and Cons of the Goyard Belvedere 

When purchasing any luxury bag, it’s important to get as much information as you can about it before buying. That’s why we’ve put together this list of pros and cons. 


  • Goyardine canvas material is lightweight and water resistant
  • Strap can be adjusted depending on your height and how you want to carry the bag (cross-body or on the shoulder)
  • A classic design you can keep for years to come 
  • Palladium metal resists scratches 
  • Interior and exterior pockets make organizing easy 


  • Tuck closure can be a challenge to open and close 
  • Leather strap will crease from use over time 
  • Certain colorways can be difficult to find 

Goyard Belvedere Outfits and Inspiration

Is the Goyard Belvedere Worth Buying? 

Given all that you now know about the Goyard Belvedere, you might still be wondering if this is the bag for you. While we can’t give you a clear yes or no answer, we can share our opinion based on what we know about the brand, materials, and price. 

Goyard is an incredibly sought-after brand and makes some of the finest bags in the world. With that in mind, you really can’t go wrong when purchasing any of their bags. 

That said, given the high price, and difficult closure on the Belvedere, we’re more inclined to suggest one of the brand’s tote bags (particularly the Artois) if you want to add a Goyard piece to your wardrobe. 

Not only are the tote bags more competitively priced, but they’re what Goyard is known for. Sure, the Belvedere is an attractive item, but we think other brands have more interesting handbags. 


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