Goyard Bag Prices 2023: Complete Reference List

Goyard Bag Prices: How much does your favorite Goyard bag cost? Updated: October 2023

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At a glance: Goyard prices as of fall 2023 are as follow: St. Louis GM – $1,890, Anjou PM – $2,960, Saigon Mini (Souple) – $3,530, Artois PM – $2,190. Scroll down to see the full list of prices!

Perhaps no luxury brand is as mysterious as Goyard. Not only does the brand shy away from advertising or speaking with the media, but it also keeps the prices of its bags a closely guarded secret. 

Prices aren’t listed on the brand’s website and the only way to get accurate information is to visit a boutique or scour online forums. Luckily, articles like this one are pulling the curtain back and revealing Goyard bag prices once and for all. 

Keep reading to discover the prices of popular Goyard bags like St. Louis, Anjou,  Artois, and more.

goyard bag prices list
Goyard Bag Prices

History of Goyard 

Goyard’s history goes back hundreds of years—to 1792 to be exact. At that time, Pierre-François Martin founded House of Martin in Paris. His atelier specialized in trunk making and packing and quickly became a favorite amongst the French aristocracy. 

Goyard remained a celebrity favorite throughout the 20th century, counting Picasso, the Rockefellers, Coco Chanel, and Cristobal Balenciaga amongst its clientele. 

While much of the brand is shrouded in mystery, the iconic Goyard print with its Y-shaped triple chevrons is instantly recognizable by fans of the brand. 

Table Goyard Bag Prices: Updated October 2023

Goyard Bag StylePrice in USDPrice in EUR
St. Louis PM$1,620 € 1,220
St. Louis GM$1,890€ 1,430
Anjou Mini$2,590€ 1,840
Anjou PM$2,960€ 2,100
Anjou GM$3,400€ 2,400
Saigon Mini (Souple)$3,530€ 2,690
Saigon Mini (Structuré)$5,390€ 4,400
Saigon PM (Souple)$3,870€ 2,690
Saigon PM (Structuré)$5,390€ 4,400
Artois PM$2,190€ 1,660
Artois MM$2,540€ 1,920
Artois GM$2,725€ 2,060
Belvedere PM$2,700€ 2,040
Belvedere MM$3,050€ 3,300
Aplin MM$6,650€ 5,020
Alpin Mini$3,600€ 2,500
Cap Vert$2,230€ 1,760
Bellechasse Biaude$1,700 to $1,800
VoltaireStarts at $2,400
Goyard Prices

How Are Goyard Bags Priced? 

With prices starting at over $1,000 per bag, it makes sense to question how Goyard justifies its prices. There are three main reasons: top-quality materials, limited availability, and brand exclusivity. Let’s take a look at these reasons in more detail.

Craftsmanship & materials

Goyard bags are made primarily from canvas and leather. The canvas is made by weaving cotton and linen together, resulting in bags that are lightweight and soft. 

To improve the longevity of its products, the canvas is coated with a sturdy, water-resistant natural resin. 

Artisans create Goyard’s trademark embossed pattern by layering and etching colors, a process that’s more time-intensive than mass production techniques used by other brands.  

In addition to canvas, Goyard uses either smooth or grain-embossed leather in its bags, creating products that can hold up to years of daily wear and tear.

Limited Availability

Not only does Goyard not sell its products online, but you can only purchase one of these bags from a few select stores. There are only 35 Goyard boutiques in the world, plus a handful of in-store locations at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. 

With so few places to purchase these coveted bags, getting your hands on one can be quite a challenge. Naturally, this makes them more desirable for luxury consumers. 

Brand Reputation and Exclusivity 

With a centuries-long reputation for producing high-quality bags and leather goods for some of the richest people on the planet, Goyard’s reputation speaks for itself. 

Add to that the lack of advertising and subtle branding and it’s easy to see what makes Goyard so exclusive. 

Due to these factors, Goyard bag prices will definitely not go down in 2023 and will most likely keep increasing.

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How Much Do Goyard Bags Cost in 2023? Table Goyard Bag Prices

As mentioned above, Goyard does not post prices for its bags online. This makes it tough to nail down exact prices. 

Knowing the exact prices is also difficult because bags are priced differently in different countries. A third reason why prices can be hard to figure out is that Goyard increases its prices on a regular basis. While not confirmed, there will probably be an increase in January 2023. 

Note that as of August 1, 2022, there are no longer price differences between neutral and colored bags.  

With all of those declaimers in mind, here are the most up to date Goyard bag prices. Prices are listed in US Dollars and Euros where available. 

Goyard Prices 2023

complete goyard bag prices in 2023

how much do goyard bags cost

Goyard St. Louis Bag Prices

Goyard Bag StylePrice in USDPrice in EURPrice differenceDifference in %
St. Louis PM$1,620.001220400.0025%
St. Louis GM18901430460.0024%
Goyard St Louis Prices USD / EUR

As you can see, in the US, the prices for the St. Louis PM (Petite Modele) starts at $1,620 and the GM (Grand Modele) at $1,890. Like many designer brands, the prices are substantially lower in Europe / Paris.

The retail price of the Goyard St. Louis is around 24% lower in Europe compared to the US, not including the VAT refund.

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goyard bag prices

Goyard Anjou Bag Prices

Goyard Bag StylePrice in USDPrice in EURPrice differenceDifference in %
Anjou Mini$2,590€ 1,840$75029%
Anjou PM$2,960€ 2,100$86029%
Anjou GM$3,400€ 2,400$1,00029%
Goyard Anjou Bag Prices USD / EUR

As you can see, Goyard Anjou’s prices are higher compared to Saint Louis. The Anjou prices in Euros are a whooping 29% lower than in USD – this will be a great bag to buy while you’re holidaying in Europe.

The Anjou Mini starts at $2,590 USD and the GM at $3,400. The latest is at least $1,000 cheaper in Paris.

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goyard bag price list artois

Goyard Artois Bag Prices

Goyard Bag StylePrice in USDPrice in EURPrice differenceDifference in %
Artois PM$2,190€ 1,660 $                      530.0024%
Artois MM$2,540€ 1,920 $                      620.0024%
Artois GM$2,725€ 2,060 $                      665.0024%
Goyard Artois Bag Prices USD/EUR

The Goyard Artois bags start at $2,190 for the mini size. The bags are approximately 24% cheaper in Europe.

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How Much Do Custom Goyard Bags Cost?

While off-the-rack Goyard bags are stunning, nothing can compete with a custom-made creation. 

Goyard offers a number of personalization options including adding hand-painted initials (in a variety of fonts) or a stripe down the center of the bag. 

The cost for adding up to six initials or three stripes starts at $177 and goes up to $355 for metallic colors like gold, silver, and bronze. 

Aside from these customization options, Goyard also offers the option of ordering a one-of-a-kind bag. Prices for these bags starts at $3,000 and can go up to $5,000 depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used. 

Are Goyard Bags Worth the Price?

Goyard bags are definitely luxury items, but are they worth the price? That’s a question you’ll have to decide for yourself. Here are some things to consider before buying:

  • Quality: Goyard artisans use traditional methods to produce some of the highest-quality bags in the world. That said, many buyers have reported quality issues like cracking handles after only a few months of use. 
  • Materials: Goyard uses only the best materials in its bags. The leather is soft and supple, while the canvas is sturdy and water-resistant. 
  • Design: The House’s designs are as timeless as they are modern. Whether you’re shopping for a tote bag or a crossbody, Goyard has a piece to suit your style. 
  • Resale value. Due to its quality and exclusivity, Goyard tends to hold its value on the resale market, which makes it a great bag investment.

Still, the tote bag straps can be uncomfortable when the bag is filled and there’s no zipper closure, leaving your belongings exposed. 

Pre-Loved Goyard Bags: Where to buy a Goyard Tote.

If you cannot buy a Goyard bag directly from the boutique (and most of us don’t live close to one), another great option is buying pre-loved. The pre-loved Goyard bag prices differ greatly depending on the model and the condition of the bag. However, there’s still many deals to be had – check out below.

Have a look here for a great selection of authentic Goyard bags.

Conclusion Goyard Bag Prices

Goyard’s long history, mysterious reputation, and quality craftsmanship are all factors that influence the brand’s pricing. 

That might be enough to convince some buyers to take the leap, while others might see the prices as inflated, especially given the brand’s lack of visibility compared to its luxury competitors. 

We hope that our Goyard bag prices guide has helped you decide if you still want to buy into the brand.

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