Goyard Anjou Review & Goyard Totes Comparison

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Goyard Anjou Tote Bag Review : including what fits, pros and cons, prices & more!

Goyard makes three styles of tote bags: the unlined Saint Louis, the zipper-top Artois, and the leather-lined Anjou. Shoppers are usually pretty loyal when it comes to their preferred style, so we wanted to take a closer look at these three bags. 

In this article, we’ll give you all of the details about the Anjou tote, as well as compare this model to Goyard’s other offerings. By the end, you’ll be able to decide which tote works best for you. 

Goyard Brand History 

Originally founded in the late 1700s as a trunk manufacturer, Goyard is nowadays one of the oldest and most respected luxury brands in the world. In particular, the brand is loved for its versatile, durable tote bags.  

Goyard has racked up plenty of celebrity fans throughout its 200+ year history, including Coco Chanel, Rihanna, and Reese Witherspoon. 

Despite its popularity, Goyard manages to remain a very private, secretive brand thanks to it low-key marketing strategies and limited number of boutiques.  

Anjou History and Description

It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between Goyard’s most popular tote, the Saint Louis, and the Anjou

Both come in similar sizes, are made from Goyard’s traditional Goyardine material, have an open top, and come with a detachable mini pouch.  

The name references the Duke of Anjou, Louis IX’s brother (also known as Saint Louis). This is a clever name choice given all of the similarities between these two models. 

That said, there are a few differences to be aware of. The biggest one is that Saint Louis’ reverse side is made out of a cotton/linen mix, while Anjou’s reverse side is made of leather. 

As a result, Goyard recommends using the Saint Louis as a beach bag (the Goyardine material is water-resistant) and the Anjou as a work or everyday bag. It’s worth nothing that, Anjou’s leather side is apparently water-resistant as well. 

Anjou’s leather lining makes it twice as heavy as the Saint Louis (350g for the Saint Louis GM versus 750g for the Anjou GM). Still, the Anjou is quite a bit lighter than comparable totes from other brands. 

One last difference to note is the size. The Saint Louis comes in two sizes: the PM and the GM, while the Anjou comes in three sizes: mini, PM, and GM. 

Goyard Anjou Sizes 

The Anjou comes in three sizes: mini, PM (petite modèle), and GM (grand modèle). Check out the table below for a side-by-side comparison of the dimensions. 

Goyard StyleDimensions (inches)Dimensions (centimeters)
Anjou Mini7.9” x 7.9” x 3.9”20 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm 
Anjou PM18.5” x 11” x 5.9”47 cm x 28 cm x 15 cm 
Anjou GM15.7” x 13.4” x 7.9”40 cm x 34 cm x 20 cm
Goyard Anjou Sizes
goyard anjou sizes

What Fits Inside a Goyard Anjou? 

What fits in the Goyard Anjou Mini

The Mini size can accommodate an eReader or small book, a planner, a wallet, a phone, keys, a few hygiene products, and a mini water bottle. 

What fits in the Goyard Anjou PM

The Anjou PM is an appropriate size for use as an everyday bag

If you’re using it for work, you’ll be able to fit a small laptop (15” or smaller) or tablet, documents, a water bottle, and daily essentials (phone, keys, water bottle, wallet, makeup). Alternatively, this size can work as a diaper bag

What fits in the Goyard Anjou GM

The Anjou GM can also function as a work or diaper bag. It’s also large enough for use as a carry-on or an overnight bag.  

Goyard Anjou Materials 

Like many of its bags, the Anjou is made out of Goyardine Canvas and Chevroches Calfskin. 

Goyardine is a proprietary fabric made using a combination of hemp, linen, and cotton. The mixture is coated with a water-proofing resin designed to resist stains and increase the bag’s durability. 

On the Anjou, the handles, the trim, and the lining are made out of Chevroches Calfskin, a type of leather that comes from France’s Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. 


The Anjou comes in 11 colorways. These include black, black & tan, white, grey, red, burgundy orange, yellow, green, sky blue, and navy blue. 

goyad anjou colors
Goyard Anjou Colors

Goyard Anjou Prices 

Using reports from shoppers, we’ve compiled some Anjou price estimates. We aim to be as accurate as possible but your best bet is to speak with a sales associate at a Goyard boutique. 

Goyard StylePrices (USD)Prices (Euros)
Anjou Mini$2,590€1,950
Anjou PM$2,845€2,100
Anjou GM$3,380€2,400
Goyard Anjou Prices USD and EUR

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Where can you buy a Goyard Anjou tote?

It’s quite difficult to buy an Anjou tote, especially if you don’t live close to a Goyard boutique. We recommend you check trustworthy pre-loved websites such as Fashionphile or Rebag. Alternatively, you can also look at eBay, but do authenticate your bag once you get it to make sure you’re not buying a fake.

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Pros and Cons of the Goyard Anjou


  • More structured than other totes thanks to the leather lining
  • Can be worn two ways–with the Goyardine side facing out or with the leather side facing out
  • Durable enough to carry all of your essentials
  • Seams are reinforced 
  • Easy to clean


  • The most expensive of all of Goyard’s tote bags 
  • GM size might be too big for some people
  • Difficult to purchase due to Goyard’s lack of boutiques and e-Commerce options
  • Popular colors (black and black & tan) and smaller sizes are often sold out

How Does the Anjou Compare to Other Goyard Totes?

goyard tote comparison goyard anjou vs artois vs st louis
Goyard Totes Comparison

Goyard Anjou vs. Goyard St. Louis vs. Goyard Artois tote

As mentioned above, Goyard considers Anjou the little brother of the Saint Louis because of all of their similarities

These include having a Goyardine canvas exterior, being reversible, coming with a detachable mini pouch, and having an open top. 

The main difference between the two models is that the Saint Louis is lined with a cotton/linen mix, while the Anjou is lined with Chevroches Calfskin. 

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When comparing the Anjou with the Artois, both are more structured than the Saint Louis, have leather reinforcements, and come in three sizes. 

The Artois is different in that it has a zippered top, compared to the open design of the the Anjou. This detail makes the Artois slightly heavier than the Anjou (700g for the Artois GM versus 960g for the Anjou GM). 

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Goyard Anjou Outfits and Inspiration

Is the Goyard Anjou Worth Buying?

As is often the case when buying a handbag, knowing which Goyard tote to buy comes down to what you’ll be using it for. 

If you need a lightweight, knock around bag for carrying a few essentials, then save a couple of hundred dollars and go with the Saint Louis. If you want the security and structure that comes with the Artois, then go for that model. 

However, if you want a mix of form and function, plus versatility, then the Anjou might be the right fit. Specifically, we recommend this model if you hope to use your tote as a work bag

If you'd like a small tote for your essentials, then the mini is the best choice for any Goyard totes. It's cute and fun while still holding your daily necessities.

It’s durable enough to last for years to come and the leather side instantly dresses up what is otherwise a pretty casual bag. 

In terms of size, the mini is our choice, just because it's a perfect bag for our daily needs - although it's not what many people think of when picturing a tote bag. If you need more space or if you want to use your Anjou as a work bag, then the PM can work wonderfully.

On the other end of the spectrum, the GM is too big for most people, especially those with smaller frames. We only recommend the GM if you want to use is as a travel or overnight bag.


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