Hermès Garden Party Bag Guide: Price, Size & More – Should You Get It?

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Hermès Garden Party – a bag that only designer aficionados will recognize.

Some designer bags are meant to look fancy and complement an elegant and sophisticated outfit. Other bags are meant to be more practical, perfect for your shopping sessions or why not … a garden party (or a picnic?). People need that, and as a result, the Hermès Garden Party bag came to life.

We all know Kelly, Birkin, and Constance, but Garden Party is also one of the most popular Hermès bags that many hard core H fans love. But is this bag worth the price? Should you pay that much for the Hermès designer tag? Well, in this article, you are about to find out the answer.

About the Hermès Garden Party Bag

Released by Hermès in 1964, the Garden Party bags are favored for their low-key appearance and their impeccable craftsmanship. They are sturdy and extremely practical and whether you want to go on a trip or to a party, they can carry all your essentials.

The Garden Party Bag features a snap closure, which means its capacity is not affected by dimensions. You can easily carry larger/ taller items in this bag if the need arises. Moreover, this piece features a simplistic style, which means that you can accessorize it however you want.

Hermès Garden Bag Materials

hermes garden party canvas vs leather
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Depending on the style that you choose, you have two options: you can go for a full leather bag, or you may get a canvas model with leather trim. The Hermès Garden Party bags are mostly made with Negonda leather, which is soft and supple while being quite durable. It has a matte finish and is also resistant to water.

Unlike the Kelly or the Birkin bag, the Garden Party is not meant to be babied. It is the type of bag that you can take to the mall or a party without having to worry way too much about it. The canvas model is more resistant to scratches, but the matte leather one is very durable as well. Since the surface is not shiny, potential scratches will not show that easily.

Hermès Garden Party Sizes

garden party sizes

Aside from the two different styles you can go for, the Hermès Garden Party bag also comes in various sizes. This way, regardless of the errand and the items you usually carry with you, you may get a product that fits your needs. You can opt for small, medium, and large bags in the following dimensions:

ModelSizeDimensions (CM)Dimensions (IN)
Garden Party 30Small30 x 21 x 1311.8 x 8.3 x 5.1
Garden Party 36Medium36 x 26 x 1714.2 x 10.2 x 6.7
Garden Party 49 VoyageLarge49 x 36 x 2519.3 x 14.2 x 10
Hermès Garden Party Sizes

Hermès Garden Party Prices

The price of a Hermès Garden Party bag will depend mostly on its material. Compared to previous years, Hermès bags are 5%-10% more expensive now. The canvas models are less expensive compared to the leather options, but as of 2023, you may expect the following prices:

Hermès Garden Party 30$3,775
Hermès Garden Party 36$3,9750
Hermès Garden Party 49 Voyage
Hermès Garden Party Prices

You can only find the Hermès bag prices for the small and medium sizes, as they are available through boutiques. The Voyage model can be found through second-hand sellers, which means the prices may differ. However, since the bags are not as popular as the Birkin or Kelly bags, the chances are high that you can find one at a lower price point than it was originally sold for (especially if it’s not in perfect condition).

Is the Hermès Garden Party Worth It?

Like almost every other bag from the Hermès line, the Garden Party is worth buying if you are a designer brand enthusiast. It might not be as notorious as a Birkin or a Kelly, but it is popular enough for you to get a good price if you decide to sell it.

Unlike other bags that can be delicate, the Garden Party pieces are also fairly heavy-duty. They can carry all of your everyday essentials, and while they were made to be practical, they are also stylish. If you need a weekender bag, then this is the one for you.

should i buy an hermes garden party?
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Is It Hard to Get a Hermès Garden Party Bag?

Hermès Garden Party are not quota bags, which means that theoretically you can walk into an Hermès boutique and simply buy one. If you’re lucky enough you can also simply find one at Hermes.com and just order it online – see our guide on how to do that.

We’ve noticed that in the last few years all Hermès bags had a surge in popularity and none are particularly easy to get. The chances are very high that you will need to contact Hermès directly so that they may put you on the list for delivery. The Garden Party 30 and Garden Party 36 are still relatively easy to get if we compare them with quota bags like Birkin, Kelly and Constance bags.

However, things are a bit different with Hermès Garden Party 49, as one cannot seem to find it through boutiques anymore. It was likely discontinued, or at least taken off the shelves, like the Hermès Garden Party 50 was. So, your best chance for getting one of the larger models is to contact Hermès directly or to purchase a second-hand piece from a reliable source.

Garden Party – Outfits & Inspiration

Hermès Garden Party Resale Value

The resale value of the Hermès Garden Party bag will depend on the type of bag that you are going for. The more popular the bag, the higher the resale value will be. Hermès has an average value retention of 103%, but this mainly depends on the bag (Kelly and Birkin bags have the highest value). The resale value may also depend on the bags’ boutique availability.

For instance, as the Garden Party 30 and Garden Party 36 are still available through stores, their resale price may be lower than what you could get for a new one. Garden Party 49 may not be as easy to get anymore, which means its value might grow in the following years. Special edition Hermès bags also seem to sell for more – this is the case for the limited-edition picnic collection Garden Party Bags. The rarer they are, the better their resale price might be in the future.

Let’s look at Fashionphile and compare the second-hand prices with buying new.

As expected, the smaller Garden Party has a higher resale value. For an excellent condition, leather GP in size 30, one can expect to pay between $3,500 – $5,500 USD.

Considering the fact that Hermès prices tend to increase with at least 10% annually, you can expect getting the majority of your investment back – as long as you keep the bag pristine.

See below on Fashionphile

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Hermès Garden Party Verdict

With its functionality and practicality, the Hermès Garden Party bag is a great entry-level model and a good investment. Its shape is simple and stylish and it’s a great bag for tote lovers. We love the amazing quality that Hermès offers but in a style that is much more understated.

We hope you enjoyed this Hermès Garden Party review, we’d love to hear if you’re planning on buying one!


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