Hermès Jypsiere Bag Guide: Size, Price & More – Is It Worth the Price?

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Is the Hermès Jypsiere the perfect quiet luxury bag?

Hermès has designed various bags, with the Kelly and Birkin creating quite a stir in the world of high fashion. However, there is one more bag that makes people want to try their best to obtain it: the Hermès Jypsiere bag.

This piece is the perfect choice for your everyday errands, as its messenger bag style allows you to store various things in it.

Similar to every other Hermès bag, the Jypsiere mixes the right amount of luxury and practicality. It is the perfect bag for those unexpected escapades, as it allows ease of movement. To determine whether this bag is what you need or not, this article will take you through its features and prices.

History of the Hermès Jypsiere Bag

The Hermès Jypsiere bag was first introduced in the Fall/Winter collection of 2008, as per Jean-Paul Gaultier’s vision. The bag appears to be mainly a reinterpretation of the Birkin and Kelly bag, only that this one is in messenger form. Gaultier believed that he had to create something traditional and casual, with a natural twist, so that it could fit the motif of the 2008 show.

The Jypsiere bag was made to capture the “free spirit” making it perfect for carrying things on the go.

It has straps, swivel claps, and brackets reminding people of the elegance of the Birkin bag, but the rounded body and the thick strap give the bag a more casual vibe. It also has a flat pocket, a zipped pocket, and a cell phone pocket, making everything easily accessible.

Hermès Jypsiere Materials

Depending on the model of the bag, Hermès Jypsiere bags are made out of leather with either a leather or canvas strap.

The leathers used are Clemence and Swift, with Clemence being flat-grained and Swift having a smoother finish. Both leather options are very durable, provided they are cared for.

jypsiere comparison with eveline and lindy
Credit @asianfashionista

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Hermès Jypsiere bags are not lined, but as the bags use hard leather, they easily keep their shape. The hardware is either palladium or gold, depending on the model that you are going for.

For instance, this Noir Clemence leather Hermès Jypsiere 34 bag features palladium-plated hardware, which gives it a casual and youthful appearance.

jypsiere noir

Hermès Jypsiere Style and Sizes

Hermès Jypsiere can be purchased in different sizes, depending on your preferences. Here are your options:

StyleSizeDimensions INDimensions CM
Hermès Jypsiere MiniMini8.5 x 2 x 6.520 x 5 x 16.5
Hermès Jypsiere 28Small9.2 x 3 x 523.5 x 28 x 12.5
Hermès Jypsiere 31Medium9.8 x 12.2 x 5.525 x 31 x 14
Hermès Jypsiere 34Large10.2 x 13.3 x 5.926 x 34 x 15
Hermès Jypsiere 37Extra Large11.4 x 14.5 x 6.229 x 37 x 16
Hermès Jypsiere Sizes

The Hermès Jypsiere bags can be purchased in different colors as well, from blacks and browns to oranges and blues. This should allow you to match the bag with your favorite pieces of clothing.  

hermes jypsiere size comparison
Hermes Jypsiere Size Comparison

Hermès Jypsiere Prices

Hermès Jypsiere bag prices often vary based on the style and size of the bag. You can get a bag for the following prices:

Hermès Jypsiere Mini$7,150
Hermès Jypsiere 28$8100
Hermès Jypsiere 31$9350
Hermès Jypsiere 34$9750
Hermès Jypsiere 37
Hermes Jypsiere Prices

These values may change in the future, especially as Hermès announced their prices will continue to rise. As a result, the prices for every bag are expected to increase by 5%-10% in 2023, without showing any signs of a slowdown.

hermes jypsiere what fits inside
Credit @samorga

It is also particularly difficult to get a price on rarer bags such as the Hermès Jypsiere 37, due to their rareness. While the price is estimated to be around $7950, it mostly depends on where you purchase the bag from.

Are Hermès Jypsiere Bags Worth It?

hermes jypsiere review
Credit @stormmy_jerry

Many people believe the Hermès Jypsiere to be worth it, as it is not your average fancy luxury bag. Many luxury bags are quite delicate and meant for special occasions, not working on a day-to-day basis.

On the other hand, the Jypsiere is a type of bag that can be used daily, especially when you are leaning toward messenger bags.

Also, most Hermès bags, including the Jypsiere, may increase by around 12% every year. This makes it a worthwhile investment opportunity, especially if you are in the habit of caring for your bags. Since Hermès Jypsiere bags can be purchased in a variety of colors, it is a worthwhile addition to any clothing style you may have. 

Exclusivity: Are Hermès Jypsiere Hard to Get?

One of the things that make Hermès Jypsiere bags so coveted is the fact that they are fairly difficult to get. Indeed, some models like the Jypsiere 34 may be easily purchased from a Hermès boutique, but other models such as the Mini Jypsiere can be quite hard to buy directly from H.

The advantage is that while you can’t buy a Jypsiere bag as easily unless you are in a Hermès boutique, it is still much easier to get compared to the Birkin bag. You can also order the Jypsiere online at Hermes.com if you’re lucky enough to find it in stock.

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Hermès Jypsiere Outfits and Inspiration

Hermès Jypsiere Resale Value

On average, most Hermès bags do retain a lot of their value, especially if a popular color or leather style is used. That being said, compared to the Hermès Kelly or a Birkin bag, the resale value of the Jypsiere is not as high.

Looking at Fashionphile, we can see that the Mini Jypsiere bags are the ones with the best resale value.

hermes jypsiere bags on fashionphile

Some Jypsiere bags (especially Minis) in excellent condition can fetch up to 40% more on the secondary market as opposed to buying it new from the boutique.

We also have the bigger models with prices of about 20% less than retail. However, given the yearly increase on all Hermes bags, it’s safe to say most people can sell their bag for a decent margin.

Hermès Jypsiere Conclusion

Hermès Jypsiere pieces may not have the resale value of a Birkin or Kelly bag, but they sure have a practicality you’ll love on a day to day basis. It also fits great with the “old money”, “quiet luxury trend”.

The Jypsiere bag is hardly recognizable as an Hermès bag or a luxury bag in general, unless you ‘re knowledgeable about it.

It’s a great, practical bag of great quality and one of the best choices for a first H bag.


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