Hermès Geta Bag Guide: Size, Price & More: Should You Take the Plunge?

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Hermès Geta bag – the underrated Constance alternative

Small bags in a minimalist style are still incredibly popular, which is why many people consider buying the Hermès Geta bag. This piece does not have the typical feel and design of most Hermès bags, but its elegance makes it an interesting option for those who want something classy yet simple.

hermes geta outfit
Credit @meem.shopper.kw_

But what exactly does the Hermès Geta bag have to offer? Is it worth the Hermès price tag? Who can benefit from it the most? In this article, you can find out more about the Hermès Geta bag, so let’s get started!

About the Hermès Geta Bag

The Geta bag was created to show off the extravagance that minimalism can brings to the table. The bag itself is like an accessory – small and not disturbing to your daily outfit – and was inspired by Japanese footwear, pronouncing it as “Gueta.

hermes geta bag inspired by japanese footware
Geta Sandals – Photo via Etsy

The bag bottom design mimics the H shape of a sandal, meant to create an innovative pedestal. This aims to give new life to the sandal concept. The handbag features a refined structure and is synonymous with the term “versatility,” as it hangs on to your daily essentials.

Many people see the Geta bag as a more casual version of the Constance bag, but it also has a few features borrowed from the Colorado bag. It can be worn as a shoulder bag, but the strap is long enough to be worn cross-body as well.

hermes geta bag
Hermes Geta via Fashionphile

Hermès Geta Bag Materials

The bag is made using Mysore goatskin and everything is put together with impressive craftsmanship. The bag features no lining, which makes it look more delicate and luxurious while remaining functional.

Key Features of the Mysore goatskin leather:

  • lightweight
  • shows color beautifully
  • can soften with age
  • relatively scratch resistant

The Geta also has a magnetic clasp that not only keeps the bag closed but also acts as a mechanism sliding strap. You can fold the bag down securely so that it looks elegant while keeping your belongings safe. The adjustable strap is made using strong canvas, making it highly durable against friction.

Hermès Geta Bag Sizes and Colors

Geta Size vs Constance

Unlike other Hermès bags that are found in multiple sizes, the Geta bag comes in only one size. This small bag is 5.1 inches high, 8.5 inches wide, and 2 inches deep. The strap drop is approximately 20 inches.

Its size is more for daily outings where you do not need much bag space. For example, it may be a good choice for going out on a walk in the park, but if you decide to go shopping or traveling, it might not fit much – not unless you get a separate bag.

DimensionsGetaConstance 18
Inches5.1 x 8.5 x 25.7 x 7.1 x 1.6
Centimeters13 x 21.5 x 514 x 18 x 4
Dimensions Hermes Geta vs Constance 18

Geta Colors

The advantage is that this bag comes in multiple colors, from orange, yellow, and brown to black, blue, and grey. As mentioned, the Mysore leather shows color beautifully which is probably why it comes in so many colors.

Whether you are a fan of bold colors or want to go for a more muted palette, the Geta bag offers several alternatives.

Hermès Geta Bag Prices

Hermès StylePrice (USD)Price (EUR)
Geta$5,950€ 4,550
Hermes Geta Bag Prices 2023 in USD and EUR

You can purchase a Geta directly from Hermes.com, if you’re lucky enough to find one in stock (see our guide on how to purchase bags directly from Hermes.com ) or from your closest H boutique.

Keep in mind that even though they are not quota bags, Geta bags are still quite hard to get directly from Hermès.

geta hermes review

You can buy an Hermes Geta bag for just under $6000 USD or around €4500. It’s definitely not a cheap bag by any means, but compared to other Hermes bags it does feel like a steal.

For comparison, the Hermès Constance 18 retails for a little over $9000 USD new and even more on the preloved market.

Hermès Geta vs Hermès Constance

Hermes constance vs hermes geta bag

Many people are attracted to the Geta bag because it can be an alternative to the highly coveted Constance bag. The Constance is a quota bag which means it’s much harder to get ahold to compared to the Geta. It’s also not sold on Hermes.com.

As you can see the bags are relatively similar : they’re both boxy bags with an H logo opening. We would say that the Geta is more underrated and less “in your face Hermès”. If you’re into the whole quiet luxury trend, Geta might be the better option.

Geta Bag Resale Value

Pre-loved Hermes Geta

Hermès bag resale values are increasing every year. Hermès planned an up to 10% price hike in 2023, a trend that matched the prior years as well.

If you’re not lucky or quick enough to snag one on the website and you don’t get offered a Geta in the boutique, you can always count on the pre-loved market.

Looking at Fashionphile, we can see that excellent condition Hermes Geta bags retail from $6990 to $7800.

As the years pass, you may expect the resale value to go quite high, especially if the bag remains in mint condition.

Here are some of our favorite pre-loved Geta finds:

Is the Hermès Geta Bag Worth It?

The Hermès Geta bag has quite a high price tag, so you may be wondering whether it is worth it or not.

If you are the type of person who enjoys bags that are easily accessible, this one is completely worth the hype. Its shoulder strap is very comfortable, and its main compartment can fit daily items such as your phone, wallet, keys, and more.

The bag was also made with durability in mind, its matte finish making it scratch-resistant. Moreover, the goatskin material is strong enough so that it will not scratch easily. Overall, this beautiful H bag is compact yet edgy, and it will certainly make you feel more confident in yourself, no matter where you go.

Hermès Geta Pros and Cons


  • Mysore leather is quite strong and wearable
  • comfortable to wear
  • fits daily essentials
  • a bit different from the classic H bags
  • easy magnetic closure


  • hard to find
  • some do not like the fact that is unlined
  • more casual than the Constance (can be both a pro and a con)
  • some do not like the canvas strap (and there’s no possibility to change the strap)

Hermès Geta Outfits & Inspiration

Is It Hard to Get a Hermès Geta Bag?

Getting a Hermès Geta bag can be very challenging, as you either have to put yourself on a list by contacting Hermès directly. Or you can try buying it online by visiting their website. These bags sell out quickly, so you need to be quick on your clicks.

Other than that, you may also find the Geta bag in the Hermès boutiques, but you need to check with the store first. These bags are fairly popular, and they usually sell out fast. You may have more luck finding one second hand, through a trusted seller.

Verdict: Should You Get the Geta Bag?

The Hermès Geta bag is a good option for people who want a small and compact bag, without a lot of bling. There is only one size available, but the multiple colors it comes in make it very versatile. It is also durable and qualitative enough to make it worth the price.

It’s a great option especially for Constance lovers that want something a little different at a more friendly price point.


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