Hermès Herbag Guide – The Underrated, Practical Hermès Bag. 4 Reasons To Choose It Over a Kelly

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Hermès Herbag – a fantastic bag that is quite underrated in the luxury community

About the Hermès Herbag

The Hermes Herbag has a rich history that spans over several decades. It was first introduced in the late 1970s as a practical alternative to the brand’s iconic Kelly bag. The Herbag’s design was inspired by the Kelly, but with a more casual and versatile appeal.

The Herbag quickly gained popularity for its sleek and functional design, becoming a favorite among fashion insiders. Its signature canvas and leather combination, along with the iconic Hermes clasp, set it apart as a true luxury accessory.

The Herbag was discontinued around the year 2000, but it was fortunately brought back in 2009.

is the hermes herbag worth buying
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Over the years, the Herbag has undergone several updates and variations, but its timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship have remained a constant. From the classic canvas and leather combination to more contemporary iterations featuring bold colors, the Herbag has evolved while staying true to its heritage.

Differences between the vintage Hermes Herbag and the new one

The main difference between the old and new Hermes Herbag is that on the new Herbag, they’ve added a removable pouch on the back of the bag (see picture below).

Herbag Features

The shape of the Herbag is quite simple. It is a trapezoid bag, with a top handle and a shoulder strap. From the front, it looks quite similar to the Hermes Kelly bag, although with some notable differences:

  • the body of the Hermes Herbag is made out of a canvas material
  • it features both the Hermes lock (on the back) and the clochette (on the front)
  • the top of the bag is made out of leather (Hunter Cowhide)
  • it has the Clou de Selle closure – a nod to Hermes’ equestrian heritage
  • it comes with an interior pouch
  • it comes with an exterior, detachable pouch
hermes herbag features
Key Features Of The Hermes Herbag

Herbag Materials

As mentioned a few times already, one of the biggest differentiators of the Herbag compared with other Hermes bags is the fact that the bag is made out of a combination of both leather and canvas.

The canvas Hermes uses for this bag is typically “military canvas” which is a treated, tightly woven cotton material. The canvas is known to be quite durable and hardwearing.

The top of the bag is leather, typically Hunter Cowhide which is known to be quite stiff. Do keep in mind that this leather is prone to scratches and staining, so it’s not the most durable leather out there.

Regarding its hardware, the Hermes Herbag features either gold or palladium hardware, with the latter being way more common.

Herbag Sizes

The Herbag comes in 3 sizes: 31, 39, 50 and 52 – which refers to their base dimensions in centimeters.

There’s also an Herbag backpack that is quite practical and can fit everything for a day out.

StyleSize in inchesSize in centimeters
Herbag 3112.2 X 9.8 X 3.931  x 25  x 10
Herbag 3915.3 X 12.6 X 5.539  x 31  x 15
Herbag 5019.6 x 14 x 9.7550 x 36 x 25
Herbag 5220 x 14 x 8.652  x 36  X 22
Herbag Backpack11.25 x 14.5 x 4.25 28 x 37 x 10.7
Hermes Herbag Sizes
hermes herbag sizes

What fits in the Hermes Herbag 31

The Hermes Herbag 31 is the most popular and sought after Herbag, so let’s see what fits inside this roomy bag:

  • an iPad
  • a smartphone
  • a makeup pouch
  • sunglasses with a case
  • keys with a keypouch
  • a full sized wallet
what fits inside the hermes herbag 31

Hermes Herbag Prices

As you might know, Hermes does not publish its prices, so it can be a bit hard to find accurate and updated prices.

The following were the latest prices we’ve found, but please note that there might be small discrepancies.

StylePrices in USDPrices in EUR
Herbag 31$2,825€2,200
Herbag 39$3,100€2,650
Herbag 50$3,950€ 3,330
Herbag 52$ 3,970€ 3,470
Herbag Backpack$ 3,750€ 3,350
Hermes Herbag Prices

Hermes Herbag Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of the Hermes Herbag


  • light weight
  • price: one of Hermes’ entry level bags
  • you can dress it up and down
  • the back pouch is very convenient
  • it’s versatile and if you have more than one Herbag you can mix and match colors


  • leather prone to scratches
  • hard to find
  • very hard to get in an out of the bag (if you keep the buckle closed)
hermes herbag outfit
Credit @sellierknightsbridge

Is It Hard To Get An Hermes Herbag?

The Herbag is becoming more popular as Hermes itself is gaining even more popularity. There’s no wonder that many people want to purchase the Herbag: it has a classic silhouette and an attractive price point for a Hermes handbag.

The Herbag is not as hard to get than a Birkin or a Kelly, but it’s not easy to get either.

The good news is that you can actually purchase the Herbag directly from Hermes.com (read our guide here on how to buy it online). You can also try your luck and go into an Hermes boutique and ask for this bag.

It’s certainly not impossible to buy an Herbag by walking into an Hermes boutique, and for now you do not need a purchase history for this bag.

However, don’t expect to have a range of Herbags to choose from. You’re probably only going to get offered one (if you’re lucky), so if you expect to get a certain color or hardware, you might be disappointed.

Hermes Herbag Resale Value

If you bought the Herbag in order to make a profit, you might get disappointed. While it’s unlikely to loose money on an excellent condition Herbag, you won’t make a lot of profit either (especially considering the consignment store’s fees).

A great condition Hermes Herbag will sell for around $2,400 to $4,500 USD (for a limited edition print).

As you can see, you can actually pay less than current retail for an excellent condition Herbag – so do go on the resale market and see if anything catches your eye.

hermes herbag preloved second hand

Hermes Herbag Outfits & Inspiration

Herbag vs Kelly – which one should you buy?

The Hermes Kelly is many people’s dream bag, and for a good reason. Read everything you need to know about the Kelly here.

However, the Kelly is not only eye watery expensive, but very very hard to get. Most people go through the pre-loved market where they can pay at least $20,000 USD for a new condition Kelly bag.

The Herbag is a great alternative to the Kelly: it has a very similar silhouette and look. The main difference if of course that the Herbag’s body is made out of canvas instead of leather like the Kelly.

The closure of the Herbag is more cumbersome than the Kelly, but you can also just keep the bag open.

There are a few reasons why you should buy the Herbag instead of the Kelly:

  • it’s much cheaper
  • it’s much, much easier to find
  • you can actually get a great deal on the pre-loved market
  • it has a detachable pouch on the bag where you can keep your essential items

Reasons why you should buy the Kelly instead of the Herbag:

  • it has a better resale value
  • you can choose a Kelly in a durable leather that is scratch resistant. See our Hermes leather guide here.
  • it will hold its shape better
  • it has a more classic / elegant look
hermes herbag outfit
Credit @vk_8112

Conclusion – Is the Hermes Herbag worth buying?

We say : YES! The Hermes Herbag is absolutely a good buy and a great first Hermes bag to add to your collection. The 31 is a practical bag that’s big enough to fit all your daily needs and the bigger sizes are perfect for travelling.

It’s also a relatively easy to get Hermes bag, especially if we compare it with the quota bags that are impossible to get. Another pro is that you can actually find a good deal online.

There are of course some disadvantages such as the easily stretchable leather and the very cumbersome closure.


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