Hermès 24/24 Bag Guide: Size, Price & Review. Is it really worth buying?

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Hermès 24/24 Full Review: Should You Buy One?

Introduced in 2018, the 24/24 is a relatively new addition to the Hermès catalog. Despite its recent debut, this gender-neutral option has become an incredibly popular alternative to the Birkin or the Kelly

See the rest of this article for information about the available sizes, materials, and colors. You’ll also discover how much this bag retails for and how it performs on the secondhand market. 

About the Hermès 24/24 Bag

Hermès debuted the 24/24 bag in its pre-fall 2018 collection. The bag was officially released in stores in December 2018. As the name suggests, this style was designed to be the ultimate day-to-night bag. 

The 24/24 can be carried by the curvy top handles or the detachable shoulder strap, which clips to two hooks on the back of the bag. There’s also a slip pocket at the back of the bag and a zipped interior pocket. 

As soon as it launched, critics noted many similarities between this style and other brand favorites like the Birkin and the Kelly. 

hermes 24/24 bag review, price, size
Hermes 24/24 bag

All three bags feature a rounded top handle, a trapezoidal shape, and a front-facing lock feature

Still, the 24/24 is noticeably slouchier than either the Birkin or the Kelly. This gives it a more relaxed and gender-neutral feel than the other models. 

Another difference worth mentioning is the 24/24’s contrasting top flap. It’s a ‘90s-inspired rectangle made of smooth, rigid leather with a turn-lock closure. 

Materials –  Which Leathers Does the 24/24 comes in?

Each 24/24 features two different kinds of leather, one for the bag, and one for the flap. The most popular combinations are Togo with Swift Calfskin and Clémence with Sombrero. 

Let’s take a closer look at each material:

  • Togo – A fine-grained, scratch-resistant leather that helps the bag stay light and durable while maintaining its shape. 
  • Swift Calfskin – A soft, semi-matte leather with light-reflecting properties. 
  • Clémence – A heavier, grainier, more durable leather than Togo. 
  • Sombrero – A smooth and delicate calf leather with a matte finish and a soft feel. 
leather hermes 24 24

Hermès 24/24 Bag Sizes & Colors

This model comes in three sizes: 21 cm, 29 cm, and 35 cm. 

The 21 is miniature-sized and can be worn as a belt bag. The 29 is similar in size to the Birkin 30 and transitions effortlessly from day to night. The 35 is a roomier model that’s ideal for work or as a carry-on. 

Here are the dimensions for each size: 

24/24 Bag Size Dimensions LxHxW (inches)Dimensions LxHxW (centimeters)
218.3” x 6.3” x 4.7”21 x 16 x 12
2911.4” x 10.6” x 5.5”29 x 27 x 14
3513.8” x 9.8” x 5.9”35 x 25 x 15
sizes hermes 24 24

You can find the 24/24 in neutral, single-color options like Black, Gold, Etain, and Blue Nuit. There are also some brighter single-color bags in Blue Lin and Jaune (yellow). 

Besides the single-color options, the 24/24 also comes in bi-color options like Bordeaux/Rouge, Deep Blue/Indigo, and Vert Olive/Vert Bronze. 

Other color options are possible but must be special ordered. 

Prices: How much does the Hermès 24/24 Costs?

Below you’ll find the prices for single-color, Togo and Swift Calfskin Hermès 24/24 bags in each of the three sizes. Bi-color options and alternate materials are priced differently.  

Please be aware that these prices are estimates and may not reflect the current prices for the 24/24. Hermès typically increases prices by 1.5 to 2 percent each year. As a result, it can be challenging to find the most up-to-date rates. 

This challenge is compounded by the fact that the 24/24 is often unavailable online, leaving buyers to self-report prices. 

24/24 Bag Size Price (USD)Price (EUR)
29$9,200 €6,750
35$9,350 €7,250
Hermès 24/ 24 Bag Prices: USD and EUR

Is the Hermès 24/24 Worth It?

With a price tag nearly as high as a Birkin or a Kelly, it’s certainly in your best interest to consider the pros and cons of the 24/24 bag before deciding to purchase. 

In terms of positive attributes, the 24/24 has plenty. 

For starters, the bag definitely lives up to its name. The smaller 29 can be worn cross-body for a busy day at the office, then carried as a tote for a romantic evening. 

While the larger 35 size does not come with a crossbody option, its stylish appearance and roomy interior make it an ideal work or travel bag. 

Another plus of this bag is that it’s gender-neutral. With its rounded edges, trapezoidal silhouette, slouchy appearance, and muted color options, both men and women can appreciate this functional, stylish bag. 

Lastly, the flap and twist clasp ensure that all of your possessions are safe and secure no matter what you’re doing. 

There are certainly plenty of positive things to point out but this model isn’t without its critics

Some people have complained that the strap on the 29 model is too short, making it uncomfortable to wear cross-body.  

Another critique is that the design isn’t unique, with some comparing the 24/24 to a Birkin or Kelly mixed with a toolbox. 

That’s certainly a lot to think about before purchasing a 24/24, so your best bet is to try one in-store to decide if it’s a good fit for your lifestyle. 

Is It Hard to Get a 24/24?

Even though the 24/24 retails at a similar price point to the Birkin and the Kelly, it is much easier to acquire. In some cases, you might be able to buy one at an Hermès boutique or online (see our guide in how to buy an Hermès bag directly on their website).

Still, like almost all models, this bag has seen an increase in popularity over the past couple of years, making it more difficult to purchase than it once was. 

That said, there are plenty of near-pristine 24/24 bags for sale on the secondhand market so it’s certainly worth checking out a few websites if you’re eager to make a purchase. 

Hermès 24/24 Resale Value

Unlike more popular models, there aren’t exact statistics about how well the 24/24 holds its value on the secondhand market. What we can offer is an estimate, calculated by comparing the retail price to the secondhand price listed on reselling websites. 

Comparing the retail price and the resale price of five 24/24 bags, the average resale value comes out to 85%. 

While this is only an estimate, it does fall within the normal range of other Hermès bags. For reference, the Kelly has an average resale value of 92%, while the Birkin holds 80% of its value.

While having a relatively low(er) resale value is bad news when trying to sell your 24/24 – it’s great news if you want to buy one. You can find pre-loved 24 24 bags in excellent condition at a lower price than the boutique.

See here a selection of pre-loved Hermes 24/24 bags:

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Conclusion: Should you get a 24 / 24 Bag?

If you’re sick of waiting for a Kelly or a Birkin to become available and want to purchase a sleek, yet casual bag, then the 24/24 might fit the bill. While lesser known than the brand’s more established models, the 24/24 is quickly gaining popularity and has the resale value to prove it.

However, it's important to only purchase a bag if you truly like it and it fits your lifestyle. There's no point buying the 24/24 if it's going to stay in your closet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


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