Why Is Goyard So Expensive? Is it really worth the money?

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Find out why is Goyard so expensive . Read on to find out the top 10 reasons why the French brand can charge such high prices:

Why Is Goyard So Expensive? A Complete Analysis

Goyard bags are undoubtedly on our top ultimate list of expensive designer brands out of all the luxury accessories in the globe. Why are they so expensive? Don’t worry; this article will explain the history of Goyard bags and various reasons why they are so pricey.

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Why Is Goyard So Expensive?

The Goyard brand is one of the oldest in the fashion industry; it’s a 200-year-old mystery Parisian brand. The mystery surrounding Goyard is purposeful, and it is one of the reasons its things are so pricey. 

The following are some more reasons why the Goyard Tote costs so much and if it’s worth it to spend so much money on a bag.

1. The History of Goyard 

The rich history of the Goyard brand is one of the key reasons why it is so pricey. Pierre-Francois Martin started the House of Martin in 1792. 

It specialized in making boxes, trunks, and packing materials before what is now known as the golden age of the great trunk-makers in the late 1800s. House of Martin really broke new ground.

Having joined the company in 1845, he retired in 1885, at which point he handed over the reins to his son, Edmond Goyard. Edmond was responsible for making the now-famous store on Paris’s Rue Saint-Honoré a mecca for the city’s trendsetting clientele.

Jean-Michel Goyard purchased the House of Goyard in 1998 and transformed the privately held firm into an internationally recognized brand. Within a decade, the Goyard brand had been restored as synonymous with timeless beauty, workmanship, and exclusivity.

why is goyard so expensive
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2. The Ultimate Exclusivity

Despite its prominent monogram, Goyard bags are only recognized by the privileged and the stylish. 

Why? Because Maison Goyard prefers not to advertise and instead relies on word-of-mouth for exposure and overall brand obscurity. What it lacks in advertising, it more than makes up for in an opulent mystery. Everyone knows how a Louis Vuitton tote looks like, but unless you’re interested in fashion, you probably don’t know much about Goyard. Furthermore, you cannot buy a Goyard bag directly on the brands’ website. This adds another layer of exclusivity as people who are interested need to travel to a Goyard boutique or go through a personal shopper. The French fashion house does not even post its prices online so you must be in the known to be able to purchase a bag.

3. Its High Quality

High quality has been a foundational concept established by its founding fathers since its establishment. Centuries later, the brand is deeply anchored in elegance, harkening back to the early days founded on subtlety, luxury travel, exclusivity and quality.

While Maison Goyard no longer employs traditional hand-painting techniques, it still employs a difficult bag production procedure that involves layering and etching rather than mass-producing its items like its competitors do. The name is connected with exclusivity and great quality. That being said, recently there has been complains that Goyards’ quality has decreased, however it’s still considered one of the highest luxury designer brands in the world. If you end up buying a Goyard tote be mindful about overfilling it with very heavy items. 

why is goyard so expensive
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4. Goyard Bags Have A High Resale Value

Because the products are of great quality, long-lasting, and elegant, they are ideal for keeping and passing down as an heirloom. These characteristics, also guarantee that Goyard bags have a high resale value. So purchase as much as you want since, in the end, it’ll be the most elegant investment of your life! Goyard, like other luxury brands such as Bottega or Chanel keeps on increasing their prices, which makes the resale value even better. This, combined with how hard it is to actually buy a Goyard bag makes resale value skyrocket. 

5. Goyard Bags Are Customizable

The fact that Goyard lets customers design their own marquage is just one more way the brand stands apart. Choose from 17 font colors, commonly initials, symbols, or even pictures. All customizations are, of course, hand-painted by artists. This adds to the intimacy and exclusivity of buying and wearing a Goyard bag.

why are goyard bags so expensive? customization

Play around with the online tool to see how your future Goyard tool can look like.

6. Goyard is Low-Key Luxury

Even though Goyard is not as well-known as Louis Vuitton, or Gucci, its obscurity makes it the ultimate status symbol among the world’s richest individuals. Goyard excels in the fashion sector by keeping inconspicuous and quiet. Of course, if you’re familiar with the brand, you’re going to recognize the classic Goyard chevron pattern a mile away. However, most people will be unaware of the brand and its status. 

7. Goyard Bags Warranty & Repairs

If you purchased your Goyard bag and you’re not happy with it, you may be able to return it to the store for store credit. There are no refunds. If there is an issue, it may be sent to Paris or New York City for repairs. 

8. Goyard’s Popularity- the real reason why Goyard is so expensive?

The popularity of Goyard is also one of the key reasons why it is so expensive; for example, Letterhead paper from Goyard dated June 24, 1891, featured the coats of arms of the Russian Empire and United Kingdom in addition to the Great Seal of the United States of America. 

Following World War II, the queens of Yugoslavia and Greece became consumers, while the Duke and Duchess of Windsor acquired their first Goyard items in 1939. 

The Maharajah of Kapurthala and the Grimaldis are only two of the prominent purchasers who mingle with the likes of socialites and famous people like first ladies such as Édith Piaf, Catherine Deneuve, Romy Schneider, Jean-Claude Brialy, who bought his first Goyard pieces in 1974.

Princess Andrée Aga Khan, who became a customer in 1956, Princess Radziwill, who became a client in 1949, and Prince and Princess von Fürstenberg, who became clients in 1968.

Today, Goyard bags are often seen on celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Madonna, and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Kanye West addressed his love of Goyard trunks in his 2007 song The Glory, and Rich the Kid shot a music video at a Goyard shop.

Instagram and YouTube also contributed to Goyards’ popularity, this has opened the brand to people who were previously unaware of Goyard. So if you’re asking “why is Goyard so expensive”, it can be that social media contributed to its high prices, as continuous demand encourages high prices.

why is goyard super expensive?

9. Where are Goyard Bags Manufactured?

Goyard bags are handcrafted at the Goyard workshops in the Aude province of southern France. The workshops are housed in repurposed wine warehouses. Goyardine’s first meters were most likely hand-painted. 

When the Goyardine was released, the studios were relocated to Bezons, and the canvas needed a ground-color application followed by three sequential layers of etching colors. 

The Goyardine’s trademark slightly raised pattern is caused by the fabric and the printing technique used during the manufacturing process. The plain weave is visible through the superimposed and Chevron pattern on top of the raised pattern generated by the paint dots, resulting in a one-of-a-kind design that is impossible to replicate.

10. The Design

Goyard’s designs are both timeless and traditional, as well as current and trendy. Goyard provides something for everyone, whether you want a refined top-handle bag or an edgy statement piece. For example:

The colors: 

Goyard’s bags are available in various colors, from traditional black and white to vivid brights and charming pastels. Choose a bag with bright colors or vivid designs to make a fashion statement. Stick to traditional black or white for a purse that can be used for any occasion.

What are the most popular Goyard bags?

the most popular goyard bag

The most popular Goyard bags are definitely its totes. It is what Goyard excels at, and if you’re looking to buy a first Goyard bag we recommend you go with the following classics:

St. Louis

Goyard Anjou

Goyard Artois

How much does a Goyard bag cost? Goyard’s prices in USD 2022

Vendome Mini – $3,000 USD

St Louis PM $1620 USD

St Louis GM 1830 USD

Anjou Mini $2590

Goyard Artois PM $1895 USD

As you can see, Goyard prices are definitely high, but not outrageously so. Some of them could even make it to the “Top designer bags under $2000 article“. The issue is more regarding availability and the fact that often time you have to go through resales which will bump the prices. That being said, Goyard is still a very expensive brand for the average person so buying a Goyard handbag is definitely a splurge for most of us.

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Can I get a Goyard bargain on the preloved market?

As we mentioned before, Goyard tends to hold its value on the second hand market. However, that does not mean that you cannot get a bargain. Try looking for less popular styles or sizes. Check out Fashionphile here for some great Goyard options. (Affiliate links)

cheaper goyard bags

Buy a bargain Goyard bag here

Conclusion on why is Goyard so expensive

Goyard is a luxurious brand that lives on secrecy, discretion, and exclusivity. The brand does not market its goods because it feels that doing so would compromise its premium reputation. It’s reasonable to assume that Goyard is inaccessible, which is one of the factors contributing to its high price.

The interest in the Goyard brand extends beyond exploding and generating tremendous sums of money. It’s more concerned with producing the finest product the fashion industry has ever seen. In its 200-year-long existence, the company has never compromised on product quality.

Is Goyard worth the money in 2022?

Yes, we think so! Goyard is definitely an expensive designer brand but the quality is phenomenal, the exclusivity factor is there, as well as craftmanship and warranty. Furthermore, if you buy one of their classic bags you can easily resale it and recoup your investment. So if you like the look and practicality of a Goyard bag, our advice is to go for it. Just be sure you’re taking good care of your bag so it can retain its value.

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