Chanel’s Repair & Return Policy. Be Aware, This Will Void Warranty! 2023 Guide

Will Chanel fix your bag if it’s faulty? And what is their return policy? Read this article to find out

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Chanel’s Warranty

As of 2021, Chanel offers a 5 year warranty for bags bought new from the boutique. The program is sweetly called: Chanel & Moi, which just means Chanel & Me.

In order to be able to service your bag, you need to show a dated proof of purchase – so make sure you keep your invoice for all your Chanel purchases!

Another option is to register your purchase on the Chanel’s app, when you make your purchase ask your SA to help you register your bag.

chanel warranty policy

What can be repaired under Chanel’s warranty?

  1. hardware: such as chains, eyelets, turn locks, rivets and magnets
  2. handles, leather straps, the flap’s leather “tongue”
  3. seams and zippers
  4. decorative ornaments: we’re assuming this has to do with things like pearls or decorative pins on the bags

What cannot be repaired under Chanel’s warranty?

  1. The Chanel warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. This would include things like the leather rubbing off at the corners, creases in the leather or wearing of the seams
  2. Chanel won’t service your bag if it has been worked on by an unauthorized third party. If your Chanel bag is broken make sure to go to Chanel first, before going to your local leather repair shop.
  3. Even if you meet all the requirements and your repair is on the good list of what the Maison can repair – you need to know that Chanel reserves the right to not repair it anyway. One reason could be if they lack the materials necessary for repairing your bag, another reason could be that they can decide that you’re taking advantage of their repair policy. The latest reason is mainly if you’re using the repair service too often in Chanel’s eyes.

How To Request Your Bag To Be Serviced?

If you need your bag repaired and it’s under warranty (purchased in the last 5 years), you can simply go to your local Chanel boutique and hand over the bag. If you don’t live close to a boutique, you can contact Chanel here . If you want to have a Chanel bag repaired, you need to choose “Fashion & Accessories” for the area of interest and “After Sales Servicing” for the topic. Fill in the rest of the info and then hit submit.

chanel repairs
Chanel Form To Request Bag Servicing

Chanel Repair Policy For Older Bags

We’ve covered Chanel’s repair policy for newer bags that go under the Chanel & Moi program – but what about bags purchased before 2021?

The good news is that yes – Chanel will still repair bags from before 2021. The bad news is that you need to pay for the repair, as it’s not under warranty.

The cost will highly depend on what you need to fix. Keep in mind that usually Chanel will send the bags off to Paris for repairs. This means that you’ll probably need to wait a couple of weeks to get your bag back.

Can Chanel Repair Vintage Bags?

Vintage bags can be repaired just as bags older than April 2021 – at a cost. The main difference to note for vintage Chanel bags is that Chanel won’t replace 24K gold plated hardware with new, gold plated HW. Meaning that they will for example replace the beautiful 24k plated CC logo with a new, gold colored CC logo.

chanel bag repair

How Long Does It Take For A Chanel Bag To Be Repaired

Getting a Chanel bag repaired will take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. Make sure you ask before you drop off your bag how long do they estimate it will take.

Does Chanel Replace Authenticity Cards?

Together with the introduction of Chanel & Moi, Chanel made another change in April 2021 – they introduced microchips instead of the usual authenticity cards. The microchips are inside a metal plate, on the inside of a Chanel handbag.

If you bought a bag before April 2021 and maybe lost the authenticity card you might be disappointed to find out that Chanel will not replace a lost / damaged authenticity card.

Can Chanel Replace Hardware (turn lock, chains, etc)?

Yes, Chanel can replace bags’ hardware including chains, CC turn lock, screws, metal plates, etc – as long as it has those pieces in stock.

If you bought your bag after April 2021, it will still be in warranty and Chanel can replace the hardware at no cost for you. If you have an older bag, Chanel will still be able to replace the hardware, but you need to pay for the service.

Can Caviar Leather Be Restored?

Caviar peeling or cracking can be a problem for some Chanel bags. Depending on where the issue happened, Chanel might be able to fix it. If it’s for example on the strap or on the “tongue” of the Classic Flap, they can just replace those parts. If it’s just on a spot on the bag, Chanel will most likely not repair it.

However, we suggest you contact Chanel regardless and see what they suggest. If you’re having issues with peeling for a brand new bag insist that they replace it right away!

Alternatively, if Chanel refuses to restore caviar leather – try a leather repair spa near you. Send them lots and lots of pictures and ask what can be done. Usually, the simplest way is to paint over the bag – yes, you won’t truly fix the peeling leather but it will be much less visible.

Keep in mind that sending your Chanel bag to an unauthorized spa will void the warranty, so only do it if Chanel refuses to work on your bag!

Can Lambskin Leather Be Restored?

If you only have superficial scratches you can try buffing the leather in yourself, either with your fingers or with a soft cloth.

Similarly with the Caviar, Chanel can restore Lambskin if that means replacing a certain part of the bag completely. If we’re talking about scuffs or wrinkles in the bag they will probably be unable to assist.

However, as mentioned before, you should always try and contact Chanel first, before choosing a repair service in your area.

Chanel Return Policy – When Can You Return A Chanel bag?

Let’s say you bought a Chanel bag from the boutique and you either noticed a quality flaw or you just have buyer’s regret – how and when can you return it?

The following info is about products bought at the boutique and not online, since Chanel does not sell bags on their website.

United States

You CAN return a Chanel bag bought directly from the boutique in the US. To get a full refund you need to return it within 14 days from the date of purchase. Keep in mind, that is 14 days, not 14 working days! You also need to bring everything you received with the purchase including: dust bag, box, care booklet, receipt and of course the actual handbag in unworn condition.

Usually you will receive a full refund in the original form of payment, but if you used cash or other forms of payment you might be refunded via a check sent by mail.

Middle East

You can return a bag bought in the Middle East for store credit or you can exchange it within 30 days.


In most of Europe you can return or exchange any Chanel bag within 30 days from the date of purchase. Keep in mind that you need to bring the unworn bag, receipt and the full packaging of the bag.

chanel return policy

Can I Return All Chanel Items?

No, certain items are excluded from Chanel’s return policy. If you’ve already worn the item, if you’ve altered the item or items purchase at a sale cannot be returned. Be especially weary of buying a Chanel item at their seasonal sales – it’s so easy to get carried on when we see items on sale, especially Chanel items but keep in mind that once you buy it, you cannot return it!

Will I Be Banned From Buying Chanel If I Return My Items?

No, it’s perfectly fine to return a Chanel item, just as you would do with any other item. You might have issues if you repeatedly buy then return your bags. Chanel does not have a specific guide on how many returns are allowed, but using common sense we would say that if you return more than 3 bags a year, you might get flagged. However, that also depends on how much you actually buy. For example, if you buy a Chanel bag monthly and return 3/year, it’s probably fine. If you buy 4 and return 3, there might be an issue.

To avoid returning unnecessarily, we recommend you do these things:

  • Decide which items you need or want to buy beforehand. Have a list and don’t sway from it, it can be as specific or loose as you want. For example, you can say, “I will only buy a Classic M/L flap with silver hardware in caviar leather”, or you can say “I will only buy black bags”. You know yourself best and you know which types of bags you don’t regret buying
  • Know your finances! Chanel bags are expensive alright, and no matter what Instagram tells you, you can’t just go on a whim and buy a Chanel bag. Please know your budget before stepping in a Chanel boutique!
  • Learn how to say “No, thank you”. Chanel SAs can be persuasive and you might end up with a bag that is not on your list. Just say, ” this style looks good, but it’s not for me – I will wait for x bag to be in stock”
  • Carefully inspect the bag you’re being offered. If your dream bag is being offered to you, you’re a allowed to do a little happy dance – however, don’t forget to closely inspect it! Unfortunately, Chanel can have some quality issues, see our article here. In order to avoid returns due to bad quality, make sure to examine it before.

Will My SA Be Mad If I Return A Bag?

Chanel Sales Associate make part of their wage off commission. It’s understandable if your SA is a little disappointed if you return a bag. However, contrary to popular belief, we don’t think that should stop you from returning your bag. Unless you continuously return bags, your SA has no right to be mad as it’s within your rights to return. They know when you purchase a bag that there’s a possibility to return it, so they should not hold it against you.

Especially for sought after items, rest assured that he or she will quickly find another customer to buy it.

Conclusion Chanel Return Policy & Repair Policy

If you’re in the US you’re lucky that Chanel’s return policy allows you to return your bags for a full refund. If you’re anywhere else in the world, you can still return your bags, but for store credit.

Regarding the Chanel repair service – if you purchased your bag after April 2021, you are eligible for the Chanel & Moi program, which gives you free bag repairs for 5 years. If your bag is not eligible for Chanel & Moi, you can still send it to be repaired by Chanel – but you do need to pay for the service.


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