Does Chanel go on sale? How to get a sale item?

Does Chanel Go on Sale? Get the full rundown here

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No other fashion brand has played a critical role in revolutionizing women’s fashion than Chanel. We guarantee the best quality especially if you’re looking for the popular Chanel jacket or bag. However, with such top quality comes a hefty price. Some people have even equated investing in a Chanel bag to purchasing a small car. 

But is there a way to afford a piece from such a reputable brand? Does the brand go on sale?

Keep reading to get answers.

Does Chanel Go on Sale? 

does chanel go on fsale Does Chanel go on sale? How to get a sale item?

Yes! Chanel goes on sale. In fact, the brand holds bi-annual sales. Therefore, if you visit Chanel Boutiques around June and December, expect to receive discounts on some of your favorite items. However, some customers have stated that the sales aren’t very straightforward. 

First, the brand offers a very small discount. Additionally, the discounts only apply to specific items. For instance, don’t expect any discount on bags or the most popular pieces. Furthermore, the sales only happen in their boutiques. You’ll never come across any sales online. 

Typically it’s shoes and less popular costume jewelry that go on sale.

From 2022-2023 there is a rumor that Chanel will only have sales for their VIP customers, especially in US / North America. That means that unless you get an invitation from your SA (sales associate) you won’t be able to access the Chanel sale.

Does Chanel Hold Its Value?

It’s every customer’s dream to purchase a product that either maintains or increases in value. There is no point in purchasing a product today and selling it tomorrow at a throwaway price. Luckily, Chanel products have proven over time to hold their value. 

In fact, the Chanel Classic Double Flap has long held the title of the best luxury bag with the highest resale value. If you own this bag, expect to resale it at a higher price. It has reported an annual value increase of 16%

Sometimes you can be lucky and buy a classic pair of shoes or jewelry at the Chanel sale that you can resale it for a higher price in the future.

Does Chanel Have Any Outlets?

Chanel doesn’t have any outlets. The company only sells products through its brand stores. Beware of outlets claiming to sell Chanel products and avoid them at all costs. Most likely, they’re trading in fake Chanel products. 

Buying Chanel At A Discount

As we mentioned, Chanel products are available at a hefty price. But again, everything is worth it, thanks to the brand’s increase in value. Therefore, we recommend every lover of luxury brands consider Chanel. But how can you purchase from the brand at discounted rates? 

Consider Resale Platforms

You can easily access quality Chanel products from the comfort of your home if you visit resale online platforms such as Rebag , FashionPhile or even Ebay. Such platforms sell both used and unused Chanel items at a discount. 

However, before you commit to purchasing products from a resale platform, ensure you read the item’s description, including size, material, and condition. You can ask support for any clarification. 

Deals for Chanel Bags and accessories

does chanel go on sale

Buy from Auctions

Most auctions have Chanel products on sale. We recommend signing up for their newsletters to know when auctions will occur. However, before you purchase, do due diligence to understand the product’s condition. 

Shopping Abroad

You might be wondering why a Chanel product would be cheaper abroad. Well, we can attribute it to differences in currency exchange. Typically the prices for Chanel are slightly lower in Europe, not to mention the VAT refund that gives you an even better discount.

Keep An Eye on Sales

Chanel usually has bi-annual sales around June and December (never for handbags). During this time, you can access several products at discounted rates. However, this mainly happens in boutiques. You can also check in department stores for such sales. 

Top tips to score a Chanel item on sale

chanel sale purseforum
Chanel Sale Photo Via PurseForum

As mentioned previously, Chanel Ready to Wear, shoes and costume jewelry do go on sale twice a year. That doesn’t mean that you can easily buy your preferred item. You’d definitely need a strategy, consider the following:

  1. make sure you have a list with what you want to buy. It’s easy to get lost in the sales and feel like you need everything. Did you even like that piece when it was full price? We recommend the following: a) either make a list with specific items that you hope you can buy on sale or b) set certain rules for the pieces you want to buy for example: no high heels, only neutral clothing items, etc. This is to make sure you don’t buy something that you’re not going to use in the future.
  2. get friendly with your SA. Yes, some sales are reserved for VIP or VIP+ Chanel customers, however, you can really go far if you have a great relationship with your SA. Even if you don’t get invited to the private sale, you might get some insider information about the exact date the public sale starts.
  3. if possible check out multiple boutiques or department stores (such as Saks), the stock varies tremendously so you can increase your chances by visiting multiple locations.


Chanel is, without a doubt, among the most highly valued brands. However, its products are very expensive, and not everyone can afford them. Even though you cannot buy a handbag on sale you can still score an amazing piece of RTW, shoes or costume jewelry.

Please remember that Chanel does not have any outlets, and if anyone claims that they bought their handbag new, on sale it just means its counterfeit. If you are looking for a Chanel bag on sale, check out the pre-loved market, as it’s the only way to buy one for cheaper.


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