Louis Vuitton On The Go Tote Review. The Ultimate Guide. Is It Worth It?

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Find all about the Louis Vuitton OnTheGo Tote. Our full review including the materials, sizes, pros and cons and more!

A complete guide and review of the Louis Vuitton On the go Tote

We’re probably not the only ones in love with Louis Vuitton’s On the go tote. If you’re dreaming of a tote that will make a statement, then you might need to consider this one! The giant LV monogram or reverse monogram will be drawing some attention for sure so, if you want something a little more low key, consider getting the OTG tote in empreinte leather instead.

When did the LV On The Go come out?

The OnTheGo tote was first released in 2019 in the GM size. In February 2020, Louis Vuitton released the tote in the MM size (medium size). The latest addition to the Onthego family is the PM size which is the smallest size which was released in 2021.

Event thought the On the go is a newer bag, it already feels like a classic Louis Vuitton bag, and it is indeed part of their permanent collection. That means that and it’s being released every season in different colors and variations. At the moment it comes in monogram canvas which features 4 different types of monogram: the giant LV monogram, giant reverse monogram and the normal, smaller sized monogram and small reverse monogram on the sides of the OTG tote.

OnTheGo Prints

Which Materials Can We Choose From?

materials onthego

The On the Go tote comes in canvas and empreinte leather. However, there are seasonal options in textile, denim and even nylon. The canvas material seems to be the most durable, light weight and cheapest option. The leather Onthego is also a very popular option, and for the PM size, it’s the only option it comes in.

Price wise, there’s about $350 difference between the leather and coated canvas Onthego MM and $430 difference between the canvas & leather GM. It’s up to you which material you like the most – the coated canvas is pretty hard wearing and light weight. The empreinte leather bags are a bit heavier but they have a more elevated look than their canvas counterparts.

What Are The Sizes Of The Louis Vuitton On The Go

louis vuitton onthego
Louis Vuitton OnTheGo Review

The Onthego tote comes in 3 different sizes, from biggest to smallest they are: GM (Grand Modele), MM (Moyen Modele) and PM (Petite Model)

  • Onthego GM
Screenshot 2022 02 09 at 21.24.10 Louis Vuitton On The Go Tote Review. The Ultimate Guide. Is It Worth It?

The original On the Go tote, the GM is the biggest tote. And it is BIG! In our opinion, is more suitable as a travel bag or if you really need to carry a lot with you. It comes with a shoulder strap so you can also carry it on the shoulder when you need your hands free

Its dimensions are 16.1 x 13.4 x 7.5 inches.

Pros and Cons of the OnTheGo GM

Why we love it

  • Fits an absolute ton, including a 15 inch laptop and everything else you might need to carry in a day or as your carry on while travelling
  • It has a long shoulder strap and a set of short handles which makes it more versatile
  • It’s a cool looking bag. We have to admit that it’s easy to make a statement with the OTG GM tote
  • the canvas version is a great option for LV monogram lovers as it features the different monogram options

Why we dislike it

  • It may be too big for many people’s frames, especially as it’s a very boxy bag, unlike the Neverfull for example
  • There are no feet at the bottom. For a such a big and structured bag we think that feet are a must to protect the leather
  • The long shoulder straps are a bit thinner than we would have liked. Since the GM is quite a big bag, we think that thicker straps would have been better
  • On the go MM
Screenshot 2022 02 09 at 21.25.25 Louis Vuitton On The Go Tote Review. The Ultimate Guide. Is It Worth It?

The medium OTG tote, the MM is a more manageable day to day tote that still fits a lot. If you’re planning to use this for work you’ll be happy to hear that the MM still fits a 13′ laptop in addition to your everyday essentials. It features the top handles, a shoulder strap, an inside pocket and a clasp to semi close the bag.

Its dimensions are 13.8 x 10.6 x 5.5 inches

Pros and Cons of the OnTheGo MM

Why we love it

  • The MM is a great size if you need a big tote to carry your laptop for example without being too overwhelmingly big
  • This size is quite versatile as you can still wear it shopping or on a day out for example
  • It’s a good alternative to the Dior Book Tote with the advantage that the Onthego has a shoulder strap as well
  • It’s less heavy and less expensive than the GM especially when we look at the empreinte leather

Why we dislike it

  • Like the GM, it doesn’t have feet to protect the leather or canvas
  • Even though it’s a great size for a work bag the oversized logos might not make it appropriate for many workplaces
  • Onthego PM
Screenshot 2022 02 09 at 21.24.58 Louis Vuitton On The Go Tote Review. The Ultimate Guide. Is It Worth It?

If you love the look of the Onthego but you don’t really have a use for a big bag, consider the PM size. The Pm or petite modele is the smallest Onthego tote and it only comes in Empreinte leather. Like its two big sisters, it is an open tote, so it doesn’t have a zipper, although it does feature a clasp. It also have a shoulder strap so you can wear it on the shoulder or cross-body or if you prefer you can detach the strap and carry it as a top handle bag. It fits your essentials such as a phone, keys, wallet and sunglasses with a hard case. In fact, its surprisingly roomy for such a small bag because it’s so open.

Its dimensions are: 9.8 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches

Pros & Cons of the OnTheGo PM

Why we love it

  • It’s a great bag for an everyday bag: it fits all the essentials for most people, it has a shoulder strap and the top handles and is quite good looking
  • It fits a lot for its small size
  • It actually transitions well into the evening as well especially if you remove the shoulder strap and wear it by the top handles
  • the empreinte leather makes it look and feel very luxurious

Why we dislike it

  • does not have any feet
  • it has no zipper, so it’s not very secure
  • a bit bulky if you wear it as a cross-body

See the table below for the size and price comparison between the Onthego totes

Onthego PM (leather)9.8 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches$3,100.00
Onthego MM (canvas)13.8 x 10.6 x 5.5 inches$2,840.00
Onthego GM (canvas)16.1 x 13.4 x 7.5 inches$2,970.00

Price & Size comparison: Onthego vs Neverfull

Louis vuitton onthego versus neverfull

Given that they’re both Louis Vuitton totes, there’s bound to be some competition between the Onthego vs. the Neverfull. Some of the differences are: the Onthego is much more structured than the Neverfull, it has two set of straps/handles so there’s a bit more versatility wearing it, the OTG is non reversible unlike the Neverfull, the Onthego is much more expensive

If you want to read more about the Neverfull, check out our full reviews for the PM, MM and GM.

See the table below for the size and price difference between the Onthego tote and the Louis Vuitton Neverfull

StyleSizePriceStyle SizePrice
Onthego PM (leather)9.8 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches$3,100.00
Neverfull PM 11.4 x 8.7 x 5.1 in$1620
Onthego MM (canvas)13.8 x 10.6 x 5.5 inches$2,840.00Neverfull MM 12.6 x 11.4 x 6.7 in$1690
Onthego GM (canvas)16.1 x 13.4 x 7.5 inches$2,970.00Neverfull GM 15.6 x 12.8 x 7.9 in$1760

As you can see, size wise the two lines are quite similar. The prices however are very different so keep that in mind when choosing your new tote.

Which Onthego should you choose: PM, MM or GM?

Whichever makes you happy, of course! But if we had to offer any guidelines we would say:

  • if you travel a lot and want/need a super stylish carryon bag or if you need to carry a big laptop and lots of other stuff with you on the regular –> choose the GM
  • if you only need to carry a 13 inch laptop with you, or you just need a tote for daily life we would recommend choosing the MM
  • if you don’t tend to carry a lot but you still need some space for more than your bare essentials and you’re maybe looking at a bag that can transition from day to night, then choose the PM.

These are just some loose guidelines without. taking into consideration your existing collection of course. In the end go with your gut and heart but do make sure that you have a use for your new OTG tote, as it would be a shame to sit on the shelf.

Can you buy a Louis Vuitton Onthego on sale or at a discount?

Louis Vuitton does not have any sales nor any outlets so be wary of anyone telling you otherwise. You might be able to grab a deal by looking at the pre-loved market so do make sure to check some consignment stores before hitting the boutique.

Is the Onthego worth buying?

The Onthego is a great Louis Vuitton tote that is now part of their permanent collection. It’s playful and bold but it’s not for everyone. Some people don’t like their structure or the giant monogram but these exact features makes others adore this tote. There’s also the question of trendiness and if the 4 monograms and especially the giant monogram will stand the test of time.

If you can try to visit a boutique and try the bag on to see how it feels on your frame as the bigger ones can feel a little bit overwhelming.

If you’re considering other Louis Vuitton bags check out our article about the top 10 LV bags.

Hope that you’ve enjoyed our Louis Vuitton Onthego review. What do you think? Are you considering buying the tote? We’d love to hear from you!


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