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Ava Bag in Smooth Calfskin Review

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Read on for the review of the Celine Ava Bag.

The ultimate cool girl bag that, in true Celine fashion is understated and simple. It comes in different materials, such as leather and textile and a canvas one which has Celine’s logo plaster all over it. Fun fact, Celine’s logo apparently took the Arc de Triomphe as inspiration.The logo features two opposite-facing Cs with a patterned center. Despite its simplicity, the ’80s-style blousons stand out in the crowd. The company’s minimalist aesthetic is reflected in the new logo and the colors of the newest line. So, even though the logo’ed Celine Ava is obviously not as understated as the leather bags, we believe that it’s still somewhat understated as not so many people recognize their logo (as opposed to the LV canvas for example).

The bag has a semi-moon silhouette and an adjustable strap which can have a 9 inch or a 14 inch drop. We love the adjustable shoulder strap because you can easily wear the Ava with a puffer jacket as well as in the summer with a light t-shirt.

It comes in two sizes, a mini and a medium – similar to Gucci Jackie Small (size 10.8″W x 7.5″H x 1.6″D ) and Mini  (size 7.5″W x 5.1″H x 1.2″D).

The Celine Ava bag is quite structured, thus it doesn’t fit much inside, especially bulkier items. It’s perfect for someone that doesn’t carry to much on a daily basis and that doesn’t need a cross-body strap.


9 x 5 x 2 IN (23 x 13.5 x 6 CM)

What fits inside the Celine Ava

  • a smarphone
  • keys with a key pouch
  • mini wallet or cardholder
  • mini pouch with lipstick, mask and handsanitizer

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* Description, size and images from celine.com


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