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2022 Review – Chanel Business Affinity Bag Review

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Chanel’s Business Affinity Bag is one that doesn’t get a lot of love on the internet, however, we believe that it is one best bags to buy from Chanel. It is not one of Chanel’s Classic Bags, which means it is not guaranteed to be released season after season, but Chanel usually releases it most seasons anyways. It’s kind of a classic without being one. And even if Chanel does discontinue the Business Affinity we believe that the shape and structure of the bag is classic enough to stand the test of time. If you’re interested in which size of the BA is better for you, read our blog post comparing the medium to the small/mini Business Affinity here.


The Chanel Business Affinity in the medium size is a great every day bag for most women. It comes in caviar leather which is super handy if you don’t want to stress about a more delicate leather such as lambskin. Inside is fabric and not leather, which can be a con for some people considering the price of these bags. We recommend you use pouches for those items that can stain your bag (like pens and makeup) or to use a bag organizer.

The bag has quite a few compartments for a smaller bag including a front zipped pocket, a back pocket, and two compartments inside, one zipped and one not. We love that a smartphone can easily fit in the back pocket, so it’s very convenient to take it in and out. If you love being organized and having a place for everything in your small bag, then you might really enjoy the BA.


6.6 × 9 × 3.1 inches

What fits inside the Medium Business Affinity 

As mentioned, this handbag is a great one for everyday that obviously fits more than the mini but not too much that it becomes heavy and uncomfortable to wear. You can fit the following things inside:

  • A smartphone
  • A cardholder or small wallet
  • Keys with a key pouch
  • Mask & mini hand sanitizer
  • Mini makeup pouch
  • Sunglasses with a soft case

It actually fits a similar amount as the Chanel Classic Flap in the Jumbo size despite being quite a bit smaller (the Jumbo’s dimensions are 11.7 x 7.6 x 3.9 inches)

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We think that the Medium Business Affinity is quite a versatile handbag. 1. it can be worn multiple ways: on the shoulder, cross-body and held by the top handle. 3. one can wear it to many occasions: to work, to brunch, running errands, going shopping. 3. it can also work for night outings as long as you’re not going to a fancy gala, as the bag still appears quite small despite how roomy it is. Not only it is versatile, but it’s also care free due to its leather – all in all one of Chanel’s better bags in our opinion.


The Business Affinity Bags have recently increased their prices and we expect that they’re going to continuously increase until the day Chanel discontinues them. The Medium BA now costs $4900 and the small is $4600.


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