Does Burberry Go On Sale? Best Ways To Save On Burberry.

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Does Burberry go on sale? Find out everything you need to know to score a Burberry bargain

The answer is yes. Burberry always goes on sale at its boutiques and stockists. The company typically gives a maximum of 50% discount on select items on its sales days. But more often, discounts of between 25% and 40% are more common on trendy and seasonal garments. You’ll rarely get discounts on the brand’s classic items. 

Burberry is a British high-end luxury brand with headquarters in London. Since its establishment in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the brand has remained loyal to its founder’s belief that creativity opens spaces. And you can see the creativity in their ready-to-wear clothing, including trench coats, footwear, and leather accessories. 

As a customer, you’ll have to spend more money on one of Burberry’s prized items than you would for other brands. For example, the brand’s Heritage trench coat costs close to $2,000, while the regular coats from some vendors cost less than $200. And, if you need one of the brand’s items at a discount, you may have been wondering whether it goes on sale.

When Does Burberry Go on Sale?

Burberry prefers keeping its customers in the dark about upcoming sales. Generally, the brand goes on sale several times a year, giving you multiple opportunities to get a good deal. It holds two end-of-season sales each year: one in the summer and one towards the end of the year. Well before the brand introduces the fall and winter merchandise, there is typically a summer sale in June or July that offers seasonally appropriate summer clothing. Also, there will be select goods on sale during the Burberry Black Friday price reductions and once more during the Boxing Day sale in December. 

And many Burberry retailers begin their Black Friday sales earlier than the brand itself. Over the years, we’ve seen a significant percentage of Burberry retailers start Black Friday sales a week earlier. So, for this year, expect the sales to begin on Saturday, 19th November, up until Friday, 25th November 2022. Additionally, look out for the brand’s New Year, Good Friday, Easter Monday, and Boxing Day sales. 

Does Burberry Have Any Outlets?

Burberry has outlets in select countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa (Egypt and South Africa). 

Being that Burberry is a British brand, you will find good stock and good prices at Bicester Village as well as at the Burberry Outlet in East London.

In the US, Burberry is sold at the following outlets:

  • Desert Hills Premium Outlet
  • Fashion Outlets Of Chicago
  • Houston Premium Outlets
  • Jersey Shore Premium Outlets
  • Las Vegas North Premium Outlet
  • Leesburg Corner Premier Outlet
  • Livermore Premium Outlets
  • North Georgia Premium Outlets
  • Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets
  • San Marcos Premium Outlets
  • Seattle Premium Outlets
  • The Colonnade Outlets At Sawgrass
  • Woodbury Common Premium Outlet
  • Wrentham Village Premium Outlets

As you can see, even if you miss a Burberry sale, you have a chance to grab a bargain at an outlet.

Is the Quality Worse at Burberry Outlets vs. The Boutique? 

Burberry is well known for making luxurious items using the best materials and top-tier craftsmanship. Therefore, most of their items will be of excellent quality regardless of whether you bought them from outlets or boutiques. However, according to a Burberry sales associate, a select line of items is made specifically for outlet stores. Such items will be of a lower quality, have lower price tags, and won’t feature in the boutiques. 

Also, Burberry uses its outlets as an inventory management tool to clear the remaining stock from the boutiques. No wonder an item in the boutiques may take a year or more to find its way to the outlets. 

We recommend you ask if the item you’re looking at is made specifically for the Burberry outlet or if it’s old inventory. The old inventory should be of higher quality, so you might want to buy that instead of items made specifically for outlets.

Do Burberry Coats Hold Their Value?

Kind of. If you compare it with a cheaper, less known brand, a Burberry coat or trench will hold more of its value. Since Burberry items are made of high-quality materials by expert craftsmen, you can likely sell it for the majority of the price paid.

However, Burberry does not retain its value as well as other brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci do. Burberry bags are less known than these brands, so they might not be your best choice if you’re searching for a bag to resale. Also, since most of Burberry’s items are clothing, the brand doesn’t command the same resale prices as Hermes or Chanel. Clothing, in general, tends to lose its value at a faster rate than bags.  

Where Can You Get a Burberry Bag for Cheaper? 

You can always find a Burberry bag for cheaper in the second-hand market, sales, and outlets. As we’ve seen, the company has a lot of sales specifically to cater to its middle to upper-class customers. 

Also, most of the brand’s items have resale values of 60 to 80 percent in the second-hand market. Thirdly, the brand sells some items which might be classified as overstock from the boutiques through their outlets. These items, including bags, will be cheaper.

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does burberry go on sale
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Conclusion – Burberry Sale

Burberry is an excellent fashion house that remains true to its British heritage. The company made a name for itself, producing trench coats for the British and French armies, which took part in World War 1 and remains popular to this day. Currently, the brand has a lot of sales, especially around holidays and the year-end. So make sure you follow the sales to get a Burberry item at a great price.

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