YSL ICARE – The Ultimate Review. Read the 7 Cons Before Buying It

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Everything you need to know about the YSL ICARE.

The YSL ICARE Maxi Shopping Bag was released in March 2022, just in time for the first Spring/Summer season in two years, when our days have finally returned to a new normal.

Several people have been asking what’s so special about the ICARE bag after Zoe Kravitz, Angelina Jolie, and Hailey Bieber were spotted carrying the maxi bag.

Let’s look at what makes this it-bag so special that even the biggest stars in Hollywood couldn’t resist carrying it.

saint laurent ysl icare review


ysl icare dimensions

The Saint Laurent ICARE bag is only available in one size, the MAXI. These are the dimensions of the YSL shopping bag.

  • Handle Drop: 21cm / 8.3in
  • Depth: 8cm / 3.1in
  • Height: 43cm / 16.9in
  • Width: 38/58 cm/ or 15/22.8in

What Fits Inside The YSL ICARE Bag

what fits inside the ysl icare

The YSL ICARE bag’s large inside is designed to fit your daily needs, from your laptop to your cosmetics bag. 

Whether traveling for business or leisure, the Icare’s extra-large size guarantees that you can carry everything you need including a book, a water bottle and even a small blanket.

The Saint Laurent ICARE can fit:

  • a 16″ laptop
  • a cosmetics pouch
  • a book
  • a water bottle
  • sunglasses with a sunglasses case
  • a full sized wallet
  • keys with a key pouch
  • an iPad

YSL ICARE Bag Material, Color and Price

Credit @imissyouvintage YSL ICARE - The Ultimate Review. Read the 7 Cons Before Buying It
Credit @imissyouvintage


The ICARE bag is quilted lambskin leather and includes one main pocket and a separate zippered pouch. 

The lining is made of canvas, and the front is embellished with the traditional YSL interwoven emblem and bronze-toned metal hardware. 


The Icare bag is currently only available in black, but Saint Laurent is expected to introduce other colors (and maybe sizes) if this new style gains popularity.

So far, Lyst has recently named the Saint Laurent ICARE bag the quarter’s most popular product. According to the fashion search portal, the bag’s search volume increased by 46% in the fourth quarter of 2022, propelling it to the number one position.


The YSL ICARE is now available on Saint Laurent’s website, but it is also available at other luxury stores. However, there is a one-month pre-order. It was originally priced at £3,150, €3,500, and $4,400 and as of May 2023, it retails for $4,900 USD.

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Pros for YSL ICARE Bag

  • YSL ICARE is made of extremely soft leather and a chic design that fits the shape of your body.
  • It is spacious and holds everything you would possibly need including a laptop, making it great to use as a work bag or travel bag.
  • It has a removable internal clutch that may be used independently if needed.
  • It is incredibly light for its size which makes it comfortable to wear it on the shoulder. Although of course that if you load it with heavy items it will become heavy
  • It can be sinched in on the side to make it smaller, thus changing its appearance
  • Despite being a large bag, it is not bulky due to its soft, lambskin leather
  • It’s currently an “IT” bag

Cons for YSL ICARE Bag

This bag also has few drawbacks such as:

  • Its size: both a pro and a con. Some people think that the ICARE is too oversized
  • There’s no zipper or a way to really secure this bag. It can be problematic if you live somewhere less secure, as people can easily get inside the ICARE (especially if it’s not sinched in)
  • The soft lambskin leather, while beautiful, it’s quite delicate and prone to scratches
  • The large YSL logo is also prone to scratches (like all hardware), however, due to its size, it will be quite obvious when it does get some wear and tear
  • The bag cannot hold its shape by itself, so you need to be careful when storing it. You should always stuff it with for example a pillow or tissue paper when not using it
  • The trend of “quiet luxury” might make bags like this reductant for a while
  • It’s quite an expensive bag at almost $6,000 USD it’s one of Saint Laurent’s most pricy handbags

Saint Laurent ICARE outfits & Inspiration

Buying the YSL ICARE : new or preloved?

You can purchase a new Saint Laurent Maxi tote directly from an Saint Laurent boutique, online at YSL.com or at some online stockists such as MatchesFashion.

Alternatively, you can head over to the pre-loved market, on sites like Fashionphile or even StockX. Just keep in mind that due to the popularity of the bag, the prices are very similar to buying it new and sometimes they’re even more expensive than a ICARE bought directly from Saint Laurent.

ysl icare review preloved

Is the YSL ICARE Worth Buying? 

There are various reasons why this bag is worthwhile to purchase. First and foremost, it’s high-quality black leather. The bag’s inside is lined with a comfortable textile material and has a zippered section for extra organization and security. Other reasons for purchasing YSL ICARE include the following:

  • the size! Finally, a stylish huge bag that can fit everything you want or need. If you want the bag to be smaller you can close the sides
  • it’s versatile enough to carry on a flight, on holiday, at work or running errands (if you need a lot of things with you)
  • it has a great removable pouch that you can use in another bag as well
  • the bag has a very carefree vibe to it.

Final Thoughts: YSL ICARE Review

This bag carries almost anything you need, and although the appearance seems plain, it is very enticing when you look at it closely.

Join Zoe Kravitz, Hailey Beiber, me, and many others in obsessing over this bag. This bag became the most popular bag in 2022 and it looks like the trend is continuing in 2023.


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